Monday, August 26, 2013

8-26-2013 DINAR INTEL

8-26-2013   Bluwolf  
 Many now are afraid thinking that if we go into war with Syria, Iran, Egypt, affecting Israel that this rv will be halted well let it be known that before any war is to be in this region before it occurs we shall see this international release, the US knows it and so does the rest of the world. So lets just relax for we are only inches from the finish line. Notice that all this future war commotion only puts on the pressure so that this rv comes into existence promptly.

8-26-2013    Tony 
   I talked to a guy with a billion dinar last night and he talked about negotiating for a rate. He said he thought $20 was a good rate and I said  it's already $23.50.  I'm not saying that's it, but that's what they're looking at, been that way for over a week but we don't know the final number.  Could it  fall back down to 3.44?   Yes.  [Rate on VND?Yesterday the dong was $3.68.  Could it happen today? Absolutely because bigger things are scheduled to happen tomorrow.  We are closer and closer to the reality of this happening and I'm still looking for today.

8-26-2013   Tony  
 We are still in a good place.  This a.m all the people are at the call centers waiting for you to call them.  The cash out people were not called in this morning but they only need 30 minutes notice.  The RV was supposed to have already happened.  Could it go today? Yes. The next hour?  Yes, I think it could.  Two things scheduled for tomorrow are dependent on the RV to happen first.  What is to happen tomorrow is an historic event and all this will be over. Unless someone tells me those agreements for Tuesday are changed it should happen.   Other countries think the USA is  playing games. They are ready to go and hearing we are still negotiating a higher rate among other things.

8-26-2013  Loechin   ...we are there guys. I don't know the day but I know it can happen any second. 


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POOF!! or BOOOMM! or what else nothing will happen except deception again and again it's our punishing, to be alive and trying to survive.

Anonymous said...

Why the hell do you think ANY OF US should believe this sh[t?

Anonymous said...

The dollar is up this morning in anticipation of war in Syria and will continue to climb. The dinar is doomed. War will infiltrate Iraq and Iran. The dollar is still king. Sorry gurus!

Anonymous said...

All this talk of millions and Visions of Grandeur is blocking our good judgment people! This is how propaganda is used to control the masses. The Cabal has been pushing this RV in an attempt to cancel their debt to society and start a war because that is what has always worked in the past.

Truth is that only [8] countries out of 195 are still under the Cabal's control and that doesn't reflect any type of solidarity! You can't RV the world's financial system with only eight countries under your control!

These Guru's are either very smart or very dumb and I don't plan to believe anything they have to say. Just look at their track record...there is NONE! Go figure?