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Friday, April 20, 2018



I have never approved of President Trump’s choice for Vice-President. For reasons that will reiterate, later in this article, Pence and the Trump agenda are horribly mismatched.

When Trump made his VP announcement, I did not waiver in my support of Trump, but I was very vocal in my opposition to Pence. I was roundly criticized by many Trump supporters for expressing my opposition to the Pence appointment. Now, it would appear that a big “I told you so” may be in order.  

(Also, sadly, the lack of objection by people demonstrates how uninformed they are about those they have 'elected' to the various offices, both state and federal. Pence was known to be leading pedophelia and human trafficking while in Indiana.  Also, he is NOT a 'Christian' by ANY means.  The people have yet again been deceived.)

Pence is salivating at the notion that the Democrats or some nefarious set of people will remove Donald Trump from office through invoking the 25th Amendment’s disability clause. The Democrats allege that Trump is mentally ill and this will be their justification. 

(Who is 'mentally ill'?  One who honors this nation and its people?  Or one who, like Obama, is a liar, a traitor, and has a record of being known as a satanist, involved with human trafficking and a pedophile? And Paul Ryan also has his mind set on being the 'president'. WHEN is the Republic going to be enacted, and these criminals arrested, tried and executed???)

The New York Times Previously Exposed Pence’s Intention to Replace President Trump

Vice President Mike Pence’s disloyalty to President Trump is on full display in a 2017 New York Times article in which it is impossible to not conclude that Pence has been planning to leap frog over Trump and seize the Presidency in 2020.

From the New York Times

“….The centerpiece of the effort is a string of dinners held every few weeks at the vice president’s official residence on the grounds of the Naval Observatory in Washington. Mr. Pence and his wife, Karen, have presided over at least four such soirées, and more are in the works. Each has drawn roughly 30 to 40 guests, including a mix of wealthy donors such as the Chicago hedge fund manager Kenneth C. Griffin and the brokerage firm founder Charles Schwab, as well as Republican fund-raisers and executives from companies like Dow Chemical and the military contractor United Technologies.

The guests and their families collectively donated or helped raise millions of dollars to support the Trump-Pence ticket in 2016, and some are viewed in Republican finance circles as likely supporters for two new groups created to advocate for Mr. Trump, Mr. Pence, their legislative agenda and congressional allies. The dinner guest lists were curated in part by two of Mr. Pence’s closest advisers who have also played important roles in starting the new political groups, America First Policies and America First Action. Mr. Pence has appeared at recent events outside his official residence with prospective donors to the groups.”

One might argue that Pence is raising money for Trump for the 2020 election. Then.....

- Why is the money going into Pence’s PAC? 
- Why does a Vice President need his own PAC? 

Pence has always been a major liability to Trump. He is actively plotting to replace Trump in 2020 because, presumably, someone from the Deep State has indicated a change is coming.  (BUT THEN THERE IS GOD! WHAT DOES HE HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THIS??)

There can be only one conclusion.  Mike Pence has been part of the Deep State plot to replace Trump all along if he could not be controlled.

Key Members of the Independent Media Expressed the Same Concerns

I have been ostracized in the past for daring to question Pence’s loyalty to the American populist movement and President Trump. However, even some of my prominent colleagues in the Independent Media were asking the same questions as me. Dr. Ted Broer expressed the same doubts on my radio show on more than one occasion. Alex Jones also posed questions about Pence. Many of the Jones’ criticisms of Pence sounded much like Dr. Broer and myself:

“…critics of the selection have blasted Pence as a globalist neocon who supports the Obama-backed Common Core scheme, sovereignty-destroying “free trade” regimes, unconstitutional wars, and other deeply unpopular policies, rather than the Constitution and liberty.

Other opponents have blasted Pence’s surrender to extreme homosexual activists and corporate bullies last year demanding government aid in trampling religious liberty in Indiana…

It is notable that these Pence critics expressed their concerns during 2017, not in the recent controversial times involving the Syrian false flag chemical attack and subsequent American military action in conjunction with France and the UK.

Pompeo’s Secret Trip

At one time I was championing the Syrian false flag event as Trump’s lowest moment. However, the way that the North Korean leader was capitulating to Western demands (e.g. de-nuclearization) was Trump’s finest foreign policy moment. I had previously and erroneously concluded that this was Trump's finest and worst moment at the same time.

I was driving in my car, listening to music, but had the displeasure of listening to the propaganda news of ABC at the top of the hour. In the report in which it was revealed Mike Pompeo, the current head of the CIA who is headed to take over the State Department, had secretly traveled to North Korea and got the NK leadership to blink and then buckle. The report said that even the President’s harshest critics were impressed that Trump could pull this secret meeting off with not so much as a leak. That is when I said to myself,  “that is impossible”. This President cannot do anything without it being leaked and, on that point, there can be NO disagreement! Here is a synopsis of the shift in my thinking.

As much as I would like to believe that Trump pulled off a master stroke of genius in diplomacy as it related to North Korea, to do so would be to profess a  belief in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. Trump was handed a diplomatic victory so he could move forward with the majority of his base behind him as he does the Deep State’s bidding in Syria. 

This whole event reminds me of another fictional event and that would be the killing of Osama bin Laden and then dumping his body in the ocean in observance of some unbelievable Muslim ritual. Of course dead bodies need no autopsy and Obama won a PR victory at a critical time through the “alleged” assassination of Bin Laden. Welcome to the world of psyops. (lies and deception)

More Evidence of a Pence-Led Coup Against Trump Surfaces

I had just completed the recording (listed above) on my new found skepticsm of the legitmacy behind the Pompeo “secretive, no-leaks trip” to North Korea, then I discovered the Breitbart report on UN Ambassador Haley’s “Never Trumper” staff.

Deputy Ambassador Jon Lerner has deep ties to not only his longtime colleague and boss, U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, but also Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the failed “Never Trump” movement, and the pro-mass immigration billionaire GOP mega-donors the Koch brothers….

Lerner, 49, withdrew from consideration to become Vice President Mike Pence’s national security adviser after  news broke that President Trump was reportedly livid that a key member of the "Never Trump" movement would be joining his White House…

Here is a very revealing tweet released by Pence prior to Trump’s inauguration:

Mike Pence@mike_pence
Have you noticed that Pence is never far away from anti-Trump activity, whether it be the Flynn affair or the present circumstances?

Breitbart continues:

…Still, Lerner has squeezed his way into the administration he avidly fought against despite having no foreign policy experience with a source telling the  New York Times that the consultant will informally advise the White House on national security…

In yet another bombshell, I had previously learned and this information is contained in the Breitbart report, that Lerner was originally slated to go to work for Vice President Pence.

Here is a synopsis of Haley’s “never Trump” staff of which she shares the same views according to the Brietbart report.

On April 18, 2018, I recorded a report regarding information coming out of Colorado in which I was able to determine that the Koch Brothers were launching a seven figure ad campaign to champion amnesty for the “Dreamers,” as the Koch brothers were taking up arms against Trump’s immigration policy.  Haley’s Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations, Jon Lerner, has been working to the same end. In fact, Breitbart credits Lerner for devising and launching Zuckerberg’s Open Borders initiative on Facebook.

This article is not meant to suggest that this is the entire cast and crew that has taken over the White House in the post-Syrian false flag event. However, they are key players that are working towards negating the work of a duly elected people.  It is easy to liken Pence to LBJ. 

Remember, after JFK was shot and was taken to Parkland Hospital, LBJ had the President’s car “cleaned out” before any crime scene analysis could be performed in the most outrageous act of obstruction of justice in American history.  Pence is cut from the same cloth as LBJ. 

My fellow Americans ... is this an old-fashioned, and to this point, bloodless coup?

How Will Trump Leave Office and Make Room for Pence?

Pleases allow me to move away from the factual to the speculative in an effort to determine what is likely to follow. There are three distinct possibilities and opportunities for the Deep State to remove Trump from office.
  1. Assassination
  2. Fabricated evidence tying Trump to the Russians (e.g. material obtained in the Cohen raid authorized by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein).
  3. Trump has a “health crisis” and leaves office under the disability clause of the 25th Amendment.
If I were a betting man, I would choose possibility three - Trump has a health crisis.   Assassination would potentially put tens of millions of armed Americans in the streets.  If the Deep State continues with the  fake Russian collusion delusion evidence that nobody believes, and this were to be the impetus for kangaroo court impeachment, this could presumably put millions of armed Americans in the street as well. By far and away, the cleanest option would be to convince Trump, in the interest of his family and their safety, that it would be best to go along with a fake health crisis from which Deep State Mike Pence becomes the President.

I am preparing a future article in which I look at options that the American people have. For now, it is best to keep Trump in our prayers and pray for the best possible outcome.

April 2018


  1. Evil Halley is planning to run in 2020 with Pence. This is treason, as they are destroying the current President. Their lies will do them in.

    Its getting really ugly with the perversions of Obama, Hillary, Bushs, Podestas, et al are being revealed.
    See Q:

    Hillary is toast. Spasmo in a skirt! Dems, McCabe Suing Trump? Wikilieaks? Russia? Laughing Too Hard --

  2. As far as the Syria thing, this is what Benjamin Fulford an independent Canadian journalist who is now living in Japan and who used to work for Forbes magazine said:

    “The message is that the U.S. military is solidly behind president Trump,” and “the message to the cabal is indicated by 9 on the left and 11 on the right,” Pentagon sources say.

    The U.S. military nonetheless went ahead with the April 13th attack on Syria because…

    …of a deal reached with the Russian military and the Syrian government, the sources explain. In this deal, the U.S. military was given three authorized targets inside Syria—a derelict building scheduled for demolition, and two empty airbases—in order to deprive the Zionists of an excuse to expose Trump’s dirty laundry, while at the same time avoiding a world war.

    In addition, the “Syrian missile strikes pave the way for U.S. troop withdrawal, and Trump tweeting ‘mission accomplished’ was aimed at George Bush Jr. and the perps behind 9/11,” say the Pentagon sources.

    You may want to read the whole article -

  3. What people need to know is that there truly are Reptilians that inhabit human bodies and then infiltrate into high places and positions throughout the whole earth. The Reptilians want to eliminate humans off the face of the earth. It's time to imprison and execute all of the human body infiltrating Reptilians now...if not, they will kill off all of the humans. Pence is known as a high level hybrid Reptilian. Here is a link you can check it out on

  4. Pence will NEVER, EVER be president, and I'll tell you why- He is being investigated, along with Pam Bondy, attorney general of Florida, for CHILD TRAFFICKING AND PEDOPHILIA- This has been common knowledge for almost a year now- When the hammer drops, you'll see exactly what I'm talking about- They are similar to an elephant's sex organs being under their feet, because If they step on you, your f#@!&$@!!!!And what they will be charged with, SO ARE THEY-

  5. Has the second shoe just dropped?
    A photograph. US President George Bush Snr and his son, Jeb Bush, arrive at the White House in Washington DC on Saturday January 30th 2010. Another picture here. Half an hour later they leave. Pictures here and here. Strange that George Snr and Jeb should visit together. And without George Jnr. What was the meeting about? Which papers were signed? And why was the whole thing made into a photo-opportunity? Is US President Barack Obama still receiving credible death threats against himself and his family from the Bush syndicate? Or are the tables now turned? More background here (31.01.10). And notice the facial differences between Jeb Bush here and George Bush Jnr here. It is said that they had different fathers. Jeb Bush is the son of George Bush Snr and Barbara Pierce Bush. George Bush Jnr is the son of John F. Kennedy and Barbara Pierce Bush.

    James Rothschild says he is 51% reptilian. He says he is the nephew of Evelyn Rothschild and the cousin of Nathaniel Rothschild. What percentage reptilian are they? And where do they get their human blood from? A reptilian must carry a vial of human blood in his pocket to sip every few hours to prevent his head shape-shifting into a visible reptilian physiognomy. The first signs of shape-shifting can be seen in the eyes and the face. The opening in the eye pupil becomes a vertical slit, as seen in snake eyes, and the eye color becomes greenish. Depending on the degree of the shift, the facial features gradually take on the appearance of a lizard. Diana Spencer (Princess Diana) said that she once saw Elizabeth Windsor (Queen Elizabeth II of England) shape-shift into reptilian form.
    More about reptilians here, here and here. More about the Anunnaki here and here. More about the Rothschilds here. And more about the élite political manipulation of human clones here.