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When John Machaffie was alive, Google screwed him out of money he earned through Google Analyctics.

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So, here is the link to the new blog I am working on. It is held on my server.

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Conference calls tonight: Enjoy~!

Conference calls tonight: Enjoy~!

(*) Carol Davis - NESARA based: WED/THURS ONLY! - 8:45 PM EDT
      218-936-4141,  pin 200100 
      Replay # 4143

(*) The GET Team Conference Call: WED - 9PM EDT
       (760)569-7676 Pin 502511# for Q & A
       Listen on "FLASH PHONE" click on link
       Then click Dial in with Flash phone ICON, Then click find number choose
760 569 7676
       Then enter access code without the # enter your name click on Place Call

(*)  Phoenix3333: SUN/MON/WED/FRI - 8:00PM EDT
        (424) 675-8248 or (347)202-0431
        or Click Here to Listen Online at Blog Talk Radio

(*)  MidWest & MoJo
        New Truth Matrix CCall
        M/W/F  Time: 9-11p edt
        Free Conferencing.Com: 1-530-881-1300 Pin 446907#
       Recorded Access: 530-881-1399
(*) Willie & Captain's The Real Truth Call: MON - FRI - 9pm EDT
       559-726-1300, P: 741306# ; "(You) Stocks & Commodities - Birth
Certificates, & Social Security"
       ARCHIVES -
        Latest Replay: 559-726-1399  CODE: 741306#
       New Site:
, use the flash phone, or even Skype at
freeconferencecallhd.5597261300 ; type the code 741306# onto the dial pad).

(*)  ALABAMA: Dinar & open discussion: MWF 9:00 PM EDT
       Call 559-726-1300 PIN: 364876#
       skype:freeconferencecallhd.8053991000 or

(*) BATMAN Dinar and open discussion: NIGHTLY - 9:00 PM EDT
      Call (559) 726-1300...PIN: 624765#
      skype:freeconferencecallhd.5597261300 or

(*) Mon, Wed & Fridays 7pm ET
      Prayer Calls Pastor ED
      (530)881-1400 Pin 406878#
      Latest Replay (530)881-1499 Pin 406878#

(*) TNT Dinar w/ Tony
      MWF 1p edt
      559-726-1300, P 409029#; Replay : -1399      
ALL RECORDED CALLS & Videos:  Bookmark!

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