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Sunday, April 22, 2018

GOP establishment’s secret 2020 plot against Trump

[Exposed] GOP establishment’s secret 2020 plot against Trump

Walter W. Murray, reporter

You’d think mainstream establishment Republicans would’ve learned their lesson by now.  They tried to undermine President Donald Trump at every turn from the day he announced his candidacy.  And a new rumor circulating throughout the White House has people wondering if United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley is considering a run in 2020.

They threw everything but the kitchen sink at him! He won – and won big – humbling the party’s mainstream wing and silencing his biggest critics.  In public, they’ve fallen into line and most are now praising him.  But behind the scenes, they could be quietly trying to undermine him – and the media is pushing for the 'establishment' to replace him.

A recent New York Times report about Haley had a bombshell hidden deep within the story:

“Republicans close to the White House whisper about the prospect of an alliance between Ms. Haley and Vice President Mike Pence, possibly to run as a ticket in 2020,” the newspaper reported.  The Times said aides to both “scoff” at the suggestions, and other insiders were quick to throw cold water on the idea.

Pundit Ed Morrissey of Hot Air dismissed the concept as “wishful thinking,” and maybe it is… but who is doing the wishing? If it’s low-level staff gossip it would hardly be worth a mention in the New York Times. But if it’s GOP operators and longtime DC insiders sharpening their knives for some back-stabbing, then it could be the kind of soft coup Trump supporters have feared. It could be evidence of a plan to either cripple him so badly that he can’t run in 2020, or send establishment Republicans out to run against him in a primary if he does anyway.

Pence likely would have no part in that second possibility. (This writer has NO INSIGHT in to what is REALLY going on! What a dumb statement!)   If Haley is fired from her job, however, the establishment wing may have found its champion.
Some are quietly saying they don’t even want to wait until 2020.

One Republican member of the House said Trump could be ousted as soon as this summer.  (Now there is a DUMB 'donkey' for you!)  This unnamed 'lawmaker'  (NO WONDER this country is in such trouble with a person like this in a position of high authority over this nation.) told a conservative columnist and radio host Erick Erickson that he was sick to death of the “idiot” president.

“Idiot” is one of the few words we can print from the profanity-laced tirade.  Erickson said this lawmaker publicly supports Trump. Privately, he’s supposedly been scheming against the White House, saying some House insiders may be waiting to clear their primaries this summer before publicly opposing Trump.

Once that competition is gone, they could be ready to act if given a reason – and this lawmaker allegedly said two things could make it happen. (Since WHEN do these traitors need a 'reason' other than more power and wealth accumulation?!)

If Trump fires special prosecutor Robert Mueller and it looks like the GOP is going to lose big in the upcoming midterm elections, they could act swiftly to force him out of office. “I’d vote to impeach him myself,” he said. “Most of us would, I think. Hell, all the Democrats would and you only need a majority in the House. If we’re going to lose because of him, we might as well impeach the mother*******. Take him out with us and let Mike take over. At least then we could sleep well at night.”

As 'loyal' as Pence is, there’s no doubt he would gladly take swift ownership of the Oval Office if Trump is pushed out via impeachment. (Pence nor Ryan are 'loyal'. Writer needs to do more research. BOTH are made up of the SCUM Americans want removed from 'government' offices, and BOTH should be prosecuted for their criminal activity and associations.)

No one reaches his position without at least dreaming of sitting in that chair. And if he does, he’d have to name a new vice president. Haley would certainly come to mind.

Maybe that report isn’t just “wishful thinking” after all… and maybe there’s more than just the House and Senate on the line in this year’s midterm elections.

— Walter W. Murray is a reporter for The Horn News. He is an outspoken conservative and a survival expert, and is the author of “America’s Final Warning. 

America, don't sit back on your laurels.  It is more important now than ever to pray and fast for the Lord's will to come forth in and for this nation.  And, for the enemy within to continue to be exposed for what they are and who they are.  President Trump has made great strides in turning our nation around in his first year in office.  We need to support our President now more than ever.  3/4ths of Americans voluntarily voted for President Trump - we cannot let him down!!!!!


  1. Bar Attorney Pence. Think FARA. Not eligible to represent We the People. A great opportunity not to be missed by right-thinking people.

  2. Every congressperson has super glue applied to his/her butt. They are firmly entrenched with YEARS of occupation of their seats. It is way past time to rid ourselves of these traitors, idiots and self serving individuals who have no real interest in our nation except to make it 100% THEIR property - forget We the People. WHEN and HOW are we going to rid ourselves of these VERMIN and enforce TERM LIMITS? Once the time limit is up to occupy their positions, it is time to rid ourselves of them and honestly elect new individuals who will honestly represent We the People.

  3. Nikky Haley has a distinct reptilian vibration around her.

  4. Dear friends Americans!

    I am a European, living in Europe and reading this and other alternative blogs!
    I am wondering why you talk so much, make discussions and do nothing!
    Do you think seriously that one man- Avatar Trump will save America and the world? False! This is what the Cabal wants you to believe!
    I was hoping in Trump when he was elected, but what happened for one year-nothing! Only a tax cut, which is beneficiary to him too! He can talk, talk, talk nicely and simple to the masses! Therefore maybe he was chosen! You have to see his actions and results, not his talks!
    Everybody is speaking about - our „wonderful“ President! What is wonderful-his talks - „to make America great again“!
    What else he did? 2 times bombed Syria with no evidence at all! It were fake attacks in both cases!
    And before the results of the commission! It means, he let him be manipulated like somebody without brain! He tweeted like a child even earlier about the „nice“ bombs, which meens it was already decided! He is a businessman, acts as a salesman, but never as a politician! He is making his politics through tweeter. He is not serious and reliable at all!
    He wants to spend 80 billions on the devastating 5 G technology (everyone will be roasted), because will bring more „jobs“!
    Please, don‘t be so blind and naiv! Only because he promiced to make America great again!
    And what is if he choosed to play the role of the persecuted??! Maybe his role was only to deceive the people and to give his place to Pence! Why he did not removed Mike Pence? Everybody knows that he is a pedophyle! If something happen to Trump, Pence will be the next President!

    In Europe is already the NWO! America is the last bastion of freedom, because you аре armed!
    What happen with the since the beginning ot 2017 installed guillotines? What happened with all the criminals, supposed to be locked in prison? Everytime posponed! You are loosing too much time and allow the criminals to recruite and organise themselves against humanity?!

    You can do it! The mass awareness and consciousness! How long you want to waite??
    Trump is not young and the time is working against him! No one in Europe count on him, nor believe him! He behave as on emperor and like to play! He doesn’t allow any criticism! Try to criticise him on twitter, your comments will disappear!

    Do something-the plan B! The whole world is watching at you, and not at Trump, with hope!

    1. We talk, communicate, a discourse of mind, in the spiritual realm, 'cause that's where everything resides and works out into the outer realms. Much love and peace.

  5. I heard Pence is a pedophile. He'd be the perfect establishment president because he can be blackmailed.