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Tuesday, September 30, 2014



SARAH MACCLUNE: Okay EXO...12,5,8,3,29,15....less than or equal to a 72 hour window, less than or equal to a 12 hour window or the winning lottery numbers for this evening?

 12 Hours!

Ok, I'll give it a shot, since Vinman must be Don't shoot me if I'm way off base here.


Less than or equal to 72 hours.

US dollar Index over $0.86 and rising....good sign.

Abadi and Barazani? Are back and forth bargaining on the HCL but are rising up?together, to unify? ( still friends clue) (that's a tough one.)

Look for oil and PM prices to flow one way (down) and not stop.

That's all I've got....

 :-)  You're close!  It's 12 hrs.  And watch gold and oil prices collapse and the dollar index stay above .86.  Barzani is trading Abadi oil revenues for a seat at the table.  The GCR is incognito right now but can't be stopped

Hey Vinman! Lol....wasn't trying to take over, honest! Lol

I gave it a shot anyway....

But Exo implied it wasn't 12 hours, when he stated "there's more than 1 number there", which is why I went with 72.

So there you have it.

Thanks Vman

 Ah....well we will have to wait and see how many hours it turns out to be.  72 would be Thursday evening.

 Good morning Everyone! Hope you enjoyed our first live ONLINE chat. It was enjoyable for us and we desperately tried to answer as many questions as we could in that very short hour

If yours did not get answered, do not be disheartened. You will soon be wealthy and will hire your own team of professionals who will be available to you 24/7. Have a terrific Tuesday
John Owens: Hey does anyone know if the zim will exchange at the same time as the vnd and the iqn ?. I herd it might be delayed.

Sunshine62:Yes it will be exchanged at the same time. We have not heard of any delay

 Kurds getting a seat at the table for sharing in oil revenue

Sunshine will the 10 trill zim note be exchangeable ? Only I have a few :-)

 EV, we have heard only the 50t and 100t
To be safe, you might want to think about grabbing one of those, if you don't have any. Just a suggestion

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