Tuesday, January 29, 2013

W.S.H.F. by Drake

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by Drake
             ~ Drake
I am not a tinfoil wearing, black helicopter watching paranoid type.  I am not a member of an organized “militia group” that sits around and bitches about the government and calls every other person Colonel.  I do not advocate the overthrow of the US Government, armed insurrection, racism or any illegal activity.  I am a member of “the militia” only in the sense that the founding fathers meant it, to include every single able-bodied man.
I am not going to discuss politics or conspiracy theories on this website.  I assume that, if you are reading it, you have your own reasons to do so.  I’m not recruiting.  I have found that there is a lack of pages with this type of content.  Some of those that are out there have a lot of misleading stuff, cut and pastes or space wasted on simple opinion.  I’m not going to discuss AR vs AK or 9mm vs 45.  The state of manhood in this country, and the lack appreciation for our nation’s history, appalls me.  I feel that if 10% of taxpaying Americans took half of what I’m writing about seriously then we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in.
I, nor the friends that help me with this site, are ex Special Forces, Navy SEALS, Space Shuttle Door Gunners etc.  We have no extensive combat experience and I make no claims that our advice would be the only route to pursue.  What I will guarantee is that the contents are researched, tested and represent the best ways that I have found to achieve the competencies that I am discussing.
I have started this website because, first and foremost, I like a creative project.  Secondly, I want a record of the media I have produced about the subjects herein, in one place and accessible to the public.  Lastly, I would like this page to encourage and help others to take their defensive rights and responsibilities more seriously.
So enjoy, and send me feedback.
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Anonymous said...

Looks like Drake is crawfishing. "His contents are researched, tested and represent the best ways he has found to achieve the competencies he discusses." BULLSHIT! Drake is a liar. He knows nothing. Just an attention, glory seeking redneck idiot.