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Kim Clement- January 19, 2013 - From The Den !

Subject: Kim Clement- January 19, 2013 - From The Den !!!!!

From The Den
January 19, 2013 - From The Den

(Kim is speaking about the power of Daniel’s prayers while he was in captivity in Babylon and that he didn’t know the power of his prayers.)

Daniel didn’t know the extent and the consequence of his spiritual prayer life until the angel came there and said, “For 21 days I have been battling the demon, the prince of Persia.”  You’ve got to listen to this because even though we’re under a new covenant, we think that Jesus took care of all that.  Yes, He did for you, but He still says fight – fight the good fight of faith.  He speaks about spiritual warfare; that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds – something that is in the heavenlies, something that is over this nation right now has to be pulled down and it cannot be pulled down by Joe Biden; it cannot be pulled down by the President of the United States; it cannot be pulled down by politicians - it can only be pulled down by the spiritual leaders that have set their hearts towards the kingdom – not towards failure, but towards the kingdom, and said, “Now we will pray and whatever spiritual stronghold is over our nation, it will come to an end.”
 I am one of those voices – just one.

What I saw this morning while I was in prayer, besides anything else, was that God was going to bring about a victory, a massive victory, in this nation, but there were going to be some humbling moments in the White House and humbling moments for this President.  This is not that I’m against him; I’m just telling you, some humbling needs to start to take place.  We need some humble people to come and to stand and to speak the truth.  Humility is lacking. I’m not getting much response from that and I don’t blame you because you’re not sure where I’m coming from.

As I was praying this morning, the Spirit took me into a heavenly place and I began to realize that there was a stronghold that was joining the pythos spirit and now at this very hour that spiritual force – now remember, the angel spoke to Daniel about a prince of Persia and a prince of Greece and different princes, the ruling powers, not ruling now, but the powers that are at war with the people of God and Israel specifically, are active at this very moment and what are we doing?  They have planned for the downfall of the U.S. economy; they have planned for the closing of non-profit companies and charitable organizations.  They have planned for your downfall and for you to lose your money.  This is not about liberal or conservative, or whatever.  It’s not about that.  Their plan is to destroy and to suffocate the very life out of you.  That’s their plan.  They are active right now.  What are we doing about it?  What is our responsibility?
 What is it that we are supposed to do to bring an end to this?  “Well Kim, we need to vote.”  Yes, vote, but look what just happened.  Do whatever you need to do; make your voice known, but I’m telling you right now, the greatest power that you have and the key that you have is to find out what is happening in the Spirit and begin to pray against that and declare that “you are totally inoperable; you cannot operate in the presence of the people of the Living God and you cannot operate in the presence of the Blood of Christ that speaks of better things than that of Abel.”  We are the princes of the Blood royal; do you understand that?  If you do understand that, then I want every person watching me and all over the world to raise your hands up and say, “I believe that my prayers make a difference.  Therefore, what I perceive, I receive.” So Lord, I’m praying for perception to come in these next few minutes that people would understand and see with the Spirit and as they realize that their perception will bring about a prayer that will destroy this force that is trying to destroy America.

I could tell you many of the plans of the enemy at this time.  I could tell you a lot of it; I don’t need to.  I just told you a few things and eventually it gets onto your national news, then on the news you find out that’s what they’re planning. Let me say this to you in a very small teaching. The spirit that we are dealing with, besides pythos, which we know God said He’ll deal with and we have to pray against, and we have to sow into His kingdom, but the second one is Jezebel. “Why are you talking about Jezebel today?” Because this morning I saw those two forces joining because the python is losing power and losing momentum – just like when Gabriel spoke about the prince of Persia being brought down, this prince of Greece joined him in that battlefield.

Some of you may be saying, “I think you’re crazy,” and maybe I am, but I’m biblically crazy.  What I’m giving you right now is what happened in the Bible and what’s happening right now.  Every Bible name has a meaning, so much so that sometimes when God changed the nature of a person, He also changed his or her name.  Sunil will tell you and show you in Codebreakers (not today) how I heard the plans of demonic powers when I was in Detroit, Michigan and prophesied when they said, “We will change the name of America and we will change the name of Israel.” Now some of you are perhaps sitting there saying, “This is absolutely stupid.” It’s happened in the past, it can happen again.  Don’t be so sure of yourself. I’m not even going to talk about the gun control issue right now, but this is going to get very, very nasty.  I’m just warning you and maybe some of you know that, but it’s going to get really nasty.  What are we going to do about it?  We are covered by prophetic preservation, but remember something.

When God changes a person’s name, it was for the future.  In other words, He changed the name of Abram to Abraham because he believed God’s promise of a son, so God changed his name to Abraham, putting God’s breath in there, and He changed his wife’s name from Sarai to Sarah.  Years later, after the angel of the Lord had wrestled with him all night long, Jacob’s name was changed to Israel.  Now remember something – each one of you according to Revelation chapter 3 – you’ve been given a new name, which means you have a nature inside of you that is able to fit with that description of that name.  That’s another teaching altogether and it’s in the Bible.  Go to Revelation 3 and it’s there.

(Kim goes on to discuss how Jacob wrestled with God; the enemy does not want us to get what God has for us, but in this case, Jacob wrestled with God.  He reads the scripture about a new name from Revelation 2:17.  The scripture says for overcomers, there is hidden manna.  In other words, every time we overcome, hidden manna comes forth.

God will give a white stone with a new name on it. Talks about His disciples – “Who do you say I am? Some say you are . . . . .” Too many times we listen to what others say.  Simon responds, “You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God.”  It was only when he spoke out the revelation that he became Peter and Jesus gave him the keys to the kingdom.)

(Goes on to speak about Baal and how that spirit wants to control and possess everything, including us.  Souls want to co-exist; each soul has certain traits, vices and virtues.  Souls like to co-exist together – can be for good or evil.)

What is He saying now and let us realize that the spirit of pythos and the spirit of Jezebel have now sought each other so they could co-exist and they could become multiple powers.  What does that mean for us?  It means control, control, control.  Control is not always bad but it’s getting worse.  This is dangerous when these souls try and co-exist, when there is evil and bad in the human soul, because the mischief doubles.  The mischief multiplies as they co-exist.

(Goes on to explain the meaning of the name of Jezebel – “non co-habitant without obligation.”  Jezebel worshipped Baal and surrounded herself with false prophets.  She wanted Baal to have equal rights with Yahweh, the God of Israel.  The God of the United States is Jesus Christ; no other is Lord.
 Jezebel’s stance brought her into conflict with the prophet Elijah.)

The reason that God is raising up prophets all over the world is because this spirit is so prevalent.  This spirit is endeavoring to raise the names of religions and gods and make them equal with Christ; then it will get worse.  Now we come to the real issue.  Now Elijah says, “Oh, I see.”  The conflict begins with the prophet Elijah – a battle between Yahweh and Baal is about to take place in the United States of America – in the United States of America.  You say, “Kim, I’ve never heard you be so negative.”
 This is not about negative; we’re still going to be blessed; we’re still going to have our families; we’re still going to see God’s abundance in our life.  I want you to know that his force is  bringing a conflict with the prophets because it has decided that it will dwell in this United States of America.  The battle – I’m going to say it as a prophetic word – between Yahweh, Yeshua, and Baal is about to take place; a battle in the United States of America, a spiritual battle is about to take place. “Kim, are you saying we’re in trouble?”  No, I’m saying to get up – get out of slothfulness, rise up and pray and fast with me, is my request.  (Asks people to fast and pray with him for the first 100 days to see victory in this battle.)

A battle between Yeshua and Baal is being fought in the United States of America and is beginning right now.  What happened on that mountain of Carmel?  A massacre; I’m not being dramatic.  A massacre took place of the prophets of Baal; the problem was that instead of diminishing Jezebel’s zeal, it augmented it.  She had a conception, and I want every person to please listen to me now, of an absolute monarchy.  Her conception, her dream, was of an absolute monarchy, to rule as long as she lived.  That spirit is on our nation and will spread if we, the prophets, don’t do something about it.  I’m not exaggerating; this is a heavy Den but I need to use this to address it.  “Are you speaking about the President? Are you speaking about the Vice President?”  I’m not speaking about them; I’m talking about a spirit. You work it out yourself, but this force has come to join hands.  I’ll tell you the one thing Elijah did that I love – he mocked their gods.  He said, “Do what you have to do to bring fire from heaven because here is a sacrifice in front of you, in your presence.  I’m going to offer the greatest offering that Israel has ever given on this Mount of Carmel; I’m going to do it in the presence of Baal.”  (Goes on to describe what the prophets of Baal did)

What is going to bring about victory in the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, France – countries all over the world that God has pinpointed me to pray for - even oppressed nations, Russia?  God has told me there are certain things He wants to do and He is plucking out people from all of these nations and they are going to have this unbelievable soul connection like we have right now and are going to break the power of this force as Elijah did on Mt. Carmel.

(Goes into offering; tells the rest of the story of Elijah’s offering on Mt. Carmel and how the fire and water together brought rain and the destruction of the prophets of Baal and how it brought Israel into one

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