Sunday, April 29, 2018

Something Unexplainable is Happening Worldwide (Events 2018 - 2019)


  1. Don't know about the crack in the earth, could be that God is getting a little tired of all the mess going on in the world, but I read probably about or over a year ago that the sounds people are hearing are coming from the satellites, world wide, just like the world governments have planed to fake an alien attack with their satellites and also the rapture(with sound). find all that on the Project Blue Beam site. the light in the sky looks like a meter, i know when I was really young going to my grandparents and while traveling a meter was falling to the ground and blew up I guess entering the earths atmosphere and it lite up the whole county like it was day light.

  2. People - remember Project Blue Beam and Star Wars. One or both were designed to, among other things, project the image of 'Jesus' worldwide at the same time (whatever 'god' fits a country - that is what the people would see and hear) announcing to the people the return of their 'god' to planet Earth. This, along with their sophisticated hologram programs, could possibly transmit the 'trumpet' sounds, further deceiving the people. Let us not be so easily fooled. Give this prayerful thought, and ask the Lord God to clearly make known who and what is behind all this 'amazing' stuff going on. He may be behind it, but remember He wants our attention and repentance. On the other hand, satan is a copycat, counterfeit, and most will be easily led astray by him. Post comments on what He tells you when you seek Him.