Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The Earth Is Getting Colder Because It’s Getting Warmer

This post dedicated to Tom Heneghan

Al Gore: "The Earth Is Getting Colder Because It’s Getting Warmer"

Typical Washington DC SWAMP DemoRAT doublespeak

By Benjamin Arie
January 6, 2018

Al Gore is starting to look less like an “expert” and more like a radical zealot.  (Is THAT what they call it - zealot?!  How about a fool?  Or stupid?  Or very conniving and deceiving?)

Scientists look at the real world and work carefully to reach a conclusion that fits. Fanatics work backwards: They take an assumption that they want desperately to be true, and force it on top of reality like hammering a square peg into a round hole.

That’s exactly what the failed presidential candidate seems to be doing, after he bent over backwards to explain that freezing temperatures in the U.S. are proof that, er, the world is overheating.

As much of the country battles bitter cold weather and temperatures in the negative range, Al Gore used Twitter to spread his twisted brand of circular reasoning.

“It’s bitter cold in parts of the US, but climate scientist Dr. Michael Mann explains that’s exactly what we should expect from the climate crisis,” the politician-turned 'guru' declared.

In other words: Freezing cold is just part of the planet overheating. Now, stop asking questions! 

It would be one thing if global warming zealots like Al Gore admitted that they came to the wrong conclusions, and updated their models and predictions to match reality — you know, like actual scientists do.

Instead, leftists are engaging in the exact same broken logic they claim to despise. The crowd constantly lectures people that “weather is not climate,” and a short-term spell is not the same as a long-term trend.


  1. Al Gore is Such A Idiot ! , No One Believes His Lies Anymore ! He Was thrown out Of Tennessee , His Home State What a Moron !

  2. No More Gore...Never...Anymore!!! Gore Is A Bore And A High Paid Whore...
    Fact is "they" Al Gore and his buddies are the ones controlling the climate and changing it, because they want to destroy the agricultural crops and starve the people, animals, and "depopulate" the earth, while at the same time trying to steal the world's money by making ludicrous claims. What a poop mouth Gore is! He's so full of it!

  3. Global warming= Mini ice age,..... War = peace,..... Love = hate,.... see how that works. Lock him up, too.

  4. This guy is totally deranged which must be a prerequisite to join the Democrats in the first place.
    Their geoengineerin g is in your face. Hurricanes, fires, cold snaps, illness akin to FLU. I AM SUFFERING severely and
    Totally bedridden. There doesn't seem to be any end in sight. I live (yup, sti) here) in norther AZ. We get sprayed amot daily. When will it END???(??

  5. just some dude with dslJanuary 9, 2018 at 11:26 PM

    Orwellian double speak. Same thing lucifarians practice.