Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Few Thoughts On Obama Purging The Americ...

Posted By: Lion [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 29-Jan-2013 05:49:50
Thanks to Readers S who brings:
Re: A Few Thoughts On Obama Purging The Americ....
Hi Lion,
I couldn't agree more. Makes no sense at all.
I read at another site (don't recall which) that Obama is purging all military who are loyal to the Cabal and Banksters.
In my view most of what Obama is supposedly doing (the negative stuff like ordering drone attacks) is crap.
I don't believe Obama orders drone strikes or proposes laws on gun control.
He is told what to do and say by those currently in charge of him.
In summary I don't think Obama is directing anything at all is is just a convenient scapegoat for the Cabal.
He is only just now getting some support to clean house.
Cheney is the most vocal about the negative stuff that Obama is doing. What does that tell you?
Thanks To Reader B who contributes:
Re: A Few Thoughts On Obama Purging The Americ....
I am an honorably discharged old veteran, that volunteered during the Korean conflict, but never left the states.
I didn't like the military then, and really don't like it now.
But the suicides, the Tillman's, and other events, tell me our soldiers, young and old, get the picture, and that you may be right-on.
It sure did me good reading your perspective. Thanks.
Thanks to Reader N who adds:
Re: A Few Thoughts On Obama Purging The Americ....
For what is worth and is only IMO, THEY invented the American mind set, hence your culture is, firing from your mouths and you glorified what THEY created for you,
when it comes to get your own house in order THEY know you will never ever have the cojones,
THEY have given you too much sentimentality and collective aaaahhh,for you guys to shoot anything other than
"I gonna do this or that".
Hence the article,they can print or say what ever fantasy, WHY, because THEY use the American people purported wrath to blackmail each other.
Please do not interpret this, that I wish you guys kill each other, you already done that to yourselves and it did not work then and it will not work again.
And thanks to reader F Writes:
Re: A Few Thoughts On Obama Purging The Americ....
How many current military leaders do you think would not, after being asked the supposed "question", run immediately to the nearest news/media outlet to report such an event?
How many would not report it through their chain of command or possibly even directly to the Joint Chiefs?
They know that their UCMJ clearly states that to "engage" any civilian is a huge no-no unless fired upon first.

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