Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Remember Dick Cheney???


  1. Plus Syrian rebels are Muslim Brotherhood financed by Rothchild-Soros-Saudia Arabia and which is of the same spirit here in the US aiding and abetting Globalist Bolshevist Communist takeover of the US.

  2. Major False Flag Ship Attack on U.S. Navy

  3. Yeah we remember him....read cathy obriens book transformation of america and see the truth of who he really is.....

    1. I'm VERY familiar with Cheney and met Cathy years ago, interviewing her and friend on my radio show several times; also was involved in some deprogramming of young women who were enslaved to the MK Ultra program - very ugly and horrifying. Transformation of American is a good book for anyone not familiar with what goes on with that program, and the book gives some history on what happened in Cathy's life. There is a close connection with MK Ultra and the pedophelia problem. BTW - Cheney and old man Bush (HW) are extremely evil vicious animals and should both receive punishment beyond the 'norm' which still would not be bad enough to get even for what they do to people.

  4. He is a like a an ugly monster in a scary movie.