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*** Iraqi dinar, recently being said *** / TNT Tony & DC conf. call notes (long)

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*** Iraqi dinar, recently being said *** / TNT Tony & DC conf. call notes (long)
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Date: Friday, 12-Sep-2014 17:47:58

Hi, Folks -
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9-12-14 TNT DINAR CC (Notes by Adept1):
Replay 805.399.1500, PIN CODE 409029#
[The call started with a honky-tonk song called God Bless Texas! Apparently today is Texas Day (according to Pam). Tony wants it to be known that he did NOT choose this song! Pam decided that TNT stands for Texas N Texans Rock.
Tony: Good morning, TNT! It is Friday, September 12, 2014. It is a superfantastic day! Sorry, I was getting a text – I guess everybody around the world talks about Texas now!
We have a lot of great information, in-depth. I was going to tell you some really good stuff because DC was going to be late, but he cancelled his other meeting and is here.
Great things are happening in Iraq and here in the US. Let’s start at Wednesday, when we left some information out because I was asked not to say it. Today is different, though. People are so excited here, and I’ll tell you what was happening. We knew the RV wasn’t happening on Wednesday, and this is why. We have talked about the Qi cards and how they are loaded. Iraq has a hierarchy of when and how to load the cards. On Wednesday, they reloaded the system with new numbers so that it could read everywhere, not just in one direction. They did that so they would be Basel III compliant. Once that was completed, we could go to another level. DC?
DC: I’ve been asked if I can talk slowly, and the answer is ‘sometimes’. East to West, and in chronological for Iraq, because Iraq has been the star of the show. On Wednesday, they loaded the cards. Yes, they had been loaded for most people, but for some people they had not been loaded fully and some have been stuck in five tiers or levels. They have now upgraded ALL cards to the new rates, as of this morning, and that is a wonderful thing for Iraq, for us and for the world. We weren’t waiting on it, but it is part of the RV system. That was loading at the CBI, along with a lot of preparatory work, such as memos to the banks that do a lot of business with the CBI, not just in Iraq, but the surrounding countries. They send out memos to saw that they are ready and are not waiting on any political action in Iraq or the world. The CBI said this boldly (for banker), because others were saying we have to wait for the budget and banking laws to get this done. They sent out another memo saying that they are doing this at any moment.
Test went out and a handful of people exchanging, and those were successful. They have prepped for celebrations and everything else.
Tony: DC, you’re going to make a great politician!
DC: Friends are saying Tony and I should get into politics, but no way! We are tired! For those who haven’t been paying attention to the news, or we are your news source (as in some Senators and Reps), Kerry went to the Middle East to build this coalition to fight ISIL. He is there wrapping up details and making sure everyone it put together cohesively. He was there Wednesday and yesterday, saying nice things about how well Iraq has gone from a chaotic mess to everyone singing the same song, and steering a middle course. It’s important to make sure that there is credible Kurd and Sunni representatives in all areas. He also said “Let’s get this economic reform moving! Let’s get it done!” We will be hearing about economic reform, in Iraq and the Middle East – that is the phrase we will be seeing on the television and international news. Abadi said very clearly that Iraq is getting this done.
Tony: Economic reform is the new term for ‘RV the money’.
DC: ON the news, Iraq has been scrolling across the bottom of the screen that the coming revaluation is coming in very quickly. There have been television and radio spot about how this will work, if you’re overseas. In March, there was something similar when we were so close. They are instructing people to be cautious when they are buying stuff that it’s at the correct revalued price, so that no one is taken advantage of. That is throughout the news and website and you can see it for yourself. Some of these are making it to the US-Iraqi channels.
They told everyone to get ready for it today, they’ve sent out memos to the US and worldwide banks, saying they were thinking of doing it at 10. The US rollout plan is for when other countries are exchanging. The Middle East is already exchanging and there are a lot of happy people as some banks have jumped the gun and let people exchange. The banks are so confident that this is going through that they are allowing credit to some of their wealthy clients. You can actually get an exchange for the currency just like we will have here very quickly.
Tony: Yesterday, the time was supposed to be 10am here, today. The time has been changed for the US.
DC: There are two different news reports saying the RV is tonight, and therefore 3am their time. We’re getting that from two different, credible sources. So we’re putting that in the hope+pray box. In terms of Iraq being ready on the 2-15 minute pull, they are still saying they have the right to pull the trigger because they want it to go smoothly for credibility. They decided to give the world a few hours to get their act together. The world’s banking system plus security and law enforcement are preparing and doing all their stuff. Iraq is still saying they can do it at any time they please, but in order to encourage smooth, lawful behavior, they are giving the world a little more prep time.
In Iraq the Parliament is working on a few minor laws, and pushing through the budget. It’s not essential to have that for the RV to happen, but it’s important for Iraq. Security: ISIL has had more air strikes, and more Sunnis are coming back to the fold because they see the GOI is for real and including them.
Tony: Everything we’re talking about if going to come out later this afternoon. We didn’t give the exact time, but celebrations are scheduled for tomorrow. This close, it shouldn’t make any difference how many details we give out.
DC: We have been really close before and something screwed it up. We really believe we are very, very close, but let’s be cautiously excited.
Tony: There are others with this information, so if it does get screwed up, it’s not because of us! That is why Egypt is exchanging, as we are hearing from family members in country.
DC: Others have said that in the Middle East as well. Bloomberg is announcing that certain countries have just gone through an economic change. They worded it nicely, too. On Bloomberg international, it says many countries have made a jump [too fast for me to hear the countries]. They are now stable and good, and it happened TODAY in a matter of hours.
Tony: These are countries we know are in the GCR.
DC: And these countries have currencies that have been beaten up by Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, and other business journals.
Tony: Why would they do that on a Friday afternoon rather than Monday morning or midweek?
DC: Iraq did announce this in the mosques, and some rolled their eyes, but Abadi and others are being forceful about saying this is the final deal.
A lot of European countries are very eager for this, because they need the shot in the arm after Ukraine. England and Scotland are watching this careful because if the referendum says Yes, there will be financial chaos. New York is happy on how this is coming together with the NATO coalition. UN is happy because the Chapter 7 that happened 14 months ago is now being completed with the RV. The UST is prepped and ready to go – they’ve been running tests. The administration is mostly highly supportive. For the most part, the Boss and everyone else is supporting the RV; Senators and Reps are also excited to get this moving leading up to the midterm elections in November. The strategy guys are working out how to spin this.
Banks, security, call centers and exchange centers are all ready, not just the Big Four but also tier 2 banks. They are aggressive on getting this done. Law enforcement are ready, and Security is on site. They are being told they will be very busy on Monday.
Tony: Before we start taking questions, I want everyone listening to hear me: I have done my job for the last four years, and that is as close to politics as I want to be.
DC: The reason someone of our Congressional buddies have said that “Hey, we could do with some fresh blood”, but we are not here to do politics but to information you about Middle East politics and the dinar.
Tony: As soon as my money is in the bank, I’m out of here1
212 caller: Will we not hear from you after this call?
Tony: I don’t know. We’re hearing different things. I think they are making a major mistake if they don’t allow us to guide you through this process. I haven’t signed an NDA yet, and I think today would be an excellent today for you to ask about different scenarios and get DC’s opinion upfront. Our options are a 15-minute closing call, or a two-hour closing call, or a few days of calls so that we can help you all the way through. I can’t give out advice, but I can tell you what I would do.
DC: Bottom line is, the reason we do this so many hours per week doing this, on average 60 hours per week, and six hours per week … well, my three-year-old wasn’t sleeping well because I talk so loudly, and he asked who I was talking to one night quite late. He asked, “Do you love them?” and I said, “I like them a lot” and he replied “You should tell them you love them, like you tell me!” The point is, we do all this work and we feel like it’s abandoning you at the end of the road. We’ve devoted all this time to helping everyone, and we want to see it through.
Tony: DC’s three-year-old called me last night!
Caller: I hope they do let you finish this our the way we would all like, not with insider information but just helpful information. If they cut you off, who will they turn us over to? Last week you were talking about missing deposits…
Tony: That wasn’t us! But it is a scary situation for us to just leave you, because there are people not under NDA, giving you information they want you to have, and giving you business opportunities and wanting your money, like certain groups. If they have a system, that is one of their concerns, what I might say. We can still come on and give you information about the process.
Caller: I do hope they let us continue with people that we know and trust. Six hours a week is probably more than we spend with our spouses!
Tony: I said “If it’s not going to happen soon, let’s talk about the exchange procedures.”
Caller: I have some questions about that. I heard at one point $38 for dinar and $15 for the dong. Also, I got the impression that the longer we go on with no RV, the shorter amount of time that we will be able to get the contract rates? Can you tell us anything about how to time the market after the RV?
Tony: The one thing they don’t want us to talk about the date or the rate, but how to get those contract rates and the whole process.
DC: The original plan was that for a period of time negotiated by China and the UST, there will be a certain amount of time and money as a pool for paying for those oil credits. For those taking the contract rate, the NDA and taxes will be a bit more stringent. Let’s say it’s 1.5 trillion. Some people don’t want to sign NDAs or for other reasons they make take the international rate. We understand the size of that pool has changed even in the last few days. There is still a plan for a higher contract while there is money still in that pool. They have a simple form with A, B and C.
A = higher contract rate with higher taxes and NDA.
B = middle contract rate with lower taxes and NDA
C = is international rate with no tax or NDA.
The reason so many people are confused is because the people doing it are confused. Everyone will have to be ready to roll with the punches, because we just don’t know what those contracts will be. For the middle level, they were thinking of using some foreign income credits, but that will just confuse everyone. We don’t know yet.
Caller: Which would you take?
DC: I am going to get out my calculator, and find out what rates A, B or C will be. Find out what your state tax is as well as your federal tax rate, plus the health tax. I will plug in A, then B, and then C. Whichever comes in higher, that’s what I’ll take.
Caller: Surely the net would always be the highest rate?
DC: I will walk it through, do the quick math including taxes and fees, and I’ll see the net total. We hope all the relevant information will be given. Right now, the latest info I have is that these rates are for the time it gets done. Let’s say tomorrow I can get X, which is really good. If I say that I have reserves, they will not guarantee that rate for when you actually bring in the reserve currencies. We know the contract rate will go down, but we don’t know how fast or how much is in the pool.
Caller: Will there be caps?
DC: We do know that caps exist because they want to make it as fair as possible. Originally the caps were 50 million dinar, but don’t know for dong.
Tony: They have some different levels for the caps, and even if you get to that cap, you can still exchange at a different rate for the rest.
Caller: IS there any possibility for the market rates to go as high as the contract rates?
DC: I don’t think so. The price of something is based on supply and demand. There is a lot of supply from those of us exchanging. The main banks have an international rates, but the hedge funds and investors might be willing to pay more. Over a period of time, the banks will let it go up and down for a bit, and then they will crank it down and manage it very close to their neighbors such as Saudi and Kuwait. That float could be anywhere from 16 days to six months. We don’t really know that plan, and I think they have several different options to adjust that float. With Kuwait, it started out at 3, bounced up and down several times, even up to 9, and that was too volatile. They have spent hours discussing this, and they will manage that float over time. These will be market fluctuations, and the banks can sell into that market, but they can also sell to the CBI, the UST and to China. The banks will change their rates every day, as they do now.
Tony: For everyone complaining at how much time that caller took up, those were good questions that everyone wants to know. I talked to Okie last night and he is doing well.
352 caller: Are you saying for sure that Monday is our day?
Tony: I’m not saying anything for sure! You guys know how this works. I’m saying on Iraqi television they have been telling them where and how to exchange, and that there are announcements are expected in the mosques. Plus we have had several call from other countries saying it would happen at 10am this morning, but it didn’t happen then.
Caller: When will we get the 800 numbers? Let’s say it’s Monday, do you mean that all the dinarians are taking off from work and won’t know what to do?
Tony: What if it comes out tomorrow – that would be good because Saturday and Sunday are not usually work days. If they can put a big push in on the weekend, from 7am to 11pm, we can get a whole lot of dinarians done because they will have appointments and there won’t be lines out the door. That way no one else (in the public domain) will even know until Monday.
Caller: So if we do that route, we’ll need the 800 number!
Tony: There will be an 800 number and a website, and of course the first thing we will do is to send it out to everyone!
801 caller: I’m Bellagsma on the board, one of the transcribers, and we all love doing these calls and helping out. DC, you talk at 500mph, and we have trouble keeping up with you! [Appreciation]
404 caller: For the contract rates, will all banks be offered them, or is only WF on dinar and which bank on dong?
Tony: I believe tier 2 banks will offer contract rates as well as the Big Four.
DC: Our understanding is that all banks will be offering contract rates.
Caller: AT one point, you appeared to say 3am Iraqi time, which is 10 in the US.
DC: I didn’t say that. They did say it would be 10am Iraq time, which is in the middle of the night here.
Tony: All we have said is that there are celebrations scheduled for tomorrow and announcements in the mosques.
Caller: Will you tweet it as soon as this comes out?
Tony: I always have my phone with me, and yes, I will tweet it out.
Caller: Is it possible you could create a tape to post on the websites, that you could tape before you signed the NDA?
DC: We have suggested that ourselves; it sure sounds like a good idea to me. They were all for it because if we said something they didn’t like, they could just delete that part. Their attorneys are not so keen. But we could do that all in a day.
Caller: According to my notes, IMF and BIS are the ones who coordinate the timing.
Tony: The release has been given to IMF, and they will say to Iraq “whenever you are ready to pull the switch” and then Iraq will do it.
Caller: About the dignitaries – are they still there?
Tony: They had their celebrations last week; this weekend is the people’s party!
Caller: [Appreciation]
532 caller: Do you and DC realize that if you had spend this long listening to Harvard students, you’d have tenure by now? Another observations is that while that gal from NY took up so much of our time, if such a person is so inconsiderate, I wonder if she will actual do any of the good things we are talking about.
Tony: Those questions were actually good, and that’s why we let her stay on the line.
Caller: I don’t think she was considering that when she stayed on the phone that long just for her questions. She took half an hour out of a two-hour call! I will jump off the line and let others ask their questions.
707 caller: I am a newbie and not connected, but something that encouraged me was a customer who came into my store – a vet who was in Iraq – and he said that he had some dinars. He said that when he got out of the military, the officers told everyone to invest in Iraq to get reconstruction started. Their officers wanted them to be part of this. There are good people out there doing the right things.
Tony: Many of those good things shared the insight we needed to help us help you with this revaluation. I was talking about this with a guy yesterday, and the guy showed his dinar, and it had Saddam Hussein on it, which means it’s the wrong currency. I hope that this guy has the right dinar…
Caller: I didn’t see his currency, although he offered me some. I assume it was the right amount, because the officers told them to go out and buy up to $5,000 worth.
Tony: I know some vets didn’t get the picture and so they missed the opportunity.
Caller: I will check with this guy. I’m scared myself, because I know there are sharks out there. I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I hope God will steer me right.
Tony: There are people who have been doing this for years, and I hope they will share their information with you. I have been handing out 10K and 20K notes to perfect strangers, telling them to watch and know it will change their lives. If everyone were to do that… well, it’s too late now.
Caller: This is the biggest audience I”ll ever had, and I want to encourage everyone out there. We are a great country, and we have great ideas on how to fix the world. Once this money is in your hand, you will be bombarded with choices. When I didn’t have the money, I thought I would make great decisions, but I didn’t always. Let’s hope we will all make wise decisions and do great things.
719 caller: My family is from Texas, and they are also loud! I live out in the country, about two hours away from the nearest city. Should we start heading for the city as soon as we get the tweet?
DC: I don’t’ think the contracts will be that tight. It’s more like days than hours. It’s good to jump on quickly and get it done, but how many people are really paying attention to this? There are about 50,000 who are really vigilant, and maybe 500,000 who will get the information quickly. If you do the numbers and spread it out, most of dinarland will exchange in 72 hours. Unless you are in DC, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, Charlotte, SF, and NYC, all the places where there are federal workers, vets and/or evangelical churches, then you might have to wait. But if you don’t live in one of those major cities, you should get in the same day.
Caller: We live close to Colorado Springs. There are a lot of vets there, so maybe I’ll get a hotel room, and that way I can start shopping. Also, should I keep my cell phone close to me today, tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon…?
Tony: I can’t tell you that. Just keep your phone close. It will be a great weekend.
Caller: I’m impressed with Abadi’s government, and I wish our government would be as quick and efficient. He has tried really hard and everyone is getting it to work.
Tony: Are you saying our government is dysfunctional?
903 caller: I want to tell you about a military guy I met in Texas. He was in his mid-40s. In a grocery store, I saw him looking at how many points he had for that grocery store, and I wondered if he was in an financial bind. I was expecting him to come out the door, but he went out the other door. I followed him, and he rolled his window down. I handed him some money. He said he didn’t want the money, but I wanted him to have it. He spun back around and said, “Thank you”. Tony, it touched me that there are men and women who gave all they had. We should be grateful to those men and women who gave their lives for us. I wrote down his license number, and when this RVs I’m going to run that license number down. I hope I’ll find him and that I’m able to help.
Tony: It doesn’t matter how much you give. We should all do that, every time we get on a bus, train or plane, just give them something and say thank you.
585 caller: If I have dinar and my nonprofit has dinar, do I need to make one appointment or two?
DC: You need to make a separate appointment for each.
Caller: Should I sent a sell order to my dealer right away, as soon as the 800 number comes out?
Tony: That is what I would do. Or I’m looking at my scenario, and here’s where the problem comes in. As an exchanger, what are you doing? If you make your appointment to sell, he’s going to give you the rate that day, however much you sell. If you have the rest and put ‘deliver it to me’, or you want to go back and sell, he’s going to give you that rate 5-10 days from now because you have watched that rate go up. When it goes up to 5, 6, 7, or 10 dollars, I put in my sell order and that’s what I’m going to get.
It depends on whether or not you're interested in the contract rate. If I'm going to the bank, I'm going to put in that sell order immediately, then go back and get that contract rate... Or I'm going to watch that rate, don’t care about NDA, etc., I'm going to put it in at that rate, don't care if it's 30 days from now...
954 caller: When we get the 800 number, do we call immediately and make the appointment. What if I get a bank appointment on that first day, and I’m worried about moving the cheese, or does that not matter if I am going for the contract rate?
Tony: They are going to get all the money in the bank in the end. If I had my appointment and they told me the contract rate was no longer available, then I would not exchange then. I would watch the rates and the exchanger to do a sale when the rate is where I want it to be. With the 800 number, they will give you the rate the day of that appointment. The exchanger will lock you in the day you call them. If you don’t get the contract rate, there is a chance of getting a rate higher than the dinar starts with.
Caller: Will Zim be in the first basket?
Tony: After the last call when we talked about that, the price went up, and I knew it was dinarians pushing it up. It’s supposed to be there.
401 caller: What have you learned in this process about the world, our country, etc, that you never knew before.
Tony: There is so much I didn’t now when we started this – contracts, negotiations, stuff we’ve learned about our own country that we had heard about, but now I know. It goes so much more in depth. There is so much about the future of our global enconomy that I’ve learned. I don’t know if we’ll get to One World Order, but we certainly are developing one global economy where every transaction can be tracked.
Years ago, I was on television and I offered a house that I’d bought. The TV station come out, went through the house and interviewed me, and we presented it as a lottery. But the station put it out like the Unlucky lottery – it was a completely different story than what they interviewed me about. So now I look at the news story from here and other countries, and I can see how much we are manipulated by your own government over the last 30-40 years, especially in the selection of our leaders. Sometimes I wish I didn’t know all this stuff, but it’s impossible to unlearn these things, and it makes it difficult when I talk to people who are clueless.
DC: I have several key lessons. I have 3,000 pages of notes on all this, and I’m going to push for those involved to write their parts down, because this is such a huge, global thing and I think history needs to understand what, why, where and how this was done. I hope many books are written off this. I want to do something to help, needle and beg the world leaders to be interviewed about their own piece. I will finish up my piece this autumn. I feel a personal responsibility to history to get this down.
Other things I’ve learned: It has been revealed in spades what this will do for the world. You’ve heard me talk about what this will do for poverty, world hunger, extremism, and other problems, in very positive way. It’s going to be even bigger than after WWII, a mammoth explosion. Also, I’ve seen what the internet has done to turn things upside down in the old boys’ power network. When Kuwait RVed, maybe 10,000 benefited. With this RV, it’s more like five million. That wouldn’t have happened without the internet. That changed the situation and kept people honest. When some VIPs exchanged and then realized that people were NOT a day behind them. That has made such a difference in how this was handled. Some people were planning to do some really nasty things, and because we shone a light on it, they could not. So there is a lot more transparency, and that has thwarted a lot of bad things. It will be a lifelong study for a lot of folks.
Tony: It could have easily become an Arab Spring here – it was getting nasty. I lot of people don’t want to know, although we have given them avenues to research things for themselves. Some people cannot handle the truth! But the internet has given us the ability to open people’s eyes on a global scale. I could never have imagined 44 countries listening to my calls – not to mention the agencies. The people who have sent me messages and thank yous from the government, even – I would never have imagined that. Pretty good for a guy who was asked to do calls for a week!
Caller: Because of the NDA, a lot of us will not know what really went on, at least not for ten years. Maybe you need to publish this before signing your NDA!
DC: That’s exactly what they’re afraid of!
Tony: There is a television program tonight I think called The Generals, where the ones who commanded in recent wars are all saying “this was wrong” or “if I know X, I would never have done Y.” Most people have a five-year NDA, some will be for ten years, last I heard our NDA is for 15 years.
DC: I am an amateur history buff, and one thing I learned form Churchill is that it’s really important to document this stuff, from different perspectives.
Tony: At the end of my first year, a few people planned a movie so they contacted me and they are keeping up with all this stuff. They have the privilege of doing that, but DC and I cannot.
Caller: What I’ve learned that everything I learned in school was just the face of it, and the real events are doing on underground. It would be unfortunate if this didn’t get documented because people need to know.
Tony: I can see if from both sides. If you want to change things, get educated. That is why they control people through the media and tell them just enough. Most people just get mad when they find out the truth. If the masses knew everything they would be out on the streets.
Caller: My family just doesn’t want to know.
Tony: That’s okay. Next week you will be one of the smartest people they know. My niece is president of a college, and she just doesn’t get that people don’t understand the value of the education they get here for free.
DC: Everything is ready to go. Iraq has got the ball and can do this whenever they choose. Everyone is ready on 2-15 minutes’ notice. They are ready to celebrate in Iraq. We have been this close before but not with this government. People are already exchanging in the Middle East, and we are waiting in the US for the message. It’s been an honor to be on these calls. Make sure you have a plan before spending your money.
Pam: Please take your time and make sure you have your house in order before buying one for someone else. Line up your professionals, too.
Ray: Continue to enjoy fabulous Friday and the weekend – and look for the best!
Tony: Everything looks positive around the world, people are getting paid. We want to be here for you, if it’s one more call or seven more calls; we hope they all us to do that and help you guys through this. I hope this is over this weekend. I think it’s going to be a superfantastic weekend that we have wished for. All our contacts are excited in Iraq and other countries. We didn’t give exact times, so we should be good.
DC: Thanks for having us do this.
Tony: It’s been great privilege to do this, and I hope we will get to do something with you in this final piece.
Pam: and God bless Texas!
Tony: Thank you all, and I hope – I anticipate -- doing a call over this weekend.


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