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Friday, June 1, 2018

Freewill update - 3 of 4 hurdles down, 1 to go

Hurdle 1: Last night I bailed Freewill out of jail in Ogemaw county (Michigan) so that he'd be out and have access to whatever he needs in order to shoot down the Oscoda county complaint against him and file a counter-complaint.

Hurdle 2: Last night I also dealt with the actions against him in Crawford county, so that there wouldn't be any holds to take him there, just hearing(s) scheduled at future date(s).

Hurdle 3: Bay county, which Freewill told me over the jail phone had stated no interest in coming to get him, then did the opposite: they picked Freewill up late last night. Freewill called me this afternoon to inform me that Bay county had held a hearing today, scheduled another hearing for this fall, and set him free. I had a feeling it wouldn't be a lengthy stay but wasn't certain. Bailing Freewill out of the first two hurdles was aimed at getting the ball rolling in Bay county so that matter can finish at an earlier date and Freewill could get out of the mess he's in sooner rather than later. The quick hearing and release are welcome.

Hurdle 4: Freewill called me a short time later, while I was on my way to get him, to tell me that Genesee county has placed a hold on him for a past matter. In 2015 Genesee county sent two representatives to Crawford county to meet with 2 Crawford county deputies to seek payment for child support. Freewill and the Genesee county representatives agreed upon satisfying the claim not in federal reserve notes (unbacked, fiat currency) via Iraq Dinars (oil-backed securities) at the then current oil exchange rate of 95 USD per 1 Dinar, and Freewill handed them Iraq Dinars equivalent to several times the amount sought in USD, followed by the request that Genesee county mail the excess payment back to him. Both sides of the agreement were satisfied and the Genesee county representatives returned to Genesee county. Now, Genesee county is attempting to nullify the agreement and replace it with a demand and forced compliance. Freewill currently awaiting pick up from Bay county to be taken to Genesee county. Probable hearing Monday. A judge with integrity and morals would uphold the terms of the 2015 agreement between Freewill and the two Genesee county representatives, and inform Genesee county that it should choose its representatives more wisely in the future. Genesee county's demand is $1600 as of today. Genesee county may hold Freewill in jail for 1 or 2 months if the judge doesn't do his/her duty to uphold the original agreement and instead lets Genesee county pervert the original agreement into something else, a hostage situation with demand for ransom. Imagine where we all would be if we all were allowed to pull what Genesee county is trying to pull...

Freewill asked me to seek your help with this final hurdle. $1600. I'm ready to give up. It's up to all of you. I put what I had set aside into getting Oscoda and Crawford counties out of the way, I'm tapped out and have Freewill's bills on top of my own coming up due in little more than 1 week. Help Freewill if you can. Please. And thank you very much to everyone who pitched in to get Oscoda and Crawford counties to back off and leave Freewill room to breathe, work, spend time with his daughter, and spend the rest of his time trying to bring the kind of changes we all want for our states and nation.



  1. natives seeking to do no harm require no governments. all life in and on mother earth are native in and on native soil. when asked for a name, say only one word, native. word name means thing, artificial or fictitious.

  2. wow i wish i had friends like you...amazing. and man he has alot going on he should have nullified all this before now himself with all the knowledge he/we have about that. i would donate just for the good i like freewill and appreciate his service to others.

  3. Freewill - Here's how I can help. Write this down and FEEL it as if it were a reality. "I am so happy and grateful now that I am free and have no obligations that will haunt me ever again." Or something to that effect. REPEAT this hundreds of times and it will come to pass. It is in the law - as you sow, so shall you reap. js

  4. FreeDom: Do you know how many more counties and courts have outstanding warrants on Freewill?
    Why are you working so hard for a father who fails to pay his child support?
    When the county deputies had a chance to determine the real value of that 25,000 Iraqi Dinars they saw that is was nearly worthless.

    In the last 10 years, that 25,000 has never exceeded $23. Dinars were never worth $95

    1. What I know for absolute certain, is that Freewill is a devoted father.

      By your Snark and willingness to jump in to defame a man during such a time of great duress, I am certain your own character needs attention as you are certainly lacking, Anonymous.

      As expert as you think you are, you do not have all the facts do you? Yet, here you are, Anonymous, pretending to have a flawless moral compass. By your comments and the hateful actions that brought you to make them it is safe to say you need to get your own house in order. You may find that a cold heart and dark spirit are not the tools needed to go forward in the future. You will change. Or you will be left behind. You choose whether you want to open your heart, Anonymous.

    2. Does a 'devoted father' pay his child support?

  5. Is there ANY WAY to GET OFF this continuing diatribe? This is ridiculous and turning out to be gossip. This is his business and NO ONE ELSES. NO ONE KNOWS all the ramifications of his situation BUT HIM. All your 'concerns' are nothing but pure speculation. There are other issues to be considered and it is his business to do that and take care of it. We don't need to be his daddy and believe we know all about him and what he needs to be doing. He can take care of his own issues. This has become a comedic soap opera on par with 'Days of our Lives'. Don't you have other things more important to take care of in your own lives? Move on.

  6. Don't give up Ms. FreeDom... We love Freewill and are eagerly awaiting his return... Our prayers go out to him, you and your loved ones... Blessings, Amen