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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Recently released FBI photos, videos, of 9-11 Pentagon aftermath (and is that the word "missile" I hear?)

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Recently released FBI photos, videos, of 9-11 Pentagon aftermath (and is that the word "missile" I hear?)
Posted By: AndiV
Date: Sunday, 29-Jan-2012 17:35:57

These photos and videos of the 9-11 Pentagon aftermath were released by the FBI in September of 2011. Some pieces of airplane debris are noted in close up.
The collection includes a video (apparently made by a member of the media) of the emergency response at the Pentagon. The reporter says a word that sounds like "missle" at least 3 times, sounding as if she is communicating with someone thru an earpiece. 


  1. It wasn't a middle quit telling lies to the public dr.judy wood already confirmed it was a directed energy weapon so please check your facts before u open your mouth

  2. For anon 4:08 I have read the report of the flight path of the missile and also the impact evidence. It was not a commercial airliner.

    Just because some dr. judy says so does not make it.

    And sonny - before you open your mouth suggest you do some homework.

  3. idiot's both of you. different issues. twin towers were energy beam weapons. pentagon was a missile, tower 7 tactical mini nukes.

  4. I've seen alot of stuff about that incident and from my own research, I can say without a doubt it wasn't a plane that hit the Pentagon, but a missle.

  5. Your all both very wrong where are you people getting your facts from. Dr. Judy wood is a genius scientist and a very prominent structural engineer. Not one scientist will go against her because they know she will cream they with hard evidence. Now missles at the pentagon might be true. But definetly a directed energy weapon on towers 1,2,and 7.

  6. why argue over how it was done? the only thing that matters is who did it...and we all know that don't we?

  7. It doesn't matter what hit the towers.
    The fact is it was NOT planes and they lied to us!
    Can we agree on that?

  8. we can all definely agree on that. anonymous