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Friday, May 27, 2016

Freewill finally has an audience from the other side of the fence!

Get a load of this dude! Maybe he is a reptilian? These things do not like what we are doing. They do not like loosing control. Notice it wants me to pay my way.. the greedy never pay out! What they hate even more is exposure! So here it is exposed!

I normally do not publish anyone's email addy, but for this dude, I make an exception... 


On Friday, May 27, 2016 11:22 PM, Freewill 2015 <> wrote:
Ok sizzle chest... I am posting this entire email conversation on nesaranews. I am sure there are those who will like to comment on this bit of entertainment...
I am adding a filter to my email that will deposit any future messages directly into the colon. That would be the deleted items folder...
On May 27, 2016 9:17 PM, "Ed Manchur" <> wrote:

Pay your way here I will meet you anytime

On Friday, May 27, 2016, Ed Manchur <> wrote:
You know where to find me-a devastation is coming on you tough guy

On Friday, May 27, 2016, Freewill 2015 <> wrote:
Are you a venomous serpent? You seem to seek similar. I kill serpents like cobras. It is the political will of We THE People!
On May 27, 2016 3:33 PM, "Ed Manchur" <> wrote:

On Friday, May 27, 2016, Freewill 2015 <> wrote:
Hell no this ain't Cobra.. this is Freewill and I am one of the members working on bringing back the original republic.
On May 27, 2016 11:54 AM, "Ed Manchur" <> wrote:
Is this Cobra

On Wednesday, May 25, 2016, Freewill 2015 <> wrote:
Are you off your rocker? You are addressing a child of god that is made in his image! He may assign me to carry out Revelation 19!

On Wed, May 25, 2016 at 7:22 AM, Ed Manchur <> wrote:
You realize of course that your lies and deception and attempts to "help" we humans will be a failure in the end and to hello you will all be assigned Revelation 19

Ed Manchur

This goofy looking Dude looks like a B.A.R. card holder too! My favorite kind to mop the floor with! They only practice, they don't know squat!


  1. Ed Manchur ??? is that short for Manchurian Candidate ?

  2. Freewill, your arrogance will be your undoing.

    1. I use my arrogance sparingly! I did apply some here though. Not afraid to let it out when appropriate.

  3. Rule No.1 , when dealing with these scum aka educated morons , never drop down to their level in a public setting, that is how they play the game , keep doing the fine job you have been doing , which caused this type of scum to surface in the first place , expose the corrupt criminal system , sparing no one or institution , Creator GOD is on the side of righteousness , and will do battle at your/our side , let Divine Inspiration guide you at all times . For a deeper insight ,I will again point you to the Phoenix Journals at four winds . The force is already with you/us . Scum like this low brow bar card holder , really haven't got a clue , he has been forced to engage you , through blackmail or brainwashing, it doesn't really matter, nor does he..........I salute you Freewill and the others at the site, concentrate on the mission..........for fun keep repostng all this morons correspondence .....

    1. I know... never argue with stupidity, they will beat you with experience every time.

    2. But it was entertaining for a bit...

  4. It would appear that a threat of violence has been issued to Freewill by email. Make a paper copy of this . You'll know what to do with this.

  5. Ed Manchur sounds a bit 'off' the deep end to us, perhaps sucking too many psychotic drugs. Apparently he doesn't have something better to do with his time (must be in a mental ward somewhere) than to issue threats and ridiculous remarks? Question is - why should he even care who you are or what you do? What business is it of his? And to top that off, all his ridiculous diatribe is going public? Apparently he is too far 'off' to realize he is incriminating himself, coming across as severely mentally ill and a complete idiot besides. By posting his psychotic diatribe for the public to see, you are developing allot of witnesses on your behalf as well as against him. Can you trace the bastard via ip, etc. to locate him, perhaps for a powerful visit from Quido and NoNeck? Perhaps you should consider removing the email address at the top and go quiet for a while. Cut this bastard off below the belt.

  6. This nutcase apparently hasn't yet figured out that he is building a solid case against himself - not against you. He is so arrogant as to provide a photo of himself?! What does that tell us? And most importantly, he is too dumb to realize the enormous number of readers from all across this nation AND around the world that frequent this website on a daily basis. That means an entire ARMY building up against him that could take this bastard out in less than a heart beat. It would be easy enough for a good hacker to track down this rat, and a little incentive can get allot of things taken care of. Someone put this pompous asshole out of his misery. He's gone far enough. Perhaps time to cut him off completely - all means of contact to go silent.


    1. I agree with Marie! Don't waste your time with this guy. Do not have further contact with him. In today's society, there is no way to know what condition his 'mind' is in and what he may do. Be careful!!!

  8. I entered this fools email address into my (paid program) to search for people and found all this: Ed Manchur
    2 Social Networks 6 Photos and Videos.
    In one photo he seems to like to bring his coffee and brown bag lunch to the mens room while taking a selfie.
    Man, Age 60
    Middleton, MA, United States
    He is found on

    1. With what we are witnessing here, I hope and pray that any female that would consider contacting this man would give that serious thought before doing so. There is no way to know but only to speculate what this man may be capable of doing to her. There is a reason for the divorce.

  9. Eddie is for real he even has his own -little- online photo album with all of 2 photo's from 2013 -