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DISTRESS YOUR HELP NEEDED (John would still want this message posted for his good friend Lynda,

and she needs $225.00 by the 25th so please help with some amount if you are able to. God Bless)

Lynda is a good friend and soul mate helping us getting the word out.

She is one of my intelligence gathering ladies.

She is a 65 yr light worker who has always helping others.

She has been evicted out of her home in GA.

Lynda has been Homeless and she is disabled stuck in a motel since Oct 7, 2014 .

Unable to pay all her bills as she is on disability. She needs help desperately.

People have been stepping up helping her but they can’t help no more due to the economy.

She will need money for food and motel bill.

If you can help please do a PayPal

Lynda’s phone number is 404 977 3322. Give her a call.

Any amount will do small or large until the RV is here when funds start flowing.

I have a large donation for her after the RV and global reset.

Until then the Bad Hombres are blocking our blessings.

Let’s continue to show the world what big hearts you have.

Referred by John Machaffie – a good friend

Tuesday, August 27, 2013



Graphically archived with videos HERE.

 While the U.S. media was honoring the 50th Anniversary
    of Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’ speech yesterday,
    the world was watching in horror as the ‘American Dream’,
    the heart of King’s ‘Dream’, was being covertly sabotaged
    by a massive U.S media news blackout on U.S. deception
   re: covert U.S. involvement with chemical warfare in Syria,
  a false flag to rally support for war as may involve Russia
    and China in a World War prelude to a New World Order.

  While most American celebrate the last days of summer
before Labor Day holiday, the banksters and war cabal
  is orchestrating their solution to economic chaos and the
  mass up-wising / uprising of people for liberty worldwide.

Rarely does mainstream corporate news represent the
highest and best purpose of journalism… to represent
 our well-informed choice for ‘consent of the governed’.

What better way to divert public attention from the U.S.
  government’s recently exposed domestic spy program
than another war that 91% of Americans do not want?

As for Internet news, while it is still available:


Monday’s speech by Skull and Bones member and current Secretary of State,
 John Kerry, set the stage for attack, and corporate media is now reporting the

  attack may arrive ThursdaySee the full article HERE:

See the video from this article HERE.

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