Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Posted By: ipia
Date: Monday, 28-Jan-2013 22:46:00
The Morningland Dairy site has posted that they are now out of business:
More information at:
I bought my first 10 lb. block of their excellent cheeses during the 1980's as they were beginning business. They were one of the best family run business ever opened in the US. Now that Monsanto, the federal government and local governments have declared war on all remaining noncoporate farmers and are just about finished with destroying all viable family farms they will soon turn their assets to family gardens and stored food to eliminate the last non GMO and non poisoned food from your diet.
The charges against Morningland are invented and corrupt labs have claimed that one sample of cheese has a trace impurity/contamination. They faked the contamination of course but you cannot fight lying prosecutors in court. They are describing the farmers as terrorists. The less than human beings that raided the farm are from the molds that cast Hitler, Goebbels, Goring, Himmler and so many others. Do not underestimate their capacity for evil; it is beyond your comprehension.
We have let the farmers of the US down by not protesting, now, like the Jews in Nazi Germany, they are coming for us; they are coming to take away all of our food. Soon. Forget the guns. If you have no food, you will not have the strength to pick up a gun.
This road to total food domination was paved by every single purchase of food at the supermarkets and at Wal Mart. That was convenient and cheap. Then. We could have made a choice. Then. We could have refused to buy from Wal Mart and bought from the local farmer. Then. Now there will be no local farmers left to buy from.
I don't notice any info on Alex Jones Infowars about this. Just stupid survival junkfood that will be confiscated. Soon.
In some alternative universe Alex Jones or somebody would lead a boycott of food at Wal Mart and that would shut down the system, saving the remaining few farmers and the rest of us too.

A boycott within weeks, not months would save us. It is the American way of winning the war against the British. You throw all the tea from China in the ocean, you do not buy it. You throw all the goods from China in Wal Mart in the ocean, you do not buy from Wal Mart and most especially you do not buy food from Wal Mart. Not if you want to actually have food.
Unfortunately, the last patriot in America died years ago. There will be no boycott to save us. The last educated American died decades ago. The rest of us do not realize we only have to boycott, we do not have to pick up guns and start shooting. But then we are uneducated. Homeland Unsecurity, strip searches, collapse of the dollar, everything would go away if there was a nationwide boycott. India only had to stop buying salt to drive the British/City of London out. For a while; until they forgot. If we had only studied history we would know we only have to stop buying food at Wal Mart. Your vote in the election is never counted but if you vote to not spend any money at Wal Mart all of the politicians will be recalled out of office. Not a hard lesson to comprehend but then there are only a few who want to learn. Before the famine.
It is too late to prepare and buy seeds. It is not too late to boycott but you only have weeks left to start. Things are really moving fast.
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Anonymous said...

I don't really think it's a matter of "wanting" to buy food from WalMart but they have left us no choice. I went into a regular shopping food store today and I couldn't believe my eyes. A gallon of orange juice $6.99. And suddenly I started looking all around and every item that one would need suddenly turned $6.99 and up. A family size box of Honey Nut and Almond cereal $7.89! A block of cheese $4.99... What the hell is going on? It isn't that we want to buy at Walmart but they have made it so that all you can afford is at Walmart! Thoroughly pissed!

Ram said...

is that the only small stores u hav ther ?
here in TN we hav Aldi with 2# blocks cheese for $4.25 + Piggly has best buy for $4.59 -that dont seem bad- it was $3.75 jus 5 yrs ago
then they hav AlwaysSave 2# bags of cereals for around $4.00 + frosty flakes is $3.30 1/2 gal of OJ for $2.49
+ aint beenn to Kroger to look at prices for a year so gotta do dat soon
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