Monday, August 12, 2013

Neil Keenan and Count Albert Chiang


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Picture: Keenan & Chiang July 2013. Global Collateral Accounts $93 quadrillion.

Picture: M.L.King - I have a dream. B.Obama - I have a drone. 


Anonymous said...

please deposit that in account #0u812

Anonymous said...

Can someone please explain how Keenan is going to release all this money. Then when you are done in explaining that, please explain what good it will do when we are all billionaires and nobody works, that is apart from a loaf of bread costing $1000. This whole thing of how Keenan is going to free the world is totally idiotic. Here is a clown that knows nothing of economics, even less about the global accounts and what they are and what they do, and he is going to free us all from the clutches of the dreaded cabal. Why not simply fix the underlying cause of the problem? Clean up banking and make it operate as it should. Keenan is a nut case and just as silly as those who listen to him.