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Tuesday, April 17, 2018


PureEvil - HellOnEarth


Published on Apr 16, 2018
Since 2011, more than 18,000 Syrian human beings have had their organs harvested. Men, women and children and the mainstream media has been silent. 

No one is doing anything to stop it. Because it's business: Human trafficking, Satanic ritual abuse, organ harvesting. #PureEvil.

"So do not be afraid of them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known." Matthew 10:26

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Malaysia Thailand border - TWB

700 Dead bodies of children

The images show 700 dead bodies of children. These children have been allegedly massacred by people who are involved in organ farming.

The bodies were found at the Thailand – Malaysia border. As soon as the pictures were posted on the internet there was an outcry about the incident. The images were shared by different users until they became viral


The disturbing images have compelled many parents to become extremely cautious. There have also been warnings over the internet to the parents not to let their children stray out of their sights.

The criminal elements involved in this crime are still at large, and must be planning to apprehend more children for the same purpose.

Cut Marks

The pictures show cut marks over the bodies of the unfortunate children. Another grueling aspect of the pictures is that they show children lined up like animals.

Some of them are tied. Some are even packed into card board boxes. The pictures suggest that the crime has been carried out by a large gang.

The children must have been kidnapped first. Then, their organs were harvested. These stolen organs must have been sold in the black market.

Organ Trade

The illegal organ trade is an illicit business in human organs or tissues so that they could be transplanted. The trade is fueled by an increasing global need for healthy body parts for transplantation.

However, the demand for these organs far exceeds the supply which is why the trade brings in huge profits. In some parts of the country, compensation to an organ donor is legal.

In many jurisdictions, however, the trade in human organs is illegal giving way to wide spread trafficking. A report has suggested that the poor people of the developing countries are the main targets of human organs transplant trade.

Parents' horror as Chinese boy, 6, has his eyes GOUGED OUT after being 'kidnapped by organ trafficker who stole both his corneas'

  • Youngster snatched while playing outside home in Linfen, Shanxi Province
  • Parents found him three hours later screaming in a field covered in blood
  • Kidnapper reportedly told boy: 'Don’t cry and I won’t gouge out your eyes'
  • Illicit trade fuelled because China has 300,000 on transplant waiting list
Organ traffickers gouged out the eyes of a six-year-old boy to sell on China’s transplant black market, it was claimed yesterday.

Police said the child, Binbin, was drugged after being kidnapped while playing outside his home.

His family found him covered in blood and crying in pain three to four hours later. His eyes were found nearby with the corneas missing, police say, implying that an organ trafficker was behind the attack.

Horrific: The Chinese boy lies in hospital after he had his eyes gouged out

Recovering: The youngster was playing alone outside his home in Linfen, Shanxi Province, when he was snatched on Monday evening
An entire eye cannot be transplanted, but a cornea could be vital for a patient with faltering vision.

Police are seeking a woman suspect and have offered £10,500 for information leading to an arrest.

Binbin’s devastated father said: ‘We didn’t notice his eyes were gone when we discovered him – he had blood all over his face. We thought he had fallen down and smashed his face.’

The boy was rushed to hospital where doctors were shocked to find his eyes had been removed. His father said: ‘His eyelids were turned inside out, and his eyeballs were not there.’ 

Illegal organ harvesting is booming in China, where there is a shortage of donors, and last night, amid domestic and international outrage, Beijing was urged to crack down on the country’s multi-million-pound transplant industry.

Binbin was shown on state TV  being taken in bandages from an operating theatre to a hospital bed, writhing in agony as his shocked family wept.  China Central Television said he had been drugged and ‘lost consciousness’ before the attacker removed his eyes. 

His parents discovered he was missing when they called for him to come in around 8pm on Monday but received no response.

After a frantic search with relatives, they found him screaming in a field near their home in Fenxi, north China. The kidnapper had reportedly told Binbin: ‘Don’t cry and I won’t gouge out your eyes.’


The organ trafficker may have been motivated by money. But they could also have been driven to such a horrific crime by the hope of saving someone's sight - or even their own.

Cornea replacement surgeryProblems with the cornea - the clear front part of the eye - can cause the eye to mist up and, if left untreated, lead to blindness.  But the most serious conditions such as Fuchs' dystrophy, a degenerative condition that affects older people, can be cured with a transplant, above (file picture).

Until recent years, the only operation was a full cornea transplant, an operation that involved 24 stitches in each eye and an 18-month recovery period.  But advances in technology have meant surgeons can now carry out a partial replacement under local anesthetic with a recovery time of just four weeks.
China does not have a donor culture, but about 300,000 patients need transplants each year. Only about 10,000 receive organs, mainly taken from death-row prisoners.
Though the sale and transplant of organs for money is prohibited, lax laws and wide spread corruption have fuelled a booming industry.  China is also a leading destination for ‘transplant tourists’ who travel there to obtain organs.

Last night international doctors appalled by Binbin’s suffering called on leading medical journals to ban publication of Chinese research papers on organ transplants, to shame the country into tackling the problem.

Professor Arthur Caplan, head of medical ethics at New York University and spokesman for Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting, said: ‘As unimaginable and untrue as this boy’s torment sounds, it shocks but does not surprise.

‘Whereas hearts, livers and kidneys must be sourced from donors who match the same blood and body type of recipient patients, in-demand corneas for corrective eyesight operations can be taken from any age and body type. ‘Anyone who knows where the corneas are located in the eye can extract them, and I fear for the unsterile conditions and the  barbaric methods used, and that infection may add to the boy’s suffering. ‘He will suffer unthinkable physical and psychological pain.’

Professor Caplan urged international governments to ‘stand up to China’ and take action to make it clean up its transplant industry. ‘Transplant tourists who travel to China with the right amount of money can order the organ needed,’ he said. ‘A prisoner is found to match the recipient and is taken out and shot.’

Last weekend, Chinese police detained members of a kidney- trafficking ring, including a team of four doctors and nurses.


  1. I think this IS fake news....

    1. Nice link... But... I'm not buying into the fake news part as in this case the label of fake news is to cover the truth.

      This is beyond evil and disgusting, this is flipping bull puckey.

      Adrenochrome harvesting by Hollywood's elite?

      Organ harvesting buy any insurance company willing to pay the bill.

      Now Syria... I believe it because there are videos on the interweb of Isis/daesh eating heart after murdering their victims, I SAW THAT VIDEO AND IT CAN NOT BE UNSEEN!

      That said, the Khazarian Mafia formerly of Kazakhstan was a devil worshipping group known for baby/child rape, then heart eating cannibalism followed by burning as an offer to their devil god Lucifer/Satan himself.

      Now that we know about Adrenochrome... It is said that it is so addicting that a drop the size of a match tip is all the druggies need for their fix, hence vampires.

      I thought the Hillary stuff was bs related to pizzagate. Granted I do understand that the elite like Weinstein were pedophiles and that likely they murdered their victims to cover for that. The cannibalism, not for one second did I ever imagine that would have existed, and obviously it does.

      None of us can truly refer to as why we're in Syria I.e. Isis/daesh, Lucas Russian oil pipeline, the alien portals (???) and the Giants (???)...but organ harvesting is extremely likely.

      Its starting to make logical sense why Obama was in Syria as Isis/daesh because he is a devil but even moreso now why Trump put us there (if its even U.S., ask Netanyahu the possible leader of the modern day Khazarian Mafia for more clearer answers) and the point is about that; I do not agree with potus about Syria and feel that he lost a lot of his base-level supporters over that maneuver but as a commander in chief its not his responsibility to explain everything to U.S. rather to PROTECT U.S. and we must trust in that (off topic, potus pulls off the Russia/Chiiina currency equality and he will be redeemed as best U.S. President ever in History especially after a recent "Q" comment about 1785 and the stupid British; yeah what's that all about as we may know all about that from this exact site here at nesara news); the point is:

      People are dying in War, not soldiers nor vigilantes but women, children and innocent men.

      When can it stop?

      In Jesus Name, when can it stop?

      I ask, pray for the innocent and pray for the evil doers as well that they repent and that the light of Christ shine upon them...


    2. 6:22 PM - Are you trying to kid us bozo 'cause most of us don't kid easy, especially with matters like this of extreme great importance. Those who have the financial means and need to have an organ(s) replace to continue to live routinely place their order(s) for organs to be supplied so they can remove the 'dead' ones from their own bodies and replace with new, young and healthy organs from the victims. This is well known. Some even sell their organs when they need the money for some personal need. You're that AHO that routinely comments here about EVERY thing of serious importance being 'fake news'! We recognize your pattern of stupidity! It has been known for years in the States that organ harvesting - along with MKUltra, sacrifices, human trafficking, et al - are FOR REAL. Maybe YOU didn't know that - but your comments clearly demonstrate your lack of knowledge so we can simply categorize them as trash can material and a waste of time and blog space. 'FAKE' are the cartoons you watch and need to return to bro. They're more on your low level of intelligence whereas anything of importance and concern is waaaaay over your empty head. GROW UP! GET a life! Care about others rather than just yourself bro. You're disgusting.

    3. If this response was aimed towards my long comment as you did not imply who you were talking too. I say then, I am James Gandy, an independent freelance investigative journalist and a product of Boise State University Mass Media and Communications Department and a prior writer and commentator here on this site.

      I write from an educated opinion backed by verifiable empirical research.

      I believe you missed the story, likely did not read its entirety and wrote a response based on an opinion, my opinion. I did not write this story. I do not get paid.

      Now, you're the AHO as you call it, because the story talks about human organ harvesting mainly from children and those from an impoverished war torn country.

      Oh, so you imply that its okay, because you can pay and asked to be put on an order list for an organ.

      What about the kid thats now BLIND and had to suffer until hiscpatents found him with his eyes gouged out? Did you even read that part? If you did and you opinionated still knowing that, then come to my house in Spokane Washington and I'll knock you the fuck out myself.

      But, I am assuming you made an ass of yourself in the opinion column by not comprehending the story as said.

      There's not one comment about the state's.

      There's not one comment about being on a transplant list.

      And I will give my testimony; I have had three heart surgeries, 43 years old and I healthy now. My wife, passed away from her lifelong medical complications 3 years ago at age 36 (I was 40).

      I am a Mormon, speak in laymen terms as a Christian as it is the same to me. As a Christian Mormon I often offend people speaking about Jesus Christ. We're you offended? Because you're welcome to my church anytime.

      As for the medical field. I have a parcel of land for sale (are you interested in buying it?) and when that does sale I am off to medical school.

      You read that right... My undergraduate degree is done. I already been accepted to my chosen medical school and I'm not seeking any student loans, I'm paying cash.

      My guess. You're on a waiting list for a heart? Good luck to you, you're better off changing your diet, your stressful lifestyle and your attitude and I'd be so inclined to tell you, actually demand, that you seek a religion of your liking and pray for your soul.

      Getting an organ to prolong your life is not going to save your soul.

      And you are right, for almost one full year now I write and contribute to this site. I type single finger from a cell phone because I don't own a computer and since we're at it I wear the same clothes everyday until they are worn out so I can save a buck. I'm proud that I donate my time to humanity and America for free.

      I'm not going anywhere. In all over the interweb, its my passion and my career.

      The other poster, top comment, likely was trying to find something not necessarily to make the story look fake but rather to show that maybe something was rehashed. I do not believe they were trying to harm anyone's feelings. Maybe you got a little butt hurt and that's okay.

      Just know this:

      Everyone here at from the web designers to the writers and commenters are here for YOU and the U.S.A.

      Peace be upon you but don't call me 'bro' I have a name and if you forget my name call me Sir.

      James Gandy

  2. This is Anon from 6:22 I was just saying it wasn't from Malaysia/Thailand, photos are actually from Syria as the original poster "clarified"? Sorry to upset. I do believe this is going on. And I don't even take offense at your asinine comments telling me all that chit, because I'm not a frequent commentator. I actually went to the website that the story was from and found the clarification and never did find the original. I am not disgusting at all. I would never write nor speak to anyone like you have. Copy and paste the link I gave.

    1. 6:22 Debate is good. Debate creates feelings. Feelings often turn to either joy or pain. Some folks can't handle pain real well and that's okay.

      Just know this. How many sites are like

      Personally I know of less then a dozen. And I search and search and search continously for new things, all types of new things.

      As a researcher and also as a foreign currency holder and advisor (I have a family member holding several 100 of thousands of U.S dollars equivalent in foreign currency) I can tell you personally that the middle east often rehashes photos and articles to their new writings. Its the difference between mid-east and west, my opinion is just wait until they catch up with technology and are all able to post online like we do.

      Its called the great awakening.

      Tptb are attemtping at all costs to keep us from knowing the truth, even financing wars from both sides to create conflict.

      Human Organ Harvesting has to be the scum of all scum in the context of the op (original post) and the 'harvest' from children, women and men of war.

      We need your comments. We, as in an informed society.

      As said, how many sites are like nesara?

      This sites programmers should be making Fox News types of salaries, as I'm imagine that when your net surfing that Fox news is on in the background so you can listen.

      My point is... We need constructive creative comments.

      We are hungry for knowledge, the truth, righteousness and true freedom and that's why sites like this kick ass.

      Take no offense of your opinions, your skin color, religion, financial backgrounds nor any of the like... Rather look for a role model like Freewill, Olive Oyle, Popeye and the Judge Ms. Anna Von Rietz as they continually get bashed on a daily basis and just keep on plugging out their perspectives. That's true humility and I'm sure in my heart that they are in good grace with "God".

      Don't stop commenting, don't stop writing, don't stop telling your friends and family ...


      Stand up

      Speak out

      Be heard

      And help make positive change

      And for "Gods" sake and for the narrative of this opinion piece for this articles column lets stop human trafficking and organ harvesting as underlying, that's what the article was about.

      Peace be upon you!!!

      I'm going to work this weekend... I'll be researching from the 'field' of America for a book, that I hope to turn into a made for television movie type of documentary and I expect the next 6 months or so to be on the road. Look for me, I'm James Gandy and I did intermittently write for Freewill's sister site and I did not know how to handle the criticism as I have learned now, I owe my public career start to this site and am very grateful and this site is a role model for all inspiring journalist.

      Please on behalf of my comments, as I'm just a guy that rides a Harley you'll see at the truck stop getting fuel:

      Donate some cash, money, bitcoin, heck even send a bottle of wine to Freewill and crew ... They deserve the recognition.

      Where else do you get your news from?

      Just Saying