Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Corporate UNITED STATES Report: Global Warming Driving Chocolate To Extinction By 2050

Climate change will force chocolate-producing plants into extinction by 2050, according to a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association report.

The NOAA report claims that changing temperatures around the world will making growing cacao plants nearly impossible within the next thirty years.
“More than 90 percent of the global cocoa crop is produced by smallholders on subsistence farms with unimproved planting material,” British researcher Doug Hawkins said.

Cacao plants only grow in specific regions within 20 degrees of the equator, mostly in rainforests and areas with high humidity and rich soil.

The NOAA claims climate change will negatively impact these areas by making them less humid, in turn making it more difficult for the cocoa crop to thrive.
The agency says gene editing is the key to saving chocolate by producing cacao plants more resilient to less suitable conditions.

“One adaptation strategy could be providing cacao growers with selectively bred seeds that have superior drought resistance,” says the report. “Another strategy involves a traditional cacao cultivation method that takes advantage of the conditions under which cacao naturally grows.”

Climate change alarmism has been used to justify government intervention before.
For example, the National Science Foundation spent $3 million on a study seeking to find ways to make Americans eat less and use less energy over global warming fears.

“Changes in household-level actions in the U.S. have the potential to reduce rates of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and climate change by reducing consumption of food, energy and water (FEW),” according to the grant for the study.

“This project will identify potential interventions for reducing household FEW consumption, test options in participating households in two communities, and collect data to develop new environmental impact models.”

Additionally, European governments in the UK and France have already announced phase-out plans for diesel and petrol vehicles within the coming decades to combat climate change.

“Our aim is for new petrol and diesel cars and vans to be phased out in Scotland by 2032 – the end of the period covered by our new climate change plan and eight years ahead of the target set by the UK government,” first minister Nicola Sturgeon said last May.

California lawmakers are also keen on banning gasoline-fueled vehicles on a similar timeline.

“If you had told me five years ago that we might have autonomous vehicles on the road soon, I would have laughed,” said Assemblyman Phil Ting. “The technology is moving so quickly, I don’t know if by 2040 we’ll be owning our own cars.”

And California’s governor Jerry Brown says you need to be “put in the ground” if you don’t agree.

The globalists hope “clean” self-driving cars will become the primary method of transportation, because its a social engineering tool that will phase out vehicle ownership and put the movements of society into the hands of government controllers.



  1. NO
    Not the Chocolate
    Say it isn't so

    Save the Chocolate

    1. Pay your carbon taxes and the warming will all go away.

  2. This is a bunch of bull shit. Stop the chemtrail pilots from spraying this crap in the air and stop haarp and this will help. Also, there are technologies where petrol isn't even needed to fuel a vehicle. Let's start using it and stop these monopolizers...