Sunday, April 29, 2018

Biggest Sting in History!

Biggest Sting in History! Qanon April 27 - Mueller a White Hat?


  1. The following comment in the youtube comments nail Mueller exactly. Nobody who helped cover up 911 and protected pedo's is a "white hat".
    Yorktown 1781
    1 day ago
    Don't buy it. They bankrupted Flynn. Ruined him financially. Mueller covered up 911, protected pedophiles, he is involved in uranium one, the list goes on. He would have had to been a spy for decades. I don't buy it. raiding Trumps lawyers office come on really? Could have been to let corrupt FBI agents expose themselves. I understand anyone that told the truth about 911, Waco, Oklahoma city were murdered or framed. Iran contra and CIA drug running anyone that tried to expose them were framed or murdered. I do not buy it at all. Mueller was gunning for Trump. Go flush your head out he has been a bad guy for a long time.

    1. Not to mention that he let Big O sit in the White House for eight years with a birth certificate that was ascertained to be a forgery, (Sheriff Joe's team) a stolen social security number that belonged to someone else and countless other questionable actions and activities. Even his citizenship was/is questionable since supposedly he had a Kenyan father....I guess anything "goes" in Washington these days. What a freaking bunch!!!

  2. "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer." "Never let anyone outside the family know what your thinking".