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Sunday, June 3, 2018

What They Do With Children

Former CIA Agent EXPOSES
What They Do With Children

John Kiriakou exposes cia & had been an agent for the CIA for 14 years and left the Agency in 2004. He is also associated with Hollywood, having worked as an advisor in the movie industry. Speaking at a recent (1) World Beyond War event


  1. Maybe this is the REAL reason why Disney/ABC fired anti-child-trafficking Roseanne:

    The land in question is owned by Cemex and they are a partner of the Clinton Global Initiative.
    Cemex is linked to Haiti through the Clinton Foundation.

  3. Both 'Disneys', or anything that has to do with 'Disney' should be shut down by executive order, and the offenders need to be arrested, charged, and given the 'needle'- This pedo crap has gone too g-damn far, and it needs to stop NOW!! Makes one wonder about 'Walt' Disney, AND his associates, doesn't it? Ward Kimball, etc-

  4. Children being held inside a Walmart?
    Senator Confronts Operation Inside of Old Texas Walmart That Is Housing Children, Police Called -
    Links in the Show More paragraph.
    btw: Disney is now Jewish (Israeli?) controlled, which controls ABC and many US News media sources.

    1. Cmon on! You are making an absolute fool of yourself!!! Israelis? There aren't enough of them on the planet to do all the evil things you accuse them of. They attempt to survive on a tiny piece of land about the size of New Jersey, and the UN is constantly demanding they give up more of their land to the enemies that surround them. Their own people suffer just as Americans do. Put aside all your racial biases and poorly researched and constructed preconceived nonsense about Israel, Israelis and jews!!! Look in your own backyard - your own people - Americans - are the biggest group of murderers, pedophiles, thieves, war mongers, etal on this planet. In fact, most likely YOU are involved in this stuff since you seem to scream and accuse all the time about the Israelis and the 'jews.' Get real. Grow up.