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Friday, August 16, 2013



     Thomas Edison made two comments on inventing. One is well known, "Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration." The other comment is less known. Put a pile of junk before anyone and they have what is needed to become an inventor!
     Back in 1979 I took my wife's 1976 Chevy Monza which was good for around 18 1/2 miles per gallon, tinkered with the motor a bit, and got it up to 94 miles per gallon in a publicly witnessed test in Seneca, SC . One of the witnesses owned a Shell Oil Gas Station which was the starting point and ending point for this test. He helped me check out the motor and how much gas used at the end of the test drive after the test to make official the results. By coincidence, in those days this Shell Station carried Shell Oil pamphets telling of their experiments where they got very high gas mileage on test cars. Separately much later, I got a book written by engineers for Shell Oil over in Europe where they had experimented with American and European cars and got powerful gas mileage on them including one car was over 250 miles per gallon going at 30 miles per hour or faster for the official test on a standard test track.
     Word got out fast about this test. I afterwards was contacted by one friend who received a phone call to tell me to stop my research work on high gas mileage or else I would be legally framed. Separately I received a murder threat to stop my research work or else! I had an engineering supervisor working with me and we had tested hundreds of standard cars with improvements in gas mileage after minor modifications to the various brands of car engines. Pretty soon we had figured out the trends what should work on cars or not to modify them for obvious increases in gas mileage. My position had been since the car engines poorly used the laws of physics correctly, there was plenty of room for improvements with minor to major modifications to existing car engines. At one point our wives got nervous and begged us to stop this research work as they feared they would end up widows otherwise after we got murdered by the oil cartel. After experimenting with many cars, I had an unorthodox hunch and used a very simple approach to modify my wife's car. The modification tactic only cost a few dollars in supplies and minor adjustments in the car engine. With this it went from 18 1/2 miles per gallon up to 94 miles per gallon which surprised even me that it would be that high. I was looking for a likely gas mileage increase up to around 50 miles per gallon on the tested 1976 Chevy Monza we were testing in 1979. In a report I am now making available to the public, I tell the tactics used to increase the gas mileage from 18 1/2 to 94 miles per gallon and we drove at standard speeds on public highways for this test drive in South Carolina. Anyone could have used the supplies we did and the method of modification of the engine performance that we used. Anyone remembering their high school physics might recognize the laws of physics I was using to achieve this 94 miles per gallon in the official test drive. My own wife rode with me and was stunned when she realized how far we had driven at standard speeds and had used nearly no gasoline at all for all this lengthy driving. She was amazed when I showed her the math and we had just driven standard highways at standard speeds at 94 miles per gallon as confirmed by the gas station owner when he checked our mileage reading and amount of gas used to refuel the gas tank which was only .8 gallons of Shell Oil gasoline used for the trip. I let him inspect the engine and he spotted how we had modified the car engine to achieve this.
     Until someone buys out my technology from me for $15 million, I am briefly letting the public see how I did this in a report I wrote on this and copyrighted in 1979. It was "94 Miles Per Gallon & Gasohol." The moment I sell this technology to any source in the world, this report is withdrawn as an offer and likely will never be available to the public again.The wording in the report covers technical things but in words and examples pretty much anyone can read and judge that they see what I did with a simple modification of the car engine tested. If some dynamic business owner like the owner of Amazon.com or PayPal would want to pick up this technology, once paid, I would give them my one thought with one addition to my system of 1979 I had never used with it, it would likely be able to modify standard cars even up to 150 miles per gallon, 200 miles per gallon, or maybe up to 250 miles per gallon with size and weight of car also factors in gas mileage potential. They could either start a line of cars taking over the main car market in the world or else have auto modification centers converting standard cars into super cars and these auto centers maybe set up all over the world. Or if the oil cartel wants to buy out my technology including the one super angle that I never showed to the public but know that it would work, they can do with it whatever they want including shelving this if that is what they want to do with it. My Vatican endorsed food process is my reason for being willing to sell this technology including the angle that would make it a natural to patent nationally or worldwide as I would legally transfer all rights to patent it to any source buying me out on this technology including the improved modification angle I now have for it I did not have in 1979. However, if any source is buying me out to use it for a car line or car modification business, I also want 1% royalty on net profits per year before taxes on whatever profit is realized from it nationally or worldwide. If shelved, no royalty required. 
     If I have now $15 million spare cash on hand, $1 million goes into my own 15% club which has been doing good enough since January, 2013 to pay me 15% on it monthly per the terms of the club on my website. Some will go into real estate holdings backing my business drive for the establishment of my father's Vatican endorsed food process as a world food industry to be headquartered in America, some will go to help push my Omni Law Drive and I will be paid like any other backer in the Omni Law Loan Program also listed on my website. Some money will be held back and some will quietly back some other technology I have which can establish additional world industries headquartered in America.
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    We are going to win because we have too much good technology others do not and our technology will prove more powerful than the vast wealth of those now secretly controlling America through their harlot front called Wash., D.C.!
     Yours For God And Country, Erasmus Of America (pen name for the American who was born with a lot of common sense in technical matters like his father who knew how to do what the engineers did not know how to do! I am on the side of the American people! That is why we hold too many aces and will therefore win in America because of our trade secret technology, not the power elite!)