Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Global Treaty Will Nix Mercury—But NOT in Vaccines!

Global Treaty Will Nix Mercury—But NOT in Vaccines!
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Date: Tuesday, 29-Jan-2013 21:07:16
(Alliance for Natural Health - USA) Why is one of mercury’s most dangerous applications—human vaccines—exempted from the ban? An update to our recent report.
A week of complex discussions in Geneva ended with governments from around the world agreeing to a global, legally binding treaty to limit mercury use. The Minamata Convention on Mercury, named after the Japanese city where thousands of residents fell ill with mercury poisoning in the 1950s, bans the production, export, and import by 2020 of a wide range of products and processes where mercury is used or released.
Products include implantable medical devices, switches and relays, certain fluorescent lamps, soaps and cosmetics, and some medical devices such as thermometers and blood pressure devices. Mercury-added dental amalgams are also to be phased out.
What’s exempted? Products used for military and civil protection; those with no mercury-free alternative; those used in religious or traditional practices; and vaccines in which the organomercury compound thimerosal, about which we have written about extensively, is used as a preservative.
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