Monday, April 30, 2018

To give you encouragement and hope ......

Some of us have been going through very troubling times during recent years, everything from losing loved ones from sickness and death, families splitting apart, loss of jobs, homes, cars, and what little money was in the bank ........ even loss of those we valued and trusted as friends.  I have been there, too, and have also suffered - and been miraculously healed by a prayer and trust in what He told me of stage 4 melanoma by the Lord around 2008.  Though thoughts of some of these threats to life and material losses still linger today, the Lord graciously provided the videos below to encourage me through today. I post them now with the sincere prayer that those of you who, like me, have suffered loss and are experiencing trials today will be comforted and lifted up.  Always remember ..... He IS WITH YOU despite what you think or feel.  No matter who you are or where you are or what you may have done, He IS WITH YOU.  Reach out and touch Him by faith.  BE ENCOURAGED TODAY.   With love and prayers for you and yours, Olive Oyl


"Footprints In The Sand" 

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