“The illusion of freedom will continue as long 
as it's profitable to continue the illusion.
At the point where the illusion becomes too 
expensive to maintain, they will just take 
down the scenery, they will pull back the 
curtains, they will move the tables and chairs 
out of the way and you will see 
the brick wall at the back of the theater.” 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


A political action committee which believes Barack Obama is not legally qualified for U.S. president plans a live broadcast of tomorrow’s hotly anticipated court hearing in Atlanta regarding Obama’s eligibility.
The Article II Super PAC says it will provide uncensored, gavel-to-gavel video coverage of the event beginning at 9 a.m. Eastern at this online address.
Based in Simi Valley, Calif., the PAC says it decided to act out of a sense of frustration, since most national news outlets have been ignoring the constitutional mandate that presidents be a “natural-born citizen,” which the PAC maintains is a person who is a child of two U.S. citizen parents.
“The PAC saw the need to do this last month, because of the often incomplete and biased coverage of this issue by mainstream news media and recently received permission from the court,” said director Helen Tansey, who will personally manage on-site efforts.
“After the office of the president of the United States was usurped by a dual-citizen candidate in 2008, the nation was awakened to the realization that the U.S. Constitution, in particular Article II and presidential eligibility, no longer matters to our elected representatives and the mainstream media,” the PAC says on its website.
“Efforts for redress against this attack on the U.S. Constitution ranging from lawsuits to merely seeking the truth as to how it could happen were met with lies, obfuscation and even ridicule. With a complicit media ignoring all calls for honest reporting on the issue, Americans harnessed the Internet and the new technologies of the 21st century to join in a communications revolution bypassing the media and bringing to life the ideals of our Founding Fathers.”
The PAC says its overall goal is to “ensure that citizens and elected officials clearly understand Article II and the definitive meaning intended by the United States of America’s Founding Fathers of ‘NATURAL BORN CITIZEN,’ thereby working to create a legally binding vetting apparatus which will ensure all presidential and vice-presidential candidates are constitutionally eligible in 2012 and future elections.
“We are raising the needed resources to develop materials, to promote our message across the country, assisting with key state ballot challenges, continuing to assemble our legal team which include the brightest constitutional and elections law experts and so much more.”
The PAC has even produced a brief video stating its concerns:
WND reported Friday on the stunning decision from Judge Michael M. Malihi, who refused a demand from Obama’s lawyer to quash the subpoena for Thursday.
WND had reported earlier when Obama outlined a defense strategy for a number of state-level challenges to his candidacy in 2012 which argue that states have nothing to do with the eligibility of presidential candidates. Such challenges have been raised in New Hampshire, Arizona, Illinois and several other states.
“Presidential electors and Congress, not the state of Georgia, hold the constitutional responsibility for determining the qualifications of presidential candidates,” Obama’s lawyer argued in a motion to quash a subpoena for him to appear at the hearings in Atlanta Jan. 26.
“The election of President Obama by the presidential electors, confirmed by Congress, makes the documents and testimony sought by plaintiff irrelevant,” the lawyer said.



  2. People, please read the Constitution. It clearly states the a natural born citizen is one born to at least one natural born American citizen. It doesn't matter where the president was born. We need to get behind the American people's choice and make some rules that work for everyone. In this country the majority rules. That is what I spent 20 yrs in the military protecting. If the president hasn't done his job the election will be the determination...We are ONE humanity...

  3. Your wrong. The Constitution states that BOTH parents are to be natural born citizens to the would be president. This man has spent over 1.5 million just to keep his personal documents concelled. Obama has not did his job. He has raped the wealth of Americans at the tune of 6.5 trillion dollars in three years time. The birth certificate is fraudulant. The man is a hoax and a product of New World Order!

    1. As are Newter, Mittens and INsantorum....they take their orders from the same puppet master as BO.....Dr. Paul is the only one who is NOT and CAN NOT be bought off.....all the others have and will continue down the same road.....time to wake up America.....JOIN THE REVOLUTION AND VOTE RON PAUL IN 2012...HE IS THE ONLY ONE STANDING WITH WE THE PEOPLE!!!

  4. Actually the Constitution doesn't say anything but you have to be a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN....it is through several court decisions and Vattel's Law of Nations that we understand what the founders meant this to be and it is the person in the White House must have been born to two US citizens and that person must also have been born on US soil.....thus the natural born citizen clause in the constitution means BO is NOT eligible to be on any of the ballots for PREZ.....ROMNEY and SANTORUM must be checked into also as they say their parents were immigrants!

  5. The Constitution does not define the phrase natural-born citizen, and various opinions have been offered over time regarding its precise meaning. The Congressional Research Service has stated that the weight of scholarly legal and historical opinion indicates that the term means one who is entitled under the Constitution or laws of the United States to U.S. citizenship "at birth" or "by birth," including any child born "in" the United States (other than to foreign diplomats serving their country), the children of United States citizens born abroad, and those born abroad of one citizen parent who has met U.S. residency requirements.[1]

    The Naturalization Act of 1790 stated that "the children of citizens of the United States that may be born beyond Sea, or out of the limits of the United States, shall be considered as natural born Citizens". This act was superseded by the Naturalization Act of 1795, which did not mention the phrase "natural born citizen".