Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Progress in Texas, the MGJA, and Everywhere Else

By Anna Von Reitz

Last night I tuned into a little ole down home teleconference sponsored by the Texas Republic.  They are extremely well-organized compared to most of the rest of the state republics and have their history firmly intact.  Many of their counties are up and operational and they hold their regular meetings at various places throughout the state to meet and greet and educate as they go.  After all the gritty hand-to-hand in places like Illinois the past few weeks, it was like balm to my soul. 

They have developed yet another ingenious and effective answer to the IRS fraud, which is simple and deadly to implement.  The essence of it is to politely inquire about the jurisdiction of two courts.  When the district level court replies that they don't have jurisdiction over the municipal corporation dba "IRS" and the "US TAX COURT" admits that it doesn't have jurisdiction over the territorial corporation dba "Internal Revenue Service" it puts the vermin in a real bind. 

If they take JOHN QUINCY DOE to US District Court, he can say, "But look here, the US District Court says it doesn't have jurisdiction over the IRS." 

If they take John Quincy Doe to the US TAX COURT, he can say, "But look here, the US TAX COURT says it doesn't have jurisdiction over the Internal Revenue Service."

[They can't complain because "John Quincy Adams" does sound exactly like "JOHN QUINCY ADAMS" only now you get to use that fact against them the same way they used it all these years against us. ]

And both statements are absolutely correct, counter-claiming, and self-cancelling.  This is because unknown to most Americans, we've been dealing with two separate governments (Territorial and Municipal) and two separate agencies (Internal Revenue Service and IRS) and two separate court systems (US District and US TAX COURT)---neither of which have anything much to do with us, except that they are supposed to be providing "essential government services" in Good Faith and aren't.

Now if you do what these Texans recommend, you can put these courts in a good old-fashioned Texas Twist-Em double-bind.  Either way they go, they are stuck having to explain to their own employees and to the public the fraud scheme they've been working, and rather than do that, they are going to let go of you faster than an average rattlesnake.

As I have explained many times these vermin have created public trusts named after you.  They stole your identity and took title to your Given Trade Name, then split the title between themselves--- with the State of State Territorial Government holding the Beneficial Ownership Title and the STATE OF STATE Municipal Government holding the Legal Title ---and you completely cut out of the picture as the "missing, presumed dead" Donor/Grantor. 

And of course, they are doing all this "for" you as a service and you ought to be grateful, right?

When it comes to working this scam vis-a-vis the federal income tax, your Name/NAME is presumed to belong to a federal citizen, either a Territorial Citizen or a Municipal CITIZEN, so either way, "they" owe the federal income tax.  You don't, but they do. 

In keeping with this cozy and grossly immoral and illegal scheme, the Municipal Agency dba "IRS" keeps the debit side of what they call your Master file and racks up all the charges and expenses against YOUR NAME, while the Territorial Agency dba "Internal Revenue Service" --- a completely different animal operating out of different offices --- keeps track of the credit side of your Master file Account, never the twain to meet. 

Even most of the IRS/Internal Revenue Service employees are blissfully ignorant and go on calling themselves by both names and can't find their butts with both hands. 

This is also why there are three (3) Commissioners of Internal Revenue---- one for every level of government--- the actual United States of America, the Territorial United States, and the Municipal United States. 

Anyway, what these fellows in Texas have worked out is an effective means to expose the fraud in such a way as to trap the rats in the same way they have trapped you, with both the Court and the COURT disqualified and unable to explain why without revealing their fraud scheme.

I love it. It really tickled me.  I sat in my chair with my eyes big as saucers and silently laughed until I cried.

Just goes to prove, you get enough Americans working on a problem, they are going to find solutions.... those little Billy Goats are going to try every way up the mountain until they find what works and then, watch out for the Goat Stampede.

I still like my old tried and true method of Revoking Election to Pay, but this new process has some decided advantages: (1)  It would work for anyone, even federal employees. (2) No need to pour over Title 42 and figure out whether or not you are a federal citizen. (3) No need to retract and get private claims and political status documents on the record before doing battle,  so it will work even for people who don't have their political status corrected and recorded and even if people have already run afoul of the IRS and are mid-stream in a court action. 

That's a lot to recommend it, and for a lot of people ---this is a godsend.   And it is simple and inexpensive enough that anyone can do it.  My hat is off.

I suggest everyone who is interested in getting your counties and states back up and running go take a look at the Texas Republic website.  They have put a lot of effort in and it shows. 

There's been a lot of new activity the past few weeks with more and more people and counties reporting in at the weekly Thursday night teleconference sponsored by the Michigan General Jural Assembly to help answer questions and provide assistance to people wanting to do something similar in their own counties and their own states. 

That's wonderfully encouraging news.  It means that more and more Americans are not only waking up and realizing The Fix we are in individually, but more are stepping forward to get the tools and advice needed to revive their own nation-states, and that is what we have to restore to save our own country and clean up this mess.

For those new to the information, I suggest they go straight to the B,C, and D Appendix part of the Michigan General Jural Assembly Handbook and get the hang of it all in the Big Picture.  Most of this country is still not politically organized--- that is, your actual nation-state and even the State created to represent your state's land jurisdiction, may exist on paper, but not in fact. 

Most of the western states are what I call "states in waiting"---- you have contracts to become states and guarantees that you will be "treated as" states in the Union and owed all the guarantees, but there hasn't been a fully functional land jurisdiction Continental Congress in place to actually enroll any new states in the Union since 1860. That presents a real problem in terms of international law and leaves an awful lot of people with their tails exposed to high winds. For yourselves and your families and friends who live west of the Mississippi---- get on up that mountainside.  Just pretend you are a bunch of spry little goats and go hop, hop hop! 

Here's the information for Michigan General Jural Assembly again:

The Michigan General Jural Assembly hosts a Thursday Night national call-in program. The call-in times and names and numbers for that and for their national hotline (open four days a week) are posted on my website: and here it is again: Nine o’clock Eastern Standard Time, call in number is: 1-712-770-4160. Access Code for Thursday night call is: 226823#. The Hotline is 1-989-450-5522Monday through Thursday2 to 7 pm EST. They can also be reached at

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  1. Is this the site you are referring to?

    I could not find any references to federal court cases there. Could you provide the names and case numbers of the cases you refer to where they were able to trap the court with jurisdiction arguments? Thanks.

    1. She will never provide specific information such as that because she is a liar. It has come to the point where intelligent people are saying put up or shut up. She can't put up, and she won't shut up so her ignorant worshippers will continue to grovel around everything she says and send her money. She recently said she is a divine being sent here to save us all. A sure sign of mental illness. So sad and what a great waste of an obviously intelligent mind.

  2. I don't give legal advice, I am not a lawyer.

    This opinion has multiple layers and levels.
    It's like there is a three layer cake and you are only told about the icing in the middle. (it's not the entire cake, only a piece of the ingredient)

    If you know how to bake a cake, you know what to do with that ingredient. If you don't know how to bake a cake, move on and don't mess with the following information because you will not get a cake out of having one ingredient.

    Disclosure is happening all the time, but our biases shut us off from information from people we don't like, or people we don't like how they told us the information, and then our biases keep us ignorant with people who we agree with because they appear to know what they are saying or doing and we follow them to the same outcome they are going to receive.

    People are the reason for the problems people experience.
    At the core of it all, it's true, and when we learn that, we take responsibility and step up to the plate and change things in unbelievable ways.

    This is the opinion that is not enough information to act upon if you haven't studied or faced that system enough times to know it's weaknesses.

    If you fail to file and they say they calculated the tax for you and garnish your pay, you could consider suing them in their fiction name.
    yes, sue the Santa Clause in the small claims court.
    The IRS agent name is a pseudoname, a fake name they use in the public to sign documents, it's not their real name
    like Chris Kringle has a fake name of Santa Clause for use in the public.

    But if he uses Santa Clause in the public, he can be sued in that name.

    So sue the agent, who did the demand for garnishment in small claims court, and don't pick any of the court options like garnishment or anything, make your own option
    the state criminal code for Identity theft, or Theft, or Extortion, put a state criminal code as the reason for the suit.

    The agent will try to move it to federal court to get it dismissed, but the federal court has no jurisdiction over state civil claims, because you didn't use Title 26 or Title 18 US Code, you kept it at the state level.

    When/if it gets moved to federal court, tell them they don't have subject matter jurisdiction over your state civil claim, and they don't have personal jurisdiction over you, and don't show up.
    They will send papers as if they are proceeding, even set a court date.
    if you believe they have jurisdiction you will go to their court on that day. If you believe they don't you won't go.
    this is all on you and your knowing. no adult holds another adult's hand unless they are dating.

    If you aren't adult enough to handle your situations, then you stop playing in the big folks game.

    After a while the federal court has to dismiss for lack of subject matter jurisdiction.

    I can hear it now. Then what?
    If you have to ask, you are not ready. Do not do a single thing posted above. Do not get into the belly of any beast you have not studied. There is no process. There is no procedure.

    As soon as someone writes a process, they write a rule to make it irrelevant and then people say it doesn't work or it never worked.

    Yes it did. It worked the first time.

    Their world is based on rules but they can't write a rule for every scenario, that's why some people have victories and others are defeated using the same technique invented by someone else.

    But a federal court does NOT have jurisdiction over a state civil claim, and an IRS agent DOES NOT have the prepared and signed documents to show you owe.

    But you didn't do a FOIA to the IRS to find out everything they had for that year and that garnishment did ya.

    Not a lawyer
    No way is the above legal way.

    1. I fully understand this is not legal advice. Can you provide anywhere more information can be obtained on the procedures you refer to? Thank you.

    2. Procedure? There is no procedure! What Anon 12:07am wrote is correct. You though as one of the people do have the power to go after them in Federal Court by granting them jurisdiction under Title 28 U.S.C. section 1446 by removing your case to Federal Court due to no fair trial at state level. When you do that, go for the throat! They are a bankrupt corporation that is civilly dead and do not exist in law. They cannot by law bring a claim against anyone! Title 31 U.S.C. section 3124 says they can only collect gold or silver for payment. It is a felony to collect any typr of trust or bond for payment. They stole all of our gold and silver so we cannot be forced to pay with that. What is a Federal Reserve Note? A bond!

      There.. I just showed you how to kill your property taxes on your home!

    3. Or.... we THE People re-settle our county and state assemblies and tell the U.S. Corporation that their services are no longer needed and they can take a hike!

    4. Freewill you and Anon seem to be contradicting each other Anon says stay in state court and avoid federal court, and you say move to federal court. Which is correct? Can either provide proof their idea works? Each of those takes some kind of procedure, you just can't wave a wand and it magically happens.

      Do you know anyone who has used this 'procedure' you espouse to kill property taxes? Can you provide a name and case number?

      Can you name one instance where the U.S. Corporation "took a hike" as you say?

    5. I had to remove it to Federal Court after they kidnapped me and caged me. That is the difference. Anon and I are both correct. Depends on the situation.

    6. And for the property tax killer.. Use some common sense! They will not publish that info for the public to use! I will tell you this much; Carl Miller used it and at that time the section was under 724. After Carl Miller killed the 26 year tax evasion case they moved the section to 3124. Read it and use it. Self explanatory!

    7. Part1

      And as for the corporation taking a hike.. here is American Juris Prudence book 38a page 340 first line:

      38A C.J.S.
      There cannot be a grand jury de facto when there is a grand jury de jure.61 It has been held that the de facto officer doctrine applies to an improperly appointed grand juror.62
      § 10.
      § 8. - - Grand Juries for Special Terms
      Subject to statutory limitations, if any, a court authorized to hold a special term has power to convene a grand jury for such term. Library References Grand Jury e;.1.
      Improper Purpose
      A court authorized to hold a special term has power to convene a grand jury for such term 53 under express statutory authority 54 or in the ab7 sence of a statutory limitation.55 However, the court is bound by any statutory limitation on its power to call a grand jury to serve at a special term.56
      § 9.
      It is improper to use grand jury proceedings merely to elicit evidence for use in a civil case or to prepare a pending indictment for trial.
      Research Note Improper purpose for subpoena is treated infra § 137. Library References Grand Jury e;.1, 24-26.
      De Facto Grand Jury or Juror
      Authorities differ as to whether there can be a de facto grand jury. Library References Grand Jury e;.1.
      There is no such thing as a de facto grand jury in a federal court.57 Likewise, some state courts assert that there is no such thing as a de facto grand jury;58 but other state courts take a view to the contrary.59 It has been held that the acts of a de facto grand jury are valid in the absence of fraud or prejudice.60
      53. N.J.-State v. Bolitho, 136 A 164, 103 N.J.Law 246, affirmed 146 A 927, 104 N.J.Law 446-State v. McDevitt, 87 A 123, 84 N.J.Law 11, affirmed 90 A ']j1,7, 85 NJ.Law 731. 54. Ky.-Sowders v. Commonwealth, 248 S.W. 187, 197 Ky. 834. Tex.-Lennon v. State, 26 S.W.2d 227, 114 Tex.Cr. 5OD-Hickox v. State, 253 S.W. 823, 95 Tex.Cr. 173. 55. Cal.-People v. Carabin, 14 C. 438. 56. Tex.-Terrell v. State, 139 S.W.2d 108, 139 Tex.Cr. 130. 57. U.S.-U.S. v. McKay, D.C.Micb., 45 F.Supp. 1007. 58. Tenn.-Roberts v. State, 247 S.W. 101, 147 Tenn. 323. 59. A1aska-State v. Roark, App., 705 P.2d 1274. Cal.-Ex parte Haymond, 27 P. 859, 91 C. 545-1n re Gannon, 11 P. 240, 69 C. 541. N.Y.-People v. Petrea, 92 N.Y. 1']j1,. Wis.-State v. Wescott, 217 N.W. ']j1,3, 194 Wis. 410. 60. Tenn.-State v. McFarland, Cr.App., 638 S.W.2d 416. 61. IlL-People v. Brautigan, 142 N.E. 208, 310 ill. 472. 62. A1aska-State v. Roark, App., 705 P.2d 1274. Tex.-Howard v. Stale, App. 9 Dist., 704 S.W.2d 575. 63. :U.S.-U.S. v. Sells Engineering, Inc., Cal., 103 S.Ct. 3133, 463 U.S. 418, 77 LEd.2d 743. Exclusively criminal Grand jury investigation is not conducted in good faith unless it is used to conduct investigations that are in their inception exclusively criminal.

    8. Part 2

      Use of grand jury proceedings merely to elicit evidence for use in a civil case is improper per se.63 Government attorneys may not use a grand jury proceeding to gain advantages in a civil case which they are not entitled to. 64 It is improper to use a grand jury for the primary purpose of strengthening the government's case on a pending indictment or as a substitute for discovery.65 The government may not utilize a grand jury for the sole or primary purpose of gathering evidence for use in a pending trial,66 or of preparing a pending indictment for trial,67 or of securing addjtional, postindictment evidence to be used at trial. 68 However, there appears to be some authority to the contrary.69 Where no further in-
      U.S.-Matter of Grand Jury Proceedings, Miller Brewing Co., CAWis., 687 F.2d 1079, on rehearing 717 F.2d 1136.
      64. D.C.-Synanon Church v. U.S., D.C., 579 F.Supp. 967, affirmed
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      Page 340

      Anon 4:15pm... Are you going to research this on your own or do you have to have others explain it to you?

  3. Anon 12:23pm you don't fully understand.
    Your job has always been to learn what otherwise teach. It doesn't matter where the info comes from. There is something to know in it.
    Anna writes 300 articles in some it may be a word you were supposed to learn, others a technique, others a paragraph of information, others a new way of observing.

    All of the information you will ever need will be 'out there' but never in one place.

    What I need is different from what you need. If I send you to all the places I look for what I need I waste your time and you will have no success.
    You don't understand.
    You were supposed to challenge the system, not with war but with the power of your conscience.
    When we document our conscience, they write a rule to overcome what we disclosed.
    So even if you find a page with everything on it, its too late to use it the way it is written. You will *still* have to be the Creator you are within and add your own twist to bypass the rules that made what you found documented, obsolete.
    In other words, the challenge comes when you were supposed to be ready.
    There is no easy way out
    You cut your own path.
    And fighting physical is never going to get anyone anything but dead.
    This is spiritual and not from belief that praying makes it fo away.
    Spiritual as in your soul; if you have one makes you learn and stand up regardless of what others think of you.
    It's not about them and in their challenge that will come when they should have been ready, looking good to everyone else and following others and living in fear and judgment of others.
    Divided you fail.
    I have 11 years of study. If I put it on a website it would not make sense to you and be so overwhelming you will ask where to start. I would say at the beginning. You would say, but that will take 11 years.
    I would say, "exactly"
    No adult holds an adult's hand unless they are dating in this game.

    1. This is one of the wisest comments that I believe I have ever witnessed! And you nailed it right on the head with every point you mentioned. Each of us as independent thinkers can come up with our own way to skin a cat. A thousand of us makes a thousand different ways of skinning the cat. It all gets the same job done in different ways. That makes us unpredictable and successful. There is no silver bullet!

  4. Anon 4:15 I stated that each of us are looking for something different.
    Freewill was dealing with a situation where state court did not provide remedy, he went federal.
    Freewill has been in the beast and studied it from the inside and knows its weaknesses.

    I had a Federal situation that I knew federal was out of their jurisdiction and I used my conscience to make it a state situation.
    Both are public record, but I'll tell anyone it's private and confidential. If they want to find it, then seek and ye shall find.
    We each do different things to put ourselves in our situations.
    Some probably proudly stand for a flag to pledge allegiance, I don't
    Some may get mad if someone kneels during a pledge to a flag,
    It's not a pledge to your country, or your veterans, or your president, but in borg mind people judge those that take a knee against injustice, and feel good in their borg numbers and group agreement to dislike the same things.
    Some voted and spout the Mantra of Maga.
    Things people do exclude them from some of the procedures that are already written. Filing tax returns and not paying will exclude some from what I speak of.

    Where do you learn, everywhere, every source, every thing will teach you something. , Judge Anna
    Take the meat and throw away the bones.

    Ian Lungold in so many words, would say,
    'What you pay attention to, you become aware of'.

    I see planes flying overhead, and I see the stream of white at the end.
    I wait for the news to tell me 100+ people died that day or the hospital is overloaded with people who can't breathe or who are dying from some 'something' that is contagious and spreading.
    The internet is full of that information that people repeat like it's some process for saving the world or making it better.

    As soon as someone shares their knowing, there is the 'follower' group, the people that immediatly want to form some government structure to get together and study and make that One that shared a leader to 'guide' the group and tell them what to know and see and do.

    The savior mentality is deep in our culture. The X-Men had powers, they had to learn how to use their powers and they got injured trying. Your conscience is your power, but you would rather allow someone else populate your conscience with what they think you should know or see or do.

    Our successes come from our failures. The fear of failure makes people say 'don't run or you'll fall' to their own children. You teach them don't use what is given to you to expand your ability to use it and master it, because you may get hurt while learning to use it.

    While you wait for us to share our knowing and make a procedure to save'your you, we are continuing our doing based on what we learned from others, and inputting additional techniques from within our own conscience.

    Go to and listen to Rule of Law Radio. Randy Kelton speaks general law, and Eddie speaks traffic, their callers in their diversity of age, culture let you know people are doing whether their family cares, likes, comprehends, supports, or not.
    While some sit at home and want nothing to go wrong, and point out others wrongs, many are taking the challenge to right the wrong in what they do in the world to change the world.

    Go to and listen to NoConfidence Dave Myrland he's live on Saturdays, and doesn't save the recordings. (what he doesn't save you could have learnt if you heard it live). Pieces here, and there make the picture, no one can give it all out in one recording or one day.
    American Liberties on talkshoe, Dave Myrland will speak there and it's recorded. There is activity headed to the Supreme Court in those calls. the information is around you, but t.v. and sports, and facebuk, tweeter, imidgur, and pin-enter-rest and you-twomb are all distractions for the challenge comes when you were 'supposed' to be ready.

  5. Isn't NESARA / GESARA about to kick in ? Why bother with this stuff ? Our present unlawful court system can do any damn thing they want - you get in the way, you go to jail or prison. Ask Freewill if there is any real justice in the courts. As long as the well entrenched actors remain & are accepted by the general populace, nothing will really change. The system is like it is partially because of 'citizen' ignorance, but mostly because the ruling powers like it just the way it is. You risk EVERYTHING going into their courts. REMOVE THE CABAL ACTORS, then there is a chance for reform. Do you really think you are going to file one case or argument and change the system ? For us peons, it is set up to fail for US, the only real criteria built into it by the Cabal. Those running it will continue to steal & profit using this system or any other damn system that KEEPS THEM IN POWER. They must be removed en masse, at the same time, by whatever means, to truly regain anything resembling justice in the courts. Our morality & hesitation to kill is being used against us, as the bad guys have no such restriction. Just like chemtrails, if enough of the spraying aircraft were 'taken out' in a short time frame, those replacement pilots just might consider another career. I still don't trust Anna anyway. Most realize and may have witnessed how quickly internet content can disappear, yet Anna posts dozens of times per week. I realize this is, in effect, "negative" evidence. Yet if this stuff was so "powerful," you know damn well a lot or most of her posts would disappear. Is she compromised ? I've heard she has been. Most of what I've seen of her documentation & conclusions are sound. Realistically, there only needs be ONE SINGLE MISTAKE in the process. ONE. I've already lost virtually everything fighting the Cabal. I'm not willing to trust my freedom to somebody claiming to have been a 'judge,' who has nothing to lose if her paperwork puts me in frigging jail. I LOSE, not her. Good luck playing the paperwork game. Been there, done that for 25 years. Like Winston Shrout said when asked why he wouldn't do paperwork for somebody, he would have to move into their house for three months to answer all the paperwork correctly. Bottom line ? Do everything absolutely perfect, & they will beat you up with the clock, endless delays, drag it out and ruin you anyway. REMOVE THE CABAL ACTORS ! We've tried everything else, haven't we?

    1. Your comment is a very good comment and brings up many good points. And there is zero justice in those courts. When I maneuvered them into a corner to force justice, they simply waved their magic wand and put me on a do-not-detain list and refused to give me my Federal court hearing that I paid for twice at $400 each because I had them prima facia guilty and had a noticed DeJure grand jury assembly in their county. I was taking down the entire corporate system and the entire B.A.R. system. I caught them with their pants down and no way out other than to ignore me and hope I go away. What I did may not work for the next guy because they may expect a duplicate to happen and have a counter solution to it for the next guy that comes along to throw a wrench in their gears. I can tell you the principals go go on but you need to tailor your strategy different and in your own way. Here is an example: They are a bankrupt corporation. Treat them as such. That is a principal to use! A prosecutor is NOT a trustee appointed by a bankruptcy court and it is a felony for him to speak on the behalf of a bankrupt corporation. He cannot open his mouth and speak in an open court. That is another principal to use and they have no way around those principals unless they rewrite the entire bankruptcy law book. You cannot use my material as a template as it will fail you.

      The best and most effective way for us to obtain and keep our freedom is to duplicate history and redo what was done for our independence from the Crown. Yes it failed and yes we know why it failed and that is an advantage we have over our founding fathers. We can correct and safeguard our freedom with what we have learned since 1776 to now. Our founding fathers did not know how or what would be manipulated and perverted to counter what they did for our independence. We can gain our freedom again and we now know how to safeguard it to keep it. Reassemble our counties and states to get our freedom back then use the assemblies to install safeguards like we did here in Michigan. We have a second chance at this. Lets jump on it and do it.

    2. And as a side note.. The U.S. Corporation uses the Federal Reserve note as an internal corporate trade note. That is all they can use. The FRN is also the petrodollar and anyone and any country that uses it is considered internal to the U.S. corporation via the IMF. That is what they use for jurisdiction over countries and people globally. They cannot do that with gold or silver as that is not their property. This is their global governance new world order root. Nesara/Gesara is a direct deathblow to them and there is no way they will cut their own throats. This is why an RV will not happen and Nesara/Gesara will not happen. Only the people self governing on the land with their assemblies can use gold and silver for trade and invoke nesara/gesara. All nations around the world have a right to form assemblies and self govern via the people in body politic. It is what it is. Only the people can change it.

    3. Acting like the NESARA and GESARA will(sav(e)(y)ior), is just a way to keep you inactive because you will wait. Waiting is always available.
      There are two types of people among us. The bible mentions it in Genesis 1 was male and female, Genesis 2 was man and woman.
      But there is the parable of the One who sowed seed, and while men slept his enemy came and sowed weed seed. The two people among us comment in blogs, post videos to guide you. It's still your decision what happens to you. You let them 'govern''ment' you - govern/control ment/mind.
      You don't risk your reputation, your image to your family and friends, you don't study, you won't fail, you won't succeed. You wait. How can you fail at something you didn't try. How can you succeed at something you didn't try. How can you do something you don't know anything about?
      No one needs to trust their freedom to someone else, anonymous 9:22pm makes my points, you may have been given the info to only learn the meaning of a word, or a sentence, or a way to see something different.
      I learn from everyone, everything, compromised people, fake alternative media sites, perceived evil people, angry people, ignorant people, people who don't claim to have a gender, religious people, unemployed people, homeless people. The information is 'out there'. If you don't like the package; by design you won't obtain the message that package contains; by design you won't be prepared when the challenge comes.
      I see a sign in the mall kiosk and it has an arrow with the words 'You are here'. My body is right here, my soul is in my body right here, my conscience is right here, not at home, not in the car, it's 'here' with my eyes as I read those words. Where do I live? I live right here. When I go home, I live at home, when I'm at work, I live at work. Where I am, I am living. That's what I learn. I am open to learn from anything and anyone.
      Winston, in three months, he'd probably figure out all the invisible contracts and hidden attachments people make, and most of the paperwork may be helping them alter how they think in order to help them unattach or alter their hidden contract / attachments.
      If you be-"lie"-ve things are hopeless, you have the power to be hopeless in the situations put before you, and you have the power to be hopeless in your actions to protect yourself or save yourself because of what you believe and how you choose to live with that belief.
      (there is a lie in that word)
      There is a talkshoe on my private audio with angela stark, and a guy got into legal trouble, and literally ran to and sought help from every guru, and tried every process and technique, and spent lots of money doing it this way, and doing it that way, and filing this document, and having documents refused to be accepted by the courts, and in the end he ended up with probation and confined to his home.
      He said if he could do it all again, he'd just plead guilty.
      He was not prepared, and he was looking for a quick solution and a savior, and by the time he tried many processes, there were rules written to make them obsolete.
      The Supreme Court does not hear the same case twice, yet they hear cases every year. How is it so many people can do something different and we have people saying you can't win the paper game?
      Anonymous 9:22 PM says they lost virtually everything fighting...if you fight them, you lose. When you are ready, you will start learning and the people who can help you grow come into your life, and you attract the people that guide you based on how you are spiritually. If you are mean, you will attract mean, and if you are loving, you attract loving, if you judge, you attract judges, and each bring their own experience that is based on how you are and what you accept as knowledge.

  6. I am Anon asking about procedures. Thanks for the interesting answers. Quite a bit to think about.

    1. You are welcome. And thank you for this response.

      Be careful though. Some of this knowledge can be dangerous and can get you into some real trouble. Sometimes I wish I didn't have this knowledge as I am dangerous and a threat to the system. I discovered it is safer and better to just nullify the beast (the entire system) via the assemblies then to go inside the beast and fight it.

    2. But that brings us back to one of the original points, and I mean this respectfully. How am I to convince people this is all true, for example, the results the Republic of Texas are having, or the jury assemblies, if they don't share their results. Getting people to listen about the dejure governments is difficult enough, they want to see that it is real to be convinced. I know of no other way than to ask for the court cases where they have been successful to show people. They are public record, so I do not understand why this information cannot be shared. We may not be able to duplicate the process exactly as they have done, but with more heads thinking along those lines, the greater the odds of figuring something out that may help everyone move forward. just my humble opinion.

    3. Anon 1:15pm~
      You fail to understand what the assemblies and the Texas Republic is all about. We are not for vengeance or justice against the vermin.
      Our purpose is to resettle the land and self govern in the DeJure form of governance of by and for the people in body politic. Read and understand history. The settlors arrived on American soil to separate themselves from the Crown. They formed their assemblies to self govern without the rules of the crown. They did not seek to go after king George for revenge or justice for all the wrongs that were done to them. They simply nullified king Georges presumed jurisdiction.

      Today we are doing the same. We resettle the land to nullify the Vatican/Crown/UNITED STATES INC.'s presumed territorial jurisdiction. We re-establish our self governance with our county and state assemblies. We can then tell the corporation UNITED STATES/Crown/Vatican that their 1871 chartered services are no longer required. It's just like that. By law internationally and locally they must step down when the DeJure rises. Reference American Juris Prudence book 38a page 340.

      After all this is done, the people then have the right and ability to claim accusations against who ever they have been violated by and will have the juries and the courts for remedy. Until the majority of states 38+ is settled so the National Level assembly is full in quorum we are and will be interim. So to avoid a trespass upon the corporations we cannot and will not trespass upon their corporations internal workings and book balancing agencies that you consider courts. At this time they are guilty of the trespass upon the people and two wrongs does not make a right.

      Now to answer your question about any results... I will show you results of an actual interaction between the DeFacto CEO and the Michigan General Jural Assembly. Watch both videos in order then read all the text below the videos.

      I hope this clears thing up for you.