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T - this is an exceptional day and by the end of the call we'll be happy!

T - there is no "VIP" list - peeps keeps sending me emails about this. There are no VIP Members. A couple of people sent $100 or more, so those people I invited to have a little private time in Vegas because of that. That's it. There is no list to put you on.

T - a lot of people are saying something about TNTDinar, Tony and Ray. Our info is similar, no worries. I do believe Okie is being used. I don't care where MtnGoat is located. She is putting out details from similar sources is all I care about. Your business is yours and your money is yours. Listen to everybody and then see what really happens in the news 203 days later. I think you're adult enough to handle it and sort it out.

T - Let's talk about what's going on today. Yesterday in my TNT Blast I told you there was a bank that had VND at $99. This morning we confirmed that. They're in Columbus, OH. There's another bank (Austin, TX) with VND at $115. These are all banks going by the bank rates, which tells us something is wrong. Even tho we were told the system is finished and we're waiting on the authorization, something is wrong. Re-read Mtn Goat's explanation about the train going down the tracks. Apparently something is wrong and the wrong rates are posting.

T - there are multiple countries that have come here to help us get this done. Either they're coming to help or coming to make sure we're not manipulating the rates.

T - as this morning 15-20 minutes, our favorite people were called in again. They tried again last night and it still wasn't 100%. Will they keep trying? Yes, until they get it right. It's back to a techinical issue we didn't know about. We don't know when it'll be fixed but they are prepared for it again (people at the called centers, banks, etc.).

T - BANK STORY: our guy with the $115 VND called me. His banker showed him the list of currencies changing. The banker was frustrated about the IQN. The banks aren't doing without somebody telling them to do it. Somebody is saying they're trying to get this done now. If they were going to wait until Jan or April, they wouldn't have been training all their people and calling them in everyday to work.

T - We talk to Iraq everyday and they're saying they don't understand why we're not seeing it here. Contractors have the current 3.44 revalued rate. But it seems a couple of gurus are finding the one or 2 people who don't have loaded cards.

T - once again we are at the point where we are waiting for them to fix them. The rates have been agreed upon and we are waiting to hear the present rates today.

T - issue with the system; we heard from DC that's the issue (rates not populating correctly). We know that's the case. We have guys watching 4X "live" and in the middle of the night the countries are pinging all night long, when normally they'll get 1-2 pings nightly.


Q - When you hear the RV is live, what info will we get in the Blast? A - I'll do a call and give you the info I have, then we'll schedule time to get to banks ASAP. Then I'll talk to banks about rates, standard rates, group rates, etc. I'll give you guys the levels for WF (even if they won't); I will give you the best rate I got at the bank so you'll know what to expect. Then I expect you guys to come in here and help each other.

Q - stated if not done by today, IMF would step in? A - they are trying to figure it out today.

Q - do you see anything to stop it this week or today? A - I've explained the issue and what they're trying to complete.

Q - we have a new category on our Forum: TNT GLobal for international members.

Q - can we still negotiate a higher rate on the VND? A - yes, if you know the higher rate I believe you can negotiate.

Q - where are we? A - already told you where we are at. We're done and the system is runinng. The issue is going out to each branch.

Q - UST telling the banks the rates? T - yes, they are the final authority. They have given the rates and there are no holds on them, but they are waiting for the authorization codes to do the actual transactions.

Q - can Canadian holders CE in the USA? T - they don't ask for your citizenship at the banks.

T - WF or any other banks should not require Proof of Purchase at CE. I don't know about other countries' rates. We probably won't know until it's "live" unless you can contact a banker there.

T - people at WF with the groups say you can only use their rate once, including your reserves.

Q - level of truth that IMF will push the RV if we don't RV? A - the only thing stopping it is they're trying to figure out how they can push the button.

Q -how confident are you we'll see the RV soon? A - I'm not because we should have seen this by now.

Q - who won, the USA or World? A - they've agree with the USA rate 5X now and we still haven't produced. How long can that go on until they decide they want it revalued?

T - Regarding the VND, they've found more gold in VN than has been found in the past 1,000 years. Now they can use it.

T - the real world is that B3 is based on real assets; not based on a belief system created by man (Bernie Madoff story). Our banking system and currency has been about a belief system. That's what's happening with B3, as long as we believe that Fort Knox full of gold we are ok.


C - regarding the 30 days, could all of these delays the USA is causing affect that? T - no, it's not about a date, it's about a limitaton on the CE, i.e., 30 days to prevent smuggling.

C - is there a method to their madness? There def is a glitch with the VND rates all over the board. But we're near the 45-day window of being asset backed. A - my understanding is that they are trying to get us more money. It was 3.44 and now it's looking at $14-15. O is trying to do something for us, not against us. That is why Poppy3's email frustrates me because O is working for us, not against us.

C - What's the latest rate you've heard on the VND? T - over $3.

C - we know this can't drag on forever. If you had to bet on it, when is the latest you'd think we would RV? T - they could drag it on forever; now that the Iraqis have money things have calmed down; I liked that pressure point. Now it's more political, even tho they've agreed 4-5 times on the rates. But the longer we wait the higher the rates go. They're saying everything is done. 4-5 countries have sent in their people to help either fix the problem or observing to make sure we're not doing anything wrong.

C - has your WF bank actually stated they have MCA? T - yes, go to their website and search for MCA (multi-currency accounts). They are mainly for businesses but they're going to make that available for individuals. The branches will say they don't have MCA, but the website does.

C - do you believe the IQD is truly gold-backed and, if so, when we depost it separately into a NIB account, will it be protected on Oct. 8? T - I was told out of DC to put VND and IQD in two separate accts . Let's say we have $ in regular acct and money into a TAG acct and you have $100k in both accts. so people are saying that on Oct 8 your TAG will say $100K and you other will go down to 70K ? Is that the fear-mongering? That's nonsense.

T - people aren't fully explaining a lot of things to you. They're not explaining this to the whole country, the whole world, etc., much less to you and me (dinar holders). Markets would crash. It just doesn't make sense to me.

C - I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but do you think the Cabal/Illuminati is keeping this from happening so they won't be exposed as to what they've done to Native Americans and people of color? T - the Cabal already owns a portion of every central bank in almost every country. They don't need to just target us. This is going on to help us. A lot happened at the Vatican and that is what they're trying to straighten up. I don't see them just targeting us.

C - are we the last country holding up the RV? T - yes, this is true. Regarding some cashing out in India at 3.44, we have not heard that and can't collaborate. They are all waiting - it has to be the GCR, which can't happen until the RV happens.

C - are they waiting until Sept. 1 when the UN Operational Rates change? T - no, they're attempting it everyday.

T - they are bringing in people today (we are close to the time). They are being directed to bring their people in because they are trying to get it done again today.

C - Explain the difference between the IQD and IQN? T - the IQD is the 3-zero notes. The IQN is the new currency (lower denoms).

C - How long will the people coming here to help stay here until they decide to move it? T - they are trying both methods right now and they first one to succeed wins. That is motivating the USA to get it done first so we get the higher rate.

C - there are no last-minute negotiations? T - I can't say that, but both teams are trying to figure it.

C - do you know anything about the new law supposedly in place about changing the IQD into other currency? T - need to check out this. Don't know anything definitive.

C - have you heard that the rate for the IQD is above $30 (street rate)? T - not the street rate. Anything is possible. I've heard some outlandish numbers yesterday and don't see how that is possible. But the #'s I do know are double-digits (high) that are reasonable and make sense to me. When we go into the 20's, that's possible. Could they go above that? Don't know.

C - Would the rates in Canada be close to the USA rates? T - I've heard nothing about Canadian rates. They might not want to set the rate that high for their economy. We're setting it high for our country, our debt ceiling, our economy. Our country has to produce the USD for this exchange, not Iraq.

C - I'm concerned about CE the VND until the FRN and UST transition is complete. T - I don't think anything is going to happen. You're going to trade one reserve note for one treasury note. It's a 1-to-1 match. The price won't change in the store when you switch from FRN to UST. It will take the same of each to purchase a loaf of bread.

C - how will the exchange help us? T - it will help create a 2-class society until the USD comes back up. Our buying and investments will help bring it back up. It's a process that we have to go thru.

C - Are USB and CitiBank included in the CE? T - Don't know but they've added more M&P banks. We know BoA, City, Chase, WF, 5/3, BB&T for sure are involved.

C - Most people don't understand the UST vs. FRN. T - they're trying to confuse people by saying the UST is worth more than the FRN. This is August and all we've seen so far is the $100 note. If it's going to happen in Oct when will they tell us details?

C - when will your sources tell you we have an RV? T - I'll be getting calls before it happens, "get ready", "it's really happening.

C - we won't know anything, so we'll be waiting for you. T - I don't give you everytime I get a call. They do have time frames set up, sometimes it's a 12-hour timeframe sometimes it's a 2-hour timeframe. Then they call and say "it's over, we tried but it didn't work."

C - I'm concerned with the wire because I owe over $500K to pay off my reserves [conversation about how you can owe over $500K and not have paid at least 5%]. T - you might have to send 2 wires to keep it under the bank's threshold of $500K.

C - Are we still in a belief-system? I thought our new B3 backing is asset-backed. T - before there was currency, people bartered things they could physically touch and see (silver and gold). We placed a value on gold and silver because of what it could be used for. Now we have a piece of paper replacing that bar of gold so we don't have to carry around that bar of gold. And when you give that piece of paper to someone that gold now belongs to them. No one went to Fort Knox to see the gold. Well NOW we've gone BACK to the gold standard, but it's still a belief system that unless I have that physical gold in my hand I'm trusting that the gold is there behind it.

T - There had to be a system to put this together. It's all digits on a computer screen. No one is going to walk out of a bank with millions of dollars. You're never going to see your money - it's all digital. We've changed the belief system back to the way it was supposed to be (asset-backed). The reset is a way for us to return to asset-backed currency.

C - I'm going to CE with Sterling. If you can exchange for Canadian or the Yuan and wire it to an MCA at WF, there should not be a tax issue, right? T - When you do your tax return you will be asked if you have any MCA? It's not taxable until it becomes USD.

C - have you heard if O is supposed to make a speech today? T - haven't heard about that.

C - heard anything about dealers getting 2 notices and when they get the 3rd notice they have to change their rates? T - haven't heard anything about that.

C - If was running these banks, with all the dry runs I'd tell the PTB to put up or shut up. If I'm going to bank-shop, will these banks tell me their rates before I make an appointment? T - yes, I think they will tell you their current rate, or go to their websites for the base rates. Start from there.

T - everybody is frustrated. Call centers, tellers, etc. are tired of being on standby and not getting to do anything. These are full-time employees, not partimers or temp employees.

T - We can't be until Christmas getting this done. The other countries are saying "you're the USA and you can't do this?" Let us see what you're doing so we know it's not what you're doing on purpose.

C - do you think this will go into September? T - no, they don't want it to go that far. They're not lying to us because they're telling the rest of the world it's not us. It's not about us not having political power or having the money, etc. If they didn't want us to have it he could sign it into law to stop it.

T - I don't get mad if someone else finds out something before me. I don't have a problem with that. I go and check it out with my resources. I can't say others are wrong because I'm not hearing it. I don't know everything - I just know what I know. Okie is flying the plane - I'm driving the train.

C - regarding the VND being different prices at different banks - those are the old rates. What about the new rates? T - the new rate is consistent at the back screens but the teller screens are inconsistent. Shouldn't be 3 different rates, 3 different systems. Haven't checked other currencies.

[FLPatriot59] C - I was told by a banker to put the IQD in a NIB account to protect it should something occur before the Oct. 8. [CALLER IS EDUCATING TONY WITH 3 SCENARIOS ABOUT THE UST, FRN, NIB ACCOUNTS, ETC.]

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