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Video: Stew Webb - Bush Crime Syndicate, A

Reader B: "This time, no more secrets..."
Posted By: Lion [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 29-Jan-2013 19:05:36
Thanks Kindly, B
Re: Video: Stew Webb - Bush Crime Syndicate, A....
To: Lion
Once again,my warm and honest greetings and respect to you and all of your group likewise to all of my fellow man.
(my apologies to my grammar)

I am here only to send some words regarding physical body transformation and the doorway that connects from the source.
I am also sorry for I don`t write the words like somebody does.
Eternal light from the source called:
The All that Is, The Creation,
The Source of all Power from the Universes, The Great Light, and many more names left for us our from ancient ancestors.
That source of light has been in the Universes billions of billions of years ago and it is the source of life that runs the universes -
- with its own mystery that not yet know to mankind and without the power and the Law of Creation, Universe don`t exist, no Galaxies, no Solar Systems, no other life form beings in the Universes, and no human beings on Earth, and no Earth.
What matter most is we are invented humans and everyone knew that this time that those who came down from heavens (we called them God or Gods) are not God at all.
They are the master space travelers and scientist who invented humans via DNA manipulation.
Without their understanding that come from the "Source" none of them exist, and they will never find the secrets of immortality.
Let me move fast forward.
We humans can access that secret of immortality just exactly what they do.
Humans cannot escape from aging process and it is a decease that was designed by them to limit human life.
Those beings who made humans had access to that Source are called, The Creation, The All that Is, the Quantum Physics that been mastered by those beings billions of years ago that gives them immortality.
All of those beings pay their respect to that Source for without that source, they all will fail and gone forever.
This time,no more secrets, let`s have those Eternal Light from the Source, the Creation, The All That Is.
This is the reason why we are all here in this Planet Earth.
If some of you there know how to "go within" then the light is yours.
Choose you time that you are comfortable with them lay down in your bed without any disturbances.
Try to do it with a mild light around you or no light at all.
Spend your time to consume the light within your body as you please everyday until the light incarnate within you.
Those light are pure from the Source of All.
Your carbon base DNA structure will be transform into crystalline base structure and all the love from the Creator/Creation will be yours freely that you are going also to share with your fellow man.
That is the truth, the knowledge from the beyond, the quantum physics that was mastered by the beings who came down from heavens.
The secrets of immortality that was kept hidden from humankind.
Brothers and Sisters, follow you will for it is also a
Universal Law.

May all of you out there continue your purpose in life with peace....Your Brother.

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