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And the SPIRIT of GOD moved over me, then came the WORD of GOD, then thereupon the TIME on the CLOCK read, "2:29 am" and GOD wrote the following:

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Please hear my plea for you to declare your covenant, I am the doorstep, I am the stumbling block.

And then the SPIRIT of GOD moved over me, then came the WORD of GOD, then thereupon the TIME on the CLOCK read, "2:42 am" and GOD wrote the following:

Friday, April 1, 2016

“May Day! May Day!” – ALERT! –

USA v. Shrout
Criminal Case Oregon District Court, Case No. 3:15-cr-00438
District Judge Robert E. Jones, presiding
In a Talkshoe Recording on Thursday March 29, Mr. Shrout reveals ‘soft disclosures’ and talks about the ongoing Criminal Case in which he is involved. http://mainerepublicemailalert.com/2016/03/28/re-winston-shrout-indictment/
In the past I worked in the Office Of International Treasury Control, an opportunity given to me by the DOJ, and have International Immunity under United Nations Treaties.
The IRS came on shore as a Delaware Corporation back in 1934 or 35 and was immediately purchased by an attorney firm which then incorporated the Delaware Corporation. Eventually the IRS ended up in a holding company known as the Northern Trust Company which also owns the Bar Associations. Basically, the IRS and Bar are essentially the same entity, for all intents and purposes.
We’re in for a major change in government here. Actually the government has already changed, they just haven’t announced it.
You can bring all of the Indictments you want but you’ll have to make good on them, and they can’t make good on them. [4:18]
I got them into a contract [the IRS] using what’s known as a “plea in bar” which is a default on them and they will submit to a no-win situation. 
Arraignment Thursday. Come Thursday morning I will have locked them into a contract.
First off, the way things are moving on the planet with changes, etc, I think this whole thing, with the information I’m getting from the Star People or the People on the other side, is that this whole thing will be wrapped up very close to May 1st, anyway. [6:00] And so things are good. Let’s put it that way.
MODERATOR: Are you saying that this whole thing was just a set-up?
That’s exactly what I’m saying.
MODERATOR: So we don’t have to be worried about you then?
People should worry about themselves.
As the Settler on this Econo Trust Lein against the Federal Reserve Bank (2012) to prevent them from rechartering; so they had to be melded into the United States Treasury. The Federal Reserve Bank is simply private Central Banks, which have caused havock on the planet. 
I was involved in writing the 2011 Treaty White Paper informing the finance ministers of the economical conditions of the world. As a result, Ireland challenged the banks. They said, “If you can prove that you loaned us any money, we will gladly pay you. But If you can’t, basically ‘go pound sand’!” And they held to it.
They had that same thing going on with Greece. If the right one had gotten elected they would have done this same thing. [10:11]
An informed public is the best defense against tyranny.
I worked with Solutions in Commerce over 11 years. . . . OITC underwrite all those mortgages. . . . preditory lending banks. I am certainly authorized to issue Bill of Exchange.
This is part of the take-down of the corporate government. The United States has been run by the U.S. Incorporated, which is simply a Maritime Corporation out of Puerto Rico.
Bill Clinton said, “I’m the last United States President”; and that’s the only time that that boy ever told the truth. [21:26]
There are many types of Common Law. Natural Universal Law is higher than Common Law. Commercial Law is based on the King James Version of the Bible.
Washington D.C. has been dis-incorporated.
Pope Francis fired five of the Cardinals out of the Vatican Bank.
I tried to plead guilty.
I also work in the higher dimensions. [38:56] I came onto this planet under contract. I came in 1948.
We have been under military occupation since the Civil War — the War of the Federal Government against the States.
7-8 years ago the United States Army had in fact created a full blown interim government and they were stationed in West Virginia [45:23] simply waiting until such a time as it would be necessary for them to step forward. And there is a certain amount of concern that the people might think that this is a military coup. It’s nowhere close to it. It’s not a military coup. It is, in fact – a ‘Correction’.
They went into operation near the start of 2015. They had to construct a national currency but they didn’t have the gold by which they could comply with Basil III. So in consequence of that, the Chinese Elders — along about April, 2015, leased 100 billion in gold to the Republic. And they also gave them 385 billion in cash for operational expenses. [46:48]
Now that they had the gold, so they could create a new currency that would be Basil III compliant, they moved forward and they created what is known as Treasury Reserve Notes [TRNs] for use at the government level, but they’re not used on the street, however they have been trading in the International . . . they have been traded in Europe all through the summer, and in the Japanese Market; so we know it’s a good currency. [47:43] For money on the street that you and I would be using, they have created what’s known as United States Notes [USNs] like what President Kennedy had created way back in 1963. [48:03]
Those currencies will be the currencies that will come out and be used to facilitate the changeover — and they are being used; they’re already in the banks and we’re surprised that they haven’t released those funds already. But I see the wisdom in what they’re doing.
It was said that General Carter Ham would be the interim President, and then they ran into certain road blocks, and at that point, Marine Corp. General Dunford was selected to be the interim President, because he was in fact appointed by Congress, to be the Joint Chief. [49:29]
They got rid of Martin Dempsy, finally, thank God for that.
But then they got to thinking, and changed coarse a bit and referenced what had happened with the Nixon administration, so to fill the Presidency, they called in the Speaker of the House – Gerald Ford – because he was 3rd in line.
So anyway, Dunford has stepped down to fill the slot as Vice President and the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan . . . what he did, he reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a pocket version of the Constitution and held it up high for the young people to see, and then he said, “I took and Oath to the Constitution and I will honor my Oath”. [52:49].
Now that was un-expected. He made that point — an important point to make. He did demonstrate to those young people that he is going to honor his Oath that he had made to the Constitution. Now that was a very significant event. Very significant. I was ever so proud of him to do that. So we have great prospects here of things to come.
The things we’re doing in Commercial Redemption will stay the same. The only problems that you won’t have to deal with are the IRS and tax problems — and corrupt judges will be gone.
When you take down the Bar Associations all the attorneys will have to renounce their Bar Oath to the Temple Bar of London and become lawyers, but they can’t be attorneys anymore. [55:35]
Commerce rules the planet. Commercial Redemption, A4V, etc, stay the same. The only difference between the new currency and FRNs is that the new currency will not be used at [the cost of] interest. [i.e. We will no longer have the BUY our money from the non-federal Federal Reserve].
The new currency is substance backed. The FRNs were always backed by gold. The United States was the only country on the planet that didn’t have its own national currency.
So we were using FRNs as our currency, but there was interest attached to it which created the National Debt — the ‘Federal’ Debt, not National. We’ve had this mill-stone hanging around our necks for the use of FRNs. Now the new currency when it comes out it’s going to be exactly the same variety of instrument with the exception that there is no interest attached for the use of it.
The New Treasury is located in Nevada on an Indian Reservation. [57:55] Indian Reservations have free trade zones.
The main goal today is to build self-confidence in the people. Fear is your worst enemy. Paper doesn’t work. People work. People will gain self confidence so they can stand on their own.
The United States does have a mandate on this planet. There will still be 50 states. The North American Union is now done.
We’re going into a roll-back to Constitutional Government to pre-Civil War Government restored.
There are only two laws. To love God, and to love your neighbor. The Golden Rule. Confirm with these two things.


Anonymous said...

Without any evidence on any of this shows me we are being fed horse-puckey... don't speak or write it if you cannot show-it! If there is any evidence that any of this is true, please show a picture... no more idle words, as they don't mean squat!

Anonymous said...

A federal judge Thursday ordered Winston Shrout, who is charged with defrauding U.S. financial institutions by issuing bogus documents, to stop consulting with clients or selling his taped seminars for sale while he awaits trial.

In other words, stop the bull.


Anonymous said...

People that think something will happen stop what they are doing and wait.
It's what I see all the time. They sit and wait for the show, and when no show, they complain. [Really good at complaining]

People that are doing something, are not going to stop just because someone else tells us someone else is doing something. We make our own show, and we do not complain when what we are doing does not work.

If/when Winston stops selling, that is contract by gesture, and will be prima facia evidence he 'believes' the judge that ordered him, has power over him.

Most people when kidnapped, will pay the kidnapper for their freedom.
How is Winston out, if he didn't pay them to have 'what is already his'!

But here we are. All the people afraid to do something because they don't want to end up like him-and-her, and the people that know their power and accept it and use it, and do not give it up just because someone plays a game of chicken to see if you know and will give it up.

Awareness blog does not mean the people that visit are aware, even when they say they want to be, and try to wake other people up into their sleep walking state, and get mad when others see they are sleepwalking thinking they are awake.

When you are awake, you step out on your power when you aren't, you post like 12:06 above, and 12:43 above.

Do you know, the karma bucket holds what you put out? Each of you judged someone. Within your karma bucket is a judgment that has to be paid. Whether your spouse or lover judges you and there are issues, or your job judges you, or some pretend cop stops you and judges you, any number of ways, it is there to be transmuted as what you create, you have to destroy to be clean of that karma. If your life is havoc, you just may want to check that karma bucket you carry around and fill every day. This life or the next, born all innocent and clean and doing no wrong, that bucket will empty before your life is where it is intended to be.
Don't take my word for it, I only have opinions and I didn't create you. I am an equal, where equal has no power over equal, if those that know how powerful that is, were to step into their power from it.
Of course if I put on my sunglasses you'll think I have more power, or maybe it's a fancy uniform with decals and a gun on my hip, you'll think the same thing.
Your mind, and your karma, and your free will.