Thursday, January 31, 2013

Open your eyes and look

Open your eyes and look at the past two years objectively:
  • Killer drones primed to kill U.S. citizens;
  • Jailing citizens without due process;
  • Assassinations of citizens endorsed by the Obama regime;
  • Active seeking out of top military officials willing to fire on U.S. citizens;
  • Stockpiling of billions of hollow point killer rounds by the alphabet agencies;
  • Obama's regime demanding the disarmament of America;
  • Grabbing your guns without rhyme or reason;
  • Destruction of the Constitution and the targeting of the Second Amendment.


Anonymous said...

This is mind boggling to anyone with an ounce of sense! And the idiots in Washington only talk about a budget and how to spend more money or take our guns???

Anonymous said...

The IDIOTS in Washington DC don't represent us ! They work for a FOR PROFIT CORPORATION and they pocket most of what they get from us !They know what is going on and flat don't care ! They are set for life !I was really hoping all the Washington rats would be arrested and maybe they will... who knows ?

archangel said...

Their hourglass is empty. They are in total panic. The entire universe is closing in on them now. The perps face un-creation. View from the top.