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Monday, May 30, 2016

Watch What Trump Just Did

Watch  What  Trump  Just  Did  When  They  Told  Him  There  Was  No  Time  For  The  National  Anthem

Billionaire businessman and presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump held a rally in Anaheim, California, Wednesday afternoon, and like most of his rallies, it was a packed house.

Perhaps because of the size of the crowd, not to mention the disruptive protesters both inside and out of the venue, the rally got off to a late start.

When Trump finally took the stage, instead of diving right in to his standard stream-of-conscious stump speech, he revealed something to the crowd that the rally organizers had told him just moments before.

Trump said that he had been told there wasn’t time to start the rally with the national anthem, but he replied, “Yes, we do,” and proceeded to call the woman who was supposed to sing up on stage with him.

They told Trump he didn't have time for our National Anthem & he said, "Oh yes we do!" He had his hand over his heart & singing along! I❤HIM "

After introducing her, Trump stood aside as she took to the podium, placing his hand on his heart as she delivered a stirring acapella rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

 Donald Trump Insists The National Anthem Must Be Sang in Anaheim

The crowd obviously approved of his decision to make time for the national anthem, despite the event organizers trying to skip it in the interest of saving time.

And just like that, with his simple gesture of standing aside to allow for the display of patriotism that so many liberals would just as soon skip or ignore, Donald Trump likely earned even more support and potential votes, as many patriotic Americans want nothing more than a president that unashamedly loves this country.

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