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Don't forget how to PLAY.<---- This is duplicating history and resettling our original jurisdiction.
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Directed Message to the Galactics ---- Greg Giles -- 'MAKE IT SO THIS WEEK'!

A reader's comment question to Greg Giles and his channeling messages ---

Hi John,

I usually do not make too many comments about articles that I read on here, but I have to point out 2 things today...

1. The Justice Roberts piece has been around at least 2 years or more. I have seen it many times. There has not been anything done by Roberts to O.  I believe Roberts is part of the problem.  As a matter of fact, I do not trust any supreme court judgey wudgeys.  The way these ahos are allowing our Constitution to be shredded and trashed should have every citizen on ALERT.....
2. Regarding Greg Giles .... I am very very aware, as per my observable intel, that:
    A. The haarp machine is still doing its dirt..
    B. I continue to see the chemtrail planes daily. The bastards are now getting ready to use these flying killing
        crop dusters to drop bio-weapons on us to kill us.... Where are all of Gregs little helpers?.... I would love to see
        one of his gigantic (so called) saucers shoot these pieces of c_ _ _  out of the sky.... I am personally challenging
        Greg.... (to coin an expression) "make it so this week".... I hope I am wrong and he is right, but I feel he is
        hopelessly lost in space....
My Best,


  1. I also would like to SEE PROOF that Greg And WE (whoever/wherever) are Protected as well. It difficult to see who's who....these days.

  2. Proof of what all of this Galatic stuff is for one thing so they can sell their stuff and after they con everyone they will write a book telling how they did it while making millions!

  3. I agree ,,, Make It So This Week
    Enough is Enough. Dis Spell all Negative smoking mirrors ,control groups ,,,in all Dimensions.

    The Light has Victory.

    See Clearly Your Time of Dis Information and Lie's is Over.
    So Be It.!!!

  4. What we really need NOW is mass fly overs of the mother ships in daylight to help wake more people up and to reaffirm for the awakened ones. This waiting game is very trying on everyone's patience and planting doubt in our minds.

  5. This week will soon be gone. I wish they would stop using words like "imminent, soon, now, close, finally, at last, etc etc. The federal reserve announced today that they are holding present rates thru 2014. Doesn't sound like they are going anywhere anytime soon. The federal reserve and their minions ( the dark cabal ) must be gone first and they are making plans for their future.

  6. Lot of words, no follow through. We know thoughts are things and we know the media tells us what to think because the shadow boys understand that we will create their desired agenda unaware. What is the agenda here and who's REALLY behind the Galactic story?

  7. Proof is nice, but don't ask for a UFO to shoot down a plane! *facepalm* , if those "chem-plane" are piloted, his/her life would be in danger, chances are the pilot is being lied to or he has no idea what he is spraying/doing because everything is so compartmentalize. There are other obvious reason why a UFO shouldn't shoot down a plane, use your common sense/heart before asking for something so destructive.

    Disclosure will happen - when? I do not know, I don't lose sleep over it ;) This year will be interesting to say the least :D

  8. What we have to do is get a grip on the mainstream media. They have to drop the propaganda and start reporting the truth. If they don't want to comply then they should be arrested, their equipment taken over by our earth allies so we can let the people that are still sleeping the truth.