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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Generals64/Studley Group info

idk someone said in all it says its coming soon

[3:48:22 PM] marinemomcee: What’s your Plan?

So you survived another week of the” it’s done” and “no more broke weekend” talks. Well nothing is done until you have your exchange appointment. Still others are chasing the daily “this is happening” and “my source tells me this”. We must change our thinking from speculators anticipating someone to tell us what step is happening next. When this is over are you still going to just sit there and wait for others to tell you what to believe or do next? 

Yes, we live in a country where all ideas and opinions are welcome, but let’s start using a little discernment in the information we presuppose as truths without vetting them. Are we being misled and becoming a part of the problem? This is where we make a stand and pick the side we chose to be on – part of the solution or just another part of the problem. Negativity begets negativity; while positive attitudes are infectious and help others. Stop and think - if you just found out today about this opportunity, what would you want to hear from those trying to help you? (Mistruths or Facts)

The Generals64/Studley Group has been at this for some time now and is still as unswerving as ever in our commitment to this endeavor. We are committed to the people we started the group for – family and friends. While the leaders do not spend time on boards and forums we are ever vigilant of the ongoing talking points being pushed within the dinar community. No accomplished business person gets into just anything without knowing their subject matter and keeping updated about it.  Know that the people behind this are some of the best in their perspective fields.

As with any project there is a melioration of rules and events. Your group leaders are is constant communication on a regular basis to work out those issues for the betterment of you, the recipient of our hard work. While we asked for what we perceived to be in the best interest of the group, we do not make the rules. Like you we must follow those same rules. As with anything, no one size will fit all and you cannot make everyone happy. As business professionals we understand this fact, it is those that are appreciative for having the door opened this group works for.

With that comes the work on your part, we cannot do everything for you but we have made it as easy as possible. If you or any of your family members will be wanting to be a part of the group you will need them to sign up at the following linkhttp://www.generals64.info click the “subscribe to our newsletter”. This will be the only way to get the email for the private equity exchange. While there is a lot of information out there: stating it will be posted here and there and you can forward to your family and their friends is just not the case at this point. Things change and so must we adapt if we are to see this thru to completion. 

We have done our part, now you must do yours and help those that you introduced to this opportunity. With many hands (yours) this will make light work of the task at hand.

Generals, KCMANA, WileyMorgan, 4THtime


  1. Please what is 800 # to add email for group exchange, our email is rnrforever@hotmail.com

  2. I too would like to get the link to Generals64 group email. Please advise

  3. generals64 group link

  4. We changed our phone number, but the email is the same... how do I make an update for the 800# call? thanks

  5. I joined the generals64 group in August, 2013 which shows in my email sent by 64. I need to check to see if I am still with this group? If I will be receiving an email with the email address.

    1. I joined in August 2013 and received one e-mail and nothing more. I have the same question, am I In the group?

  6. I joined the group in August 2013..... last e-mail was on August 26 2013..... As it was explained in the e-mail they communicate quarterly but I have not received any other communication ... How will I know if I am in the bank group????

    1. Dear Generals64/Studley Bank Group,
      The only-mail I had it was on Oct, 2, 2013. hope, I am still on your list. My phone # has been change, but email address is the same.
      Please, let me know ho to contact to you

  7. How can you get rid of Obama & the Cabal - Why hasn't Bush Sr been arrested??? You obviously know the is the cabal leader.

    Isn't Obama a light Worker ??? If so why would they allow him to continue ???

  8. They have Obama's clone, not the real one

  9. You told us the IRS was gone December 23rd, 2013. Never happened.Now this Republic. What are we to believe. I wish it were so, but where is the proof. Why don't we hear about it from other sources ??

  10. I found EBN on the computer, but not on TV. 5 PM Mountain Time (7PM EST) - No General Ham was shown or scheduled - All BS

  11. Please accept our condolences. We are all saddened by Johns departure. Our love goes out to your family.