One Pissed Off American

One Pissed off American … We THE People have something to say – it is time!

Bullshit. What the hell is going on with this Global Reset, Global Currency Revaluation, Fines & Penalties, Farm Claims, JR Robinson, Herman and Herman, CMKX, Omega and all the other Prosperity Programs?

The latest information is saying next year, mid Jan. What? You know mid Jan comes, its now mid-March and the cycle continues. We are getting played! You got to be kidding, right! This is a sick joke if your playing one. You jackass are not going to pull a Kuwait again. That is just wrong.

You remember the statement made from the Whitehouse, not until I am out of office … 2016! Just great.

Why would the world, who has been ramping up for this monumental occasion (big words), working like rabbits being chased by wolverines, all a sudden put the brakes on, an stop in the middle of the train tracks with an engine baring down on thems. Its just bad wrong!

Then we get this type of shit. I understand that those Red Dragon fellows thinks, we Westerns, are not spiritual enough to handle the money. Come again, you say what? I cannot manage money, make my pickup payments! Hey, buddy, come see me in the alley, I show you some spirit. Who the hell is the one who would pull this plug? Stupid!

What an arrogant statement by some Red Dragon spokesperson to say Westerns are not spiritual enough. U understands that I know more about the bible, lived real bible experiences, and even stopped a dam storms in its track. Can you say that Mr. Red Dragon spokesperson! This is a bunch of hog wash!! You know this country sends more spirit filled missionaries around the world than any other!

What bugs me even more is the good folks here in America have been screwed or duped by Politian’s for years and now we get our time to feed our families, friends, hell the crappy neighbor if need be. We get to have unalienable rights not those privileges that the US Corp folks claim.

And you Royals think we are not spiritual! So why you Chinese Royals stop this from happening? You worried about some threat by the bad guys, hell, turn them over to us good old boys, we will take care of business. We’ll put those folks to work, we got lots of garage to clean up, they should do just fine pickup garage since they know all about feeding garage to us over the last couple hundred years.

Hell, good hard work for them will help them understand what the hell we have been doing to support their life styles of unlimited medical, unlimited expenses, unlimited travel, unlimited lies, unlimited pay and that other shit. My smart body says indentured servants … yea, that be good, I want first pick on one of those shit head presidents to work with me. I help him understand, shit, I even will let him sleep out in one of the animal barns not under bridges or over passes or in cardboard boxes.

Well, as I see it, this Pope Francis this shit is your problem too based on Secret Treaty of Verona in 1213, where you pope types vow’d to stop all representative systems aka republics; the laws of today are based on Roman Law / Canon Law (you think me stupid, hell no), and these laws set how corporations work; you got to step in and fix this crap. (for you pope) The thought that comes to me, “What would Jesus do?”

You aint no Jesus, so you aint able to figure this out. I knows. I have read the bible since I was knee high to my daddies knee. I have reads it years, I seen really bible experiences with my own eyes and even stopped those nasty storms in their tracks because bible said we can. Thanks Jesus. So pope, you need to stop all this crap from US Corp, Crown, UN, and all the other corporations from stealing, killing, torturing, petrifying our children, slavery, financial ruin, and release these wealths into our hands since wesen will do more than any Politian would ever for our people, humanity. I gots Americans who are starving, needs medical, losing their homes and needs to fix this right here and right now. Oh, I would expect you take all those funds in your bank under the names of Politian’s, Government Officials and Pentagon types, and give that money back to the world? Ok, Vicar of Christ, do yours job!

So why are those hairy legged skirt wearing sissy boys in that funny shape building not taking matters in their hands and get rid of those cabal type people anyways. At least we can be happy about something this Thansgiving! No they are afraid to do their job. Sissy boys, sissy boys!!

Hell, they can’t even stop those chemtrails, that shit is still falling on my head, land and animals. Why haven’t you guys told DOD to stop weather wars, stop Queen of Netherlands and other royals from funding … shit take their money and give it to the world for FEEDING people. Oh. No GMO shit. You get it!

And you readers understand, no public notification of why they aerial seed, cloud seed, chemtrail, etc.? What is in the release? When they will release? That this is trespassing on your unalienable rights! On your God given rights! Hell, even think it like an act of WAR against you and me. So, why aint the POPE; Pentagon Types; stop this shit … against God’s people? Hell is going to get full I see.

Oh, hairy legs, another think, you supposedly support this Republic General Ham? You Supreme Court, oh the non-lawful-court since you’re a corporation, you supposedly swarmed Ham in as interim president. If you jerks did, then take control and get this done by removing the cabal types.

What I laugh about all the time, when the contract is signed by good old Admiral, then the Republic will be funded and we can get rid of these shit heads. Here is the logic, get rid of the shit heads, then sign the contract, you still get the money. Wow! Since your not removing the shit heads, you Pentagon types have just declared your intent as mercenaries for hire to do any ones bidding. So you only defend yourself, no one else especially the Declaration of Independence of 1776. Hmmm.

By the way Corporations, you ever figure that corporations are property of the Vatican since they use their law “Roman Law”, “Canon Law”. In a corporation, you gots board of control, executive level, owners, investors, workers or slaves. So you readers figured where you line up with corporation yet, yep your not the executive level, your not the board of control and your not investors / owners, especially paying taxes. You won the prize “Slave”. So why do we need our federal government as Corporation when we are people. Aint that suppose to be a body politic representation of the true government which are the keys to the kingdom or better known as YOU and ME, We The People, who are living, breathing men and women that actually walk on the lands we call United States of America. Not an all caps entity or fictional entity called corporation. Go figure!

Oh by the way, You Rothschild, crown, city of London, banking cartel, and your Pope Buddy, we the people own our own birth names, small or large caps. You cannot trademark something you do not own. Those birth certificates, baptismal certificates, belong to the living breathing man or women, not you! You committed fraud to embezzle those certificates for your financial gain. Guess what, you lose! Pope Francis, another issue to address to the world, release claim, release back to the world and punish the Crown!

Enough of this shit, I need money, I got family who needs help, I got retired military family that needs help. The weather wars are screwing up my farming with all the excise water and snow. They keep starving west coast with no water to destroy the food production since 80% of the food comes from southern west coast.

The stopping of the release of wealth to his people of the world is crazy, it seems that all the parties are playing into their hands of evil. So I got to ask the question, since when “O1”, “GRANDFATHER” ever listening to and comply with the evil one’s? These characters are nuts, crazy, focused on staying in power and destroying America in any means possible – industrially, financially, morally, ethically, spiritually, and any other “ly” you can think of. The whole world see’s this happening! … Why don’t you? … oh, the media is controlling the air waves … oh, yea.

We got to have change now to rid us of the controllers, evil ones, etc. I want God’s blessing, for YOU, our land, our planet, our humanity, our overall health, etc. Jeremiah 29:11 from NIV bible, ‘For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’ Another meaning is shalom.

This is time for We the People to win, to all my friends around the world, we stand in one voice, it is time to rid us of this evil on planet earth. Your people request freedom from evil!

One Pissed Off America, signing off for now. Remember, You too believe the same way, just scared to say or do, so lets change this together!

One Pissed Off American


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Monday, January 30, 2012

2/2 Federal Reserve-Gate is Now Greek-Gate

EXPLOSIVE BREAKING NEWS: 2/2 Federal Reserve-Gate is Now Greek-Gate

click to enlarge*F6wlTV-wvEbEwOGFHe40uH8RMS8qzKotGYBfmg85/bank.jpg

Item: At this hour the worldwide currency war continues as the conspiratorial privately owned Federal Reserve continues to use the Japanese yen as a pimp currency.

Last week the Japanese yen took an unusual spike upward from .78 exchange rate to .76. Previously the Japanese yen had been weakening against the U.S. dollar after financial reports surfaced showing the Japanese budget deficit was 200 times their own GDP.

Reference: Clearly the rest of the world does not believe the Japanese yen is any longer a safe haven currency except, of course, if you are Bloomberg News and the Federal Reserve.

P.S. All of this hocus pocus ponzi scheme trading manipulation is actually being orchestrated in the basement of the U.S. Treasury with financial terrorist U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner calling the shots.

Nine (9) major NSA (National Security Agency) computers located in the U.S. Treasury basement are utilizing PROMIS software that allow a 30-second lead time on all electronic trading. Accordingly, turning the worldwide financial markets into a major electronic cyber ponzi scheme.

This special PROMIS software trading vehicle has been made available by the U.S. Treasury to the London LIFFE Exchange, the German Deutsche Bank and the criminal U.S. banking giants Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Citibank, and Marc Rich's Swiss-based Richfield Commodities, which operates as a clearing house for this massive electronic trading fraud.

Note: It should be noted that Marc Rich's Richfield Commodities is the brokerage firm that placed all of the insider trading orders for the TREASONOUS members of the U.S. Congress and is currently aiding and abetting financial terrorist George Soros using, once again, illegal compounded derivatives to create an asset bubble in worldwide commodity markets, including precious metals and oil futures.
Jeb Bush, daddy, (H.W. Bush) and Obama White House photo

P.P.S. At this hour we can also divulge that foreign born pResident Barack Hussein Obama-Soetoro aka step and fetch it hosted a White House dinner for none other than former President George Herbert Walker Bush and his election stealing, drug trafficking son, the former Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush.

Obama, a clear stooge of the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate, takes his marching orders directly from the mafia don daddy Bush.

Daddy told Obama that he would assure Obama's re-election if Obama would continue to allow misuse of the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocol funds for financial "black ops" purposes.

Obama also agreed to continue to pursue the Bush Family Nazi "Skull and Bones" agenda that has turned the United States of American into a total dictatorship.

Reference: Obama, with the help of the TREASONOUS U.S. Congress, recently signed the TREASONOUS National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that permanently shredded the U.S. Constitution.

Obama or any future U.S. President can arrest American citizens on their own soil without due process of law or habeas corpus.

Obama also agreed to pave the way for a Jeb Bush presidency in the year 2016 aka the Bush Family stealing another election.

Stay tuned for future intelligence briefings, which will deal with the forthcoming resignation of U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Office of Naval Intelligence has fingered Hillary and her husband, Bill, in using State Department offices to engage in a massive, illegal Citibank money laundry aka oil derivatives with the Saudi Royal Family and none other than financial terrorist George Soros.

This involves the Clinton Foundation and a major hedge fund administered by their daughter Chelsea.

We will also present new information concerning Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney involving massive medicare fraud and the Mormon church.

Here is an early teaser, folks:


  1. ( 1 / 3 )Brandon Smith,Alt-Market (24Jan/12)
    -How to avoid voting for a globalist puppet- Only a few days ago I attended a community meeting here in the Flathead Valley of Montana which revolved around the first of a series of gubernatorial debates covered by webcast across th state. The number of Republican candidates vying in the primaries of this election, is a bit absurd, and after witnessing the half-hearted or outright fake performances by most of them, I can see quite clearly that the state of Montana, is being targeted by Neo-Con interests posing as Constitutionalists, in an attempt to neutralize the extraordinary advance of the Liberty Movement here. What struck me most sharply was the fact that almost every candidate vying for the governor’s slot, had taken on elements of the Liberty Movement philosophy. The elections of 2012 and the immense success of the Ron Paul campaign have so far proven without a doubt that the anti-globalist, anti-totalitarian, anti-collectivist stance, is now part of a growing majority in America. Just as we have forced Neo-Con candidates in the Presidential primaries to at least pretend that they care about freedom (quite a change from the Bush years), so too are Republican impostors forced to mimic us, in the battle for state offices.
    With so many political candidates now at the very least paying lip-service to the concepts of Constitutional freedoms, limited Federal influence, and State’s rights; it may become increasingly difficult for voters, to discern who is a snake-oil peddler, and who is the real deal. Many who supported the rise of the Tea Party (originally launched by Ron Paul back in 2007-2008), suddenly found their efforts for a free USA, being hijacked by establishment fakes in 2010. Out of nowhere, gutter dwelling pro-globalist imposters like Rick Santorum, could be found headlining forums at Constitutional rallies, and even veteran globalists like Newt Gingrich, have tried to jump on the bandwagon. The light at the end of the tunnel, though, is ironically visible in the destructive nature of these candidates.
    The NDAA, despite the inherent horror of its provisions, has been a spectacular litmus test for traitorous politicians. Self-styled liberty candidates like Allen West of Florida, winning with Tea Party support, have been exposed, because of their backing of the NDAA. Shockingly, West not only voted for the NDAA, but helped to COMPOSE the bill! Now, due to a growing public outcry over the rendition and indefinite detention provisions of the NDAA, legislators like West are scrambling to cover their own asses, by knowingly misinterpreting the bill’s language and denying it applies to American citizens: Three amendments to the NDAA were put forward by senators Udall, Paul, and Feinstein, specifically designed to ensure that American citizens would be protected from the draconian detainment provisions of the NDAA, and all 3 were struck down. Yet, Allen West & others continue to perpetuate the lie that Americans are safe from such tyranny.

  2. ,...( 2 / 3 )....
    Exposure after the fact is better than nothing, but these difficult days require more vigilance. How can the people of this country avoid making the mistake of voting for such disingenuous candidates, when they seem so adept at telling us what we want to hear, until they are comfortably in office? The key is to stop listening to what they SAY, and start looking closely at what they DO. We must ignore their rhetoric, their speeches written by proxy, and their bad jokes slapped together by hired staff, and begin examining their actions, and their backgrounds.
    Because the Liberty Movement has gained so much influence and so much voice over the past four years, it is time that we start setting some ground rules for political candidates we will accept, and those we will not accept, to represent us. We need to ask ourselves, and them, some very pointed questions...(...)

    The following is a list of warning signs that can help you, your family and your friends, no matter what their party affiliation, in determining if a favorite politician is a legitimate statesman or a puppet bought & paid for by global corporate interests …...(...) If Mitt Romney, for instance, is being backed by the exact same corporate financiers as Barack Obama, then one should be led to question whether or not there is absolutely any difference between them. Apparently, global banks don’t seem to think so, so why should you? If elitists refuse to spend a single penny on a specific candidate, then it is a sure bet that candidate is a threat to the status quo, and therefore, should be on the top of your list, as a potential representative.

    In the 2012 presidential elections, only one candidate is raising the majority of his funds from average citizens, instead of corporate backers. Only 1 candidate has received a majority support, from active serving military. Only 1 candidate has done all of this through grassroots methods, despite being relentlessly attacked or ignored by the mainstream media. Of course, I’m talking about Ron Paul.

    In the end, it will be difficult if not impossible to change this country in the midst of the current political climate. This means that the climate must evolve or be done away with, completely. I believe 2012 may be our last chance to establish a governmental environment conducive to freedom. If we fail to educate ourselves & others on the warning signs listed above, then political options will disappear. We will be left with no other choice but a violent and prolonged conflict with those who would demolish American Constitutionalism. Perhaps this is inevitable regardless of election results, but the fact remains that we must try every other available avenue first...

  3. '...( 3 / 3 ) ... I have never been a fan of politics, but I know that this is only because the system now in place, is constructed to discourage me, and everyone else, from trying to make a difference. Playing by the rules of the establishment system is useless, but there are other roads, we might take. We can, indeed, make our own rules and start a new game on more even ground; as long as we find the right candidates, cast off agents of distraction and, at the very least, attack the issues at a local level, with every ounce of strength we have.
    Putting a Constitutional candidate like Ron Paul into the Oval Office, though excitingly possible, will not be enough. We must also pursue the same standards in our states, and draw a line in the sand around our respective communities.

    Even with rigged electronic voting, media manipulation, and political co-option, I feel our efforts this year will resonate for many decades to come. Whether we are able to take back social power for regular citizens, is not as important as making them aware that THEY have allowed themselves to lose that power in the first place. The elections of 2012, ultimately, should be treated as a vehicle for enlightenment, and this enlightenment begins when we are able to recognize the lies we live, and the men who sell them to us… [contact Brandon Smith at:]
    Alt-Market is an organization designed to help you find like-minded activists and preppers in your local area, so that you can network and construct communities for mutual aid and defense. Join today and learn what it means to step away from the system and build something better.