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Sunday, August 18, 2013

TNT Blast From Tony Late Sunday Afternoon

TNT Blast From Tony Late Sunday Afternoon

(Dinar Recaps Note: Please do not go park in a Bank Parking Lot (or call them) or anything foolish.  Stay Grounded PLEASE until a official announcement happens. Noone knows how long this will take or if any changes still may occur)

TNT TONY: SuperFantastic Day!! Well today is the day to see if all your dreams come true. 

We have checked and rechecked and I am glad to tell you all that we have verified that 100 countries have revalued over night and more are currently running in the system.

Yes the ones that you are waiting for are in this basket and as long as nothing happens (to prevent it), you should be able to see for yourself in the next couple of hours or at least before the night is through.

The banks have once again placed their personnel on a 30 minute notice and have setup extended hours. 

They plan to start making appointments within 2 hrs of the announcement, depending on the time.

Don't start celebrating yet (let me do that ), wait for the call that says it is official. TONY

RAJAF] Read the title then listen carefully - Cramer: 'Giant reset' looming for markets


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