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Third Reich Formed Through Foreign Investment & Foreign Planning
U.S. & Allied Insiders Carefully Covered Up Foreign Investment & Foreign Planning
These Nazi's Were Just Puppets
Worst Nazi's Lived To Genocide Another Day
Hitler Disappeared & Died Of Natural Causes
Albeit Many Years Later

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Sunday, June 10, 2018


June 9, 2018   
Attendees at the G7 were in shock at the announcements by our President Trump of changes being made in the 'trade' arrangements. NO MORE FREEBIES as were freely given to them by the Bush, Clinton and Obama criminal cabal 'administrations' at the expense of the united States! Yet these AHOs STILL believe and DEMAND they are entitled to STEAL from the efforts of hard working Americans and our government.  NO MORE! Let them go sulk.  Let them be mad. Their dishonest free loading days are OVER!
"We're like the piggy bank 
that everyone else is robbing"
Published on Jun 10, 2018
In an unscheduled press conference, Trump claims the US has been 'taken advantage of for decades and decades' in global trade. The US president also takes aim at the EU, saying it has been brutal towards the US and that 'they know it'
G7 in disarray after Trump rejects communique and attacks 'weak' Trudeau

Trump advisers Kudlow, Navarro 
blast Trudeau for G7 comments 
Published on Jun 10, 2018
Top aides to U.S. President Donald Trump launched blistering attacks on Justin Trudeau for comments he made at the end of the G7 leaders' summit.
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