Friday, January 5, 2018

Justice Inching Closer To Hillary Clinton


  1. I really do not know if I am one of the dumb Fucks, who believes everything coming over the internet, because we are getting a lot of HYPE, mostly about the cabal going down like Hillary and bill Clinton and the Bush family, the Rothschild estate plane crash, with no follow up or proof, and also most of these creatures that have been indicted are no longer active, most of them are ready for the pine box, lets have some real meat, like for instance, the Paedophile child trafficking Pope Bergoglio, or the ex Mossad director Netanyahu who engineered 911 and the London bombing's and many others along with the Murder of the Polish President in April 2010, we all needs to see the capture of some of the active Cabal, not someone who is already dead in the Water, there is plenty of them out there so let's see Them.

  2. She will hang for treason, child trafficking, theft, murders, and worse. Remember Seth Rich.
    Trump Forces Prepare London Raid To Free Wikileaks Leader Assange Who’s Reported Near Death --