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Monday, September 22, 2014

Late Sunday Night Dinar Chatter

Late Sunday Night Dinar Chatter

Late Sunday Night:

Jester’s Place:

[Aunt B] DiddyKong did you bring anything to share?

[DiddyKong] Aunt B sorry. Nothing new is really going on. Just waiting to see what next to happen in the world

[Hannah] DiddyKong I brought a link in earlier. It confirmed what we have been told here.

[DiddyKong] Hannah Good stuff. What we should understand is, yes, BRICS nations may be moving towards a dedollarized monetary system. We must also consider the implications that this could have on other nations that conduct business with these BRIC nations, and even the international businesses in the BRICS nations.
[DiddyKong] The article says that "Eurasian state should consider dumping all reserves or debt denominated in dollars, and transfer their financial programs to nations within the BRICS coalition", but is this a message only to the Eurasian state or to it and its associates?

[Hannah] DiddyKong It feels like a message to anyone who will listen.

[DiddyKong] It we be great to see a broad scope or even the specifics of who this message is tailored to. I would guess that those of concern would be the major trade partners with Russia and China. That is a hint within itself

[Aunt B] DK Hannah I took it as everyone

[Pilgrim] DiddyKong I'm watching Germany.............that would be telling

[DiddyKong] Aunt B I take it as this "any and everyone currently conducting business in Russia and China, and those who are major trade partners, this is the new way we will be conducting business. So, start preparing yourself!"

[Hannah] DiddyKong Yes, that is what I think too .... *sigh*

[Aunt B] I have been preparing for several years

[DiddyKong] Pilgrim yes it would be. Rather it would be via a public message saying they will be decrease their reserves in USD or decreasing the amount of debt the purchase each month/quarter

[Pilgrim] DiddyKong now that would hurt

[DiddyKong] Pilgrim I don't think it would be such pain if Germany made the announcement or decreased its bond purchase, but it would resonate with other nations to follow suit and do the same thing. That would hurt.

[Hannah] DiddyKong exactly ... it would create a domino effect.

[DiddyKong] Here is something else or addition to the Russia/China discussion. Russia FinMin Calls For Shift Away From US Treasurys Into BRIC Bonds, Settlement In Non-Dollar Currencies

[DiddyKong] "Russia is considering diversifying its debt portfolio away from countries that have imposed sanctions on Moscow and into the papers of its BRICS partners."

[Hannah] DiddyKong I doubt they are "considering" it .. I think the plan is in place and just waiting to be implemented.

[DiddyKong] Hannah regardless. The previous message we was talking about is a message to those imposing or considering sanctions on Russia and to BRICS associates.

[Hannah] DiddyKong Of course. Geez, I am so slow sometimes.

[Hannah] DiddyKong Thank you for the conversation this evening. It helps me put it all together sometimes.

[DiddyKong] Hannah np



More Guesses to new Picture Clues

AdoptedSon September 21, 2014 at 8:48pm

Recent Clue Summary:

The dollar is going to $.86

The IMF is watching the changeover from the old FRN to the new USN.

The 1st Basket has been activated with Four Currencies.

The Algorithm is processing Rates of the Four as they are Loaded into the Platforms.

It's still snowing hard.


Pat  > Zap says no RV until next month :(

Vinman > Pat Actually what he says is he has nothing but a proposed timeline that happened to be in Oct.  As Exo has always stated....there are no rules to this thing. :-)

dinardiva > Vinman Zap really doesn't follow the rv only the project funding so I think sooner than October ;0)

Mr. Chen > yes Zap is only focused on Prosperity programs and funding for his projects.


John MacHaffie:






another mailman wrote :  Frank, I believe you are right when you said that Iraq has the last two ministers chosen. An article today said that they will vote on them after the Eid holiday which I believe ends October 14th. You also said in one of your posts that they will not announce them because then they will have to show the rate they have been using. With that logic, it appears that we will not see the IR until after October 14th at the earliest, no?

Frank26:  Indeed ...... In a religious land as Iraq is one always has to consider their respect for such holidays.

We honestly can not gauge Eid by the last years because nothing happened.

IMO ........ Based on traffic..... Noise ....... Communications within the masques they will be cautious on how much they talk about finances during Eid.

Are they waiting for the IR........... I Believe they are waiting for Eid to end.

IMO......... Iraq GOI/CBI is privately ...... Secretly ....... Selectively ........ Carefully talking to Iraqi Citizens.

IMO ......... They are getting help to do this important thing.

IMO .......... They are going to get a lot of credit for ....... A lot of things.

KTFA,   Frank

BigChance:  Frank, now you confused me!
In several previous posts you indicated that Oct 1 could be the date, we're waiting for.

With this post, you tell us, they will wait until after Oct 14. So.... do you have new information?

Hopefully you explain on Mondays CC

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