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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The End of Civil Rights in America? Please join us!

From: legal_reality
Subj: Fwd: 9/6/13 Symposium: The End of Civil Rights in America? Please join us!
21 August A.D. 2013

Absolutely fascinating topic, and the contact information is left in order that those genuinely interested in more information or attending may obtain that information.

This author, clearly, is not an invited speaker to this symposium.  The presentation by this author wouldn't take that long, at least the summary part of it, which would go something like this.  We still have all the religious freedom we've ever had.  But, we also are dealing with a "Beast" system that has grown very accomplished in the ways of setting up "gotcha agreements" by which rights are waived left and right.

Thus, that which is marketed as a clamping down on the right to "freedom of religion" isn't that at all, but rather is an expanded application of seducing us to exercise our "right (not) to contract" in such a way as to enter that "gotcha agreement," the result of which is a marked decrease in the practice or expression of certain "religious" concepts.

This is circulated to point out the application of the subtlety on which Legal Reality has operated from the beginning:  there's a direct connection between the Law of YAHUWAH [God] and the "law of man."  The proof of our getting sideways under the Law of YAHUWAH is proved by the increased insanity and tyranny found in the "law of man."  The farther away from YAHUWAH's Standards we may have a habit of getting and staying, the more powerful the "Beast" system (raised up by YAHUWAH to be an iron rod of correction in His hand) will be, i.e., the more insane and tyrannical the "law of man" to which we will be made subject.  It'd be interesting to know how much of that will addressed head-on at this theology-school-law-school jointly presented symposium.

Harmon L. Taylor
Legal Reality
Dallas, Texas

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9/6/13 Symposium: The End of Civil Rights in America? Please join us!
Wed, 21 Aug 2013 10:21:42 -0500
SMU Dedman School of Law <>
SMU Dedman School of Law <>

[FYI, SMU is located in Dallas, Texas]

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