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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Still More Than Just North Carolina

By Anna Von Reitz

"Page 5 of this link (marked page 2 of 30) shows all of the other states that are doing the exact same thing as North Carolina is doing...." 

Here's still more proof that Bob and Larry don't know what is going on and have been beating me about the head and neck for "proof" and then ignoring the facts when I give it to them. 

I suppose there will be something "suspect" about my "sources"---- nobody should believe official documents from the North Carolina Legislature, right?  

The fact is that all the states have privatized their operations for years and people are just now waking up to the dangers and abuses that this unnatural blending of public and private functions encourages. 

While Field McConnell is exposing the dangers of having a British corporation handing itself out thousands of American "government" contracts and continuing to allow this corporation --- Serco --- to function as Paymaster for our military, still others are exposing the illegal and immoral operations of trans-national corporations like Vanguard, Black Water, and State Street.  

Hundreds, if not thousands, of former CIA, FBI, and other law enforcement agency members are stepping forward to fill in the blanks.  

Two days ago, Minutemen captured two card-carrying CIA Agents transporting 1300 pounds of cocaine across the Mexican border for the Sinaloa Cartel, claiming that the cocaine "belongs to" the CIA and was part of an official "mission".  Right. 

Since when is the CIA dealing in cocaine?  Only since the Korean War..... 

The agents were incredulous when they were detained by the Border Patrol and even more incredulous when their bosses disallowed any knowledge of their activities. 

See this article and over 1000 others on Anna's website here:


  1. Reading the documented report linked in Anna's post:

    It is self evident that contracting out titling and license plate registration government services to private contractors is cheaper than paying government employees with full time salaries and benefits only because the private contractors hire part time, pay their employees less and do not provide employees the same full time job security, full time higher annual income and do not provide the same medical/dental/maternity leave, pension benefits etc the Government as an employer must lawfully provide it's tax paying voters!

    This does not serve the tax paying voters who suffer "undue financial hardship to their families by this contracting out" because the tax paying voters later are forced to pay for the "undue financial hardship to families" with government tax payer/voter funded welfare and low income government financial assistance social support benefits to these private contractor's employees and families.

    If you add the costs of financial assistance social support benefits to the cost of contracted out government services you will get the truthful cost to the taxpaying voters and truthfully see how contracting out creates poverty and unjust financial hardship to every taxpaying voter!

    In the end the government officials accountable to the voting taxpayers looks like they are financially responsible by selective data mining creating the illusion in the article linked to Anna's post that these politicians are saving the voter and taxpayer money by contracting out.

    But the bottom dollar in the end is the voter/taxpayer and their families are financially harmed by the "unjust financial enrichment of private corporate government service contracts!"


  3. And THIS has gone on for how long, now, like maybe 250 years or so?