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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Join Watch The Vote 2012


Mike O Smith writes this - we should all share this on our walls along with many of these vote fraud videos:

To all my friends and family this message to let all of you know that I am very mad at what's going on with our election system. What the News media and the people running for president are not telling you is that OUR ELECTIONS ARE RIGGED BECAUSE THERE IS NO WAY TO KNOW IF YOUR VOTE COUNTS! Computers are counting our votes and there is no check and balance system to make sure our votes count. Its time the people of America wake up to what is really going on. DO NOT JUST VOTE!!! DEMAND TO SEE AND BE A PART OF A HAND COUNT AT THE PRECINCT LEVEL SO YOU CAN KNOW YOUR VOTE COUNTS. DEMAND to see the results for each precinct on a State website showing the vote count for every precinct...........THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO HAVE A TRUE HONEST ELECTION. Please if you read this post this on your wall asking all your friends and family to do the same and come join watchthevote2012



Link to full article: http://www.bbvforums.org/forums/messages/8/81796.html
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1) Check that the number of people who vote does not exceed the number of people who attend the caucus;

2) Check that the number of votes counted does not exceed the number of people who voted;
3) Use your cell phone to capture a photo or video of the local caucus result, as evidence. It doesn't matter what you say happened; only a photo or video matters. Compare this with the state party's report of your local caucus report to make sure it's the same.
4) Make sure the state party promptly provides the result of each local caucus together with the total.
5) Check that the sum of all the local caucuses adds up to the total reported by the state party.
In Iowa, a little cooperation from the state committee, a reasonable amount of vigilance from the caucus attendees and the campaigns, and you've got a transparent process. Not so in New Hampshire, at least, as of this writing. Stay tuned.
Brad Friedman at Bradblog.com reports on some key procedures in the 2012 Iowa Republican caucus. At issue is just how transparent and public the process is, and whether there are any holes in the cheese. Fewer holes than 2008, it seems. A bit of diligence on the part of caucus participants will be needed. http://www.bradblog.com/?p=9023
There is also some consternation from concerned citizens about a recent Politico.com story, which reports that the Iowa statewide caucus counting will be moved to an undisclosed location, its author chiding those who question the transparency behind such a move as "conspiracy minded types."
To be clear about this, insisting on transparency is a necessary and patriotic element of running any public election, and ridiculing public citizens who examine transparency is kind of embarrassing. For the reporter. Not the citizens.
The truth is, the counting process, even if it is moved to a secret location, will not destroy transparency if the five steps above are followed.
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  1. WOW - thanks! It's not just to be "done in Iowa" but all Caucus states
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  6. I joined and am actively working for this group. It's a great group of people committed to restoring our republic and values our fathers and grandfathers and great grandfathers fought for in the last 100 years.

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