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Friday, April 27, 2018

By Anna Von Reitz

Mr. Thomas Jefferson speculated that if we had a well-informed populace, there would be no need for a government ---- and he was right. 

The only problem is that first a populace has to be well-educated, which ours is not. Even those we consider to be educated --- doctors, lawyers, and university professors --- are very narrowly trained, and not what would be called "educated" in any former era. 

I have asked hundreds of lawyers where law comes from and after four years of Law School --- they don't have a clue. That's tragic --- both from a moral and a practical standpoint. It makes them incompetent lawyers and unfeeling men.
This is not our fault. We have spent trillions of dollars on schools and education and been cheated --- as on so many other occasions --- by those who pretended to be experts. The question remains--- experts in what? 

Certainly not education. 

An eighth grade education in 1900 was provably more rigorous, wider-reaching, more practical, and more intensive than a high school education today. Since Jimmy Carter's federal Department of Education took over and started dictating to state and local schools in 1976, American test scores have plummeted and have continued to nose-dive no matter how much money we throw into The Black Hole. 

Many college graduates today--- COLLEGE --- have less than the Sixth Grade reading skills of my generation. And we were no great shakes compared to our grandparents who all studied Latin and Greek, Rhetoric, Logic, Philosophy, History, Geography and Grammar far above and beyond any course of study we engaged in. 

Not only that, but student discipline, bullying, and teacher satisfaction are all statistically in the toilet tank.

So we are ignorant and ignorance makes us fearful--- a fact that Trolls take full advantage of. And we are also ill-informed -- first by our truncated education and next by the war machine Press Corps pumping out propaganda 24/7. 

Having been left virtually untrained in the art of logic and having been abused and mistreated by their own government, people don't know HOW to reason their way through things, or who to trust or what to do.

Some of them, either because of actual mental limitations or because of their fear, can't be reasoned with and can't be taught. And of course, a good many who are being paid to be obstructive and to be disinformation agents and to try to excuse the current "government" could care less what the truth is anyway, so long as they log eight hours a day spewing garbage.

The most we can hope for from them is that someday they will look back and feel ashamed of calling me a "Jesuit flunky" and accusing me of being a "fake" judge despite all the facts so plainly demonstrated for them.

They don't have sense or knowledge enough to recognize the capacity in which I was acting "for" the Pope, so they make all sorts of incorrect assumptions.
And then they turn around and make more ignorant assumptions about courts and judges and jurisdictions--- subjects that even "Law School" graduates fail.
What good does it do to write things out in plain English, if they can't read? 

And what good does it do to tell them the truth, if they can't reason their way through things and tell the difference between @$!$@# and Shinola in the first place? 

To them, a hamburger and a cow patty look the same, so must be the same, right? 

They don't bother to read carefully or to think logically for themselves.
They depend on gossip and rumors and hype and then they draw a crowd like sideshow barkers and get everyone all excited and hyped up like steers milling around before a rain storm---and the blind lead the blind over cliffs.
Still, the truth always prevails in the end. All the harm that these people do by flapping their jaws and spreading ignorant assumptions and gossip will come back to them and accrue to their names and be among their sins --- not mine.

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  1. The following has an important bearing on NESARA's future implementation. NESARA blog supporters have been extremely quiet. Hello, anybody out there? All inquiring minds please convene. The future, our future requires our input now. Opportunity begs. The Earth is one of the greatest things created ever.


    We love the extreme sharpness honed in wisdom and knowledge of Judge Anna at times acerbic but that is how good things of necessity are often created. NESARA Team rocks.

  2. Our libraries have been systematically looted of books of learning. Go to your local library and just try to find any books about say atomic theory, or even engineering; the vast majority of these types of books have disappeared thanks to the zio's. You can still find these things on the web- behind a paywall or blocked from you completely because you are not of the right ilk. Education in this country is a joke and goes right along with the program to take down America.