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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Return of the Euro Crisis: Italy Quakes, Rest of the World Shakes and Merkel’s Empire Breaks

Angela Merkel, emperor of the euro crisis zone
Europe’s many fault lines are spreading once again, bringing the endless euro crisis saga back in 3-D realism. Italy gained a new anti-establishment government last week, even as Spain elected a new Socialista government that could crack Catalonia off from the rest of Spain. All of Europe fell under Trumpian trade-war sanctions and threatened their own retaliation. And Germany’s most titanic bank got downgraded to the bottom of the junk-bond B-bin.
But do Italy’s political-economic problems even matter? Well, Italy ruptured last week, and the rest of the earth trembled, clearly showing that Italy’s fault lines have the capacity to become the epicenter of another global financial crisis.

In one week, Europe with its impossible euromess moved back into position of being the world’s chief menace. The Eurozone is a house of cards with many exits, each with their own name, as I’ve written about frequently in the past, and it’s time to pay the never-ending euro crisis some attention once again.

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  1. Merkel and her cronies are just pissed off because their scheme has been outed, and now they can't mind 'F' the world about their beliefs of the NWO they just watched disappear- Their mean ticket from the world has just been confiscated- She need a guillotine, along with the rest of the culturist idiots-They are getting no more money from the U.S. anymore- Let them {if they can, which, I doubt} start giving us money to function and see how it feels for them ALL to experience the fickle FINGER of fate- Screw 'em all-They owe this country trillions upon trillions of dollars that they took from us by lying about their state of affairs, how THEY should be the ones to control everyone, let alone the world to appease the almighty Rothchilds, Bildeburgs, Soros, etc-They have just shit in their proverbial messkit-