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Is abdication of Queen Beatrix a signal of a loosening grip on power of the Bilderberg group?

Is abdication of Queen Beatrix a signal of a loosening grip on power of the Bilderberg group?

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Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands announced today her abdication in favor of her eldest son. Beatrix was a prominent figure and a driving force behind the Bilderberg group. Bilderber has a dubious distinction of  being g a click of European royalties, bankers, chairmen of large corporations, a couple of top  CIA officers and heads of state of the European countries and the US, who mastermind the destruction of the two main economic engines of the world: US and Western Europe. Bilderberg group is being credited of being a force behind the devaluation of the U.S. and European currencies and funnelling millions of the U.S. and European jobs to the slave labor in China. These measures gave billions of dollars of profit for the very few while plunging into debt the whole continents. If the departure of Beatrix signifies a loosening grip of Biderberg, then all I can say is “Good riddance”.

Interesting coincidence. Simultaneous to this announced resignation it was announced that a judge in New York ruled that a legal action by a former girlfriend of George Soros can proceed. Soros is one of the hot shots of the Bilderberg group and the unofficial king of Davos. Soros, of course, is a 80 year old multi billionaire and $50 million dollars asked by his 28 year old ex-guilfriend is a small change for him, but it is extremely embarassing for him. Also, from what I can see, the case actually appear to be very flimzy. The girlfriend claimed that he promised her a one and a half million dollar condo in New York, that he reneged on his promise and even hit her and choked her.  I am not sure how a judge would award one and a half million without a contract and how the judge will jump from a one and a half million to 50 million, so the fact  that the judge allowed it to go on and ruled today, after the case sat there since March, might be a message being sent to some people that they went too far. It is interesting that on Friday there were a couple of decisions by Federal judges against the Obama regime. US court of Appeals for the District of Columbia circuit ruled that Obama’s appointments on the National labor board were unconstitutional and a Federal judge in TX ruled that ICE agents can sue Obama administration in regards to the executive orders, orders which de facto made a mockery of the U.S. immigration laws.

I might be mistaken, all four events might be a strange coincidence, but there rarely is a coincidence in cases of this magnitude. Maybe it is a sign that the fever broke, that there is a shift in the power struggle, maybe not. We will see…


WOW ! It looks like I was correct about the abdication of Beatrix being a sign of weakness of the regime. Let’s not forget that her husband and also the father of her daughter in law crown princess Maxima were linked to nazi regimes. I suspect Greeks and Italiens revolting against the appointed banker viziers and Spaniards revolting in the atmosphere of 26% unemployment. I see cracks in the WTO-GATT looting scheme

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Dear Dr. Taitz, kind greetings from Holland.

I think there is not so much a powerchange going on, as well as another attempt to maintain status quo and put the wool over our eyes. Beatrix is tainted and she and her handlers and minions know it. What I saw on television yesterday, during the notification of abdication and the subsequent overall jubilee theatrics , was forced script reading from all the pundits, including our prime minister, who could hardly get all the hypocrisy and lies across his lips. However, what struck me most was the insecurity and, dare I say, fear of exposure on all the talking heads’ faces, in their bodylanguage and unstable verbal utterances. Things are stirring here and in my humble estimation they are taking precautionary measures to take this evil stepmother out of the spotlight, meantime giving the people bread and games as a diversion.

One of the front lines of the bastion of power has been dealt a severe blow, and that is the right of a bailiff to lay claim to your personal belongings, store them in your own house for later public sale or auction. This has proven to be without merit, which is possibly going to result in huge counterclaims, which will effectively put the bailiffs out of business, as they have no final method of coercion anymore. It is my take that if this bastion of power falls, then people will no longer be driven by fear for their livelihoods and then power will fall. As it turns out, the practice of public sale or storage from within a as a living space designated building, is by all means illegal and contravenes national, local and communal law, as well that it overrides any contractual term for renting, mortgaging etc. This illegal practice has been going on for decades and now starts to backfire, as now the first bailiff is countersued and did not dare to execute public sale, nor has further responded to anything. Not only may bailiffs face to have to refund all taken property, they will also be charged for all the costs involved, on top of which they can face megaclaims for damages and health consequences. Jurors working in civil service are starting to agree to the validity of this and already have asked to involve them in case of illegal use of living space, as they have to follow the rule of law regardless.

It is my observation that this abdication follows hot on the heels of this jurisprudence and its simply bread and games to take the attention away. That means TPTB are scared, very scared, because this is a huge crack in their stronghold, the first line of defense going down. The corrupt judicial system will be next, then the banksters and politicians. Our illegal monarchs will probably flee to Argentinia, if they are lucky enough to get out on time, because critical mass has already been reached. You can tell by the mediashow they are trying to execute, which utterly fails…

Regards :)

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