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Sunday, September 28, 2014

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Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2014

Good day All,

Wow! It's been eight months since our last newsletter.  After our last newsletter (in January), was attacked on YouTube by some dude for posting one of his previous videos.  Most people (99.9999%) are happy to have their videos shared.  In fact, I get about a half-dozen requests per day from people asking me to post an article or video on one of my sites.  So while it was odd, it's not the first time a geoengineering/chemtrail activist has publicly attacked others in the movement.
When I first created several years ago, my first thought was to get some of the leaders together to work towards a solution.  I suggested that idea to a lovely woman who runs a fairly prominent chemtrail site.  She contacted others and within a week a group of 25-30 activist leaders was quickly assembled.  Everything was well organized and we had two productive group calls.  Then everything imploded from the inside with fighting amongst the members.  It was disheartening. 
Yesterday, I spoke on the phone for about an hour with Rusty (who currently runs  She told me about more (recent) fighting amongst activist leaders. They can't even agree on whether global warming is happening or a hoax. The evidence is in plain sight for people who care to do their own research.  I suggest you do that.  Look at the scientific evidence (especially global temperature vs CO2 data over the last 15-20 years), not opinions.  Draw your own conclusions.
I believe that the best way to stop the spraying is for people to get involved locally.  The Thrive Solutions Hub is the best platform that I know of to facilitate that.  See: Kimberly Gamble: "Chemtrails" -- How They Affect You and What You Can Do.

I admit that I signed up to lead a hub in Santa Monica, CA - but never actually did anything.  Between my full-time job and running, I was never able find time.  The good news is that I am retiring from my job in two days and moving to Sedona, AZ. I'll likely see about establishing a hub there if there isn't already one in place.  I'll have much more time to get involved.
Two days ago, I spoke with Anthony Hilder (the founder of  Health-wise he seems to be doing OK, but he still has not fully recovered from the stroke he had a year ago.  The future of is in his hands because he owns the domain (while I've been paying to host the site since day one).  I'm trying to work out a deal with Anthony to keep the site going.  In any case, please pray for his complete recovery.
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