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The psychiatric wolves attack more innocent children

The psychiatric wolves attack more innocent children
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Date: Monday, 28-Jan-2013 12:58:09
This is an insightful article from Jon Rappoports blog.
I have long been of the opinion that psychiatry is, at best, pseudo-science and probably a gigantic hoax perpetrated by the pharmaceutical industry. There is no real science behind any field of study wherein the conclusions are based entirely upon the opinions of its practitioners.
Just look at the title of the so-called "bible" of the psychiatric community - The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. Lets face facts. Statistics can be interpreted to "prove" whatever position that the interpreter desires. Statistics are not absolute fact, but rather a set of data points which when graphed may indicate a trend in a particular direction.
Combine this with the power to prescribe medication (phychiatrists are M.D.'s) and the documented tactics used by pharma representatives to induce doctors to prescribe their remedies and you get a recipe for disaster. When you add official government policy to the mix it becomes a tool of oppression. The Soviets knew this as did Mao. Following in their footsteps we now have Obama.
Remember, opinions can be and are molded and when those opinions are translated into action i.e. the ability to diagnose virtually anyone with a "mental disorder" requiring medication and/or hospitalization then tyranical abuse of that power is almost assured. Think about it.
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