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Saturday, May 28, 2016




FRIDAY MAY 27 2016 

 NYC Has 32 Different Gender Identities

If you are wondering where president Obama is taking America, look no further than his recent quote: The End of The Republic Never Looked So Good

New York City has just passed an ordinance as a test where there are 31 different “Gender Identities” an employer must be aware of and will be now forced to consider hiring before looking elsewhere.

Here is the list:

1) Bigendered
2) Cross Dresser
3) Drag King
4) Drag Queen
5) Femme Queen
6) Female -To - Male
7) FTM
8) Non-op
10) Pangender
11) Transsexual/Transexual
12) Trans Person
13) Woman
14) Man
15) Butch
16) Two-spirit (Demon Possessed)
17) Trans
18) Agender
19) Third Sex
20) Gender Fluid
21) Non-Binary Transgender
22) Androgyne
23) Gender Gifted
24) Gender Blender
25) Femme
26) Person Of Transgender Experience
27) Androgenous
28) MTF
29) Non-Op
30) Genderqueer
31) Gender Blender

So here is how YOUR state sees this type of hiring:

When an employer now looks at an employee they must hire off of a Point System - the person with the most points wins.  Experience, honesty, intelligence do not matter and veterans points do not matter any more:

Female: 1
Non-Whites - 1
Disabled Veteran - 1
Disabled Vet 30% War Time - 2
Gay - 2 ½
LGBT Gay - 2 ½
Any of the above other than a man or woman - 2 ½

So suppose you own a Bagal Shop in Manhattan and you need a new employee to run the CASH Register. A Minority Woman walks in with a criminal record and she cannot read or add or subtract - and she has committed rape, murder, child molestation
and stolen from her employers many times and been convicted for all of the above.

As a non-white woman she walks in with 2 points

Now suppose she claims on her Employment Form - which YOU are obligated now to fill out - wasting an hour of your time that she is a “Gender Queer” -- this adds 2 ½ more points to her resume’ and the state now requires you to hire a “Rehabilitated Criminal” on probation --- yes - this is happening all over.

So this potential employee now has 4 ½ points and is a convicted rapist, murderer and child molester and reveals this openly in the interview

She has no experience, lied in the interview and, like many perverted people, has a venereal disease and more than likely HIV and wants to work at serving food.

If you do not hire her the City of New York, the County, the State of New York or even the US Department of Labor can simply shut you down and take every thing away you own - yes - they now fine Business Overseers and CAN take away your 401K and your house.

Think this is a Joke?

Three Governors ago I sat in the Washington State Governors Office of Mike Lowry (Surprised to see Washington State had a Business License on the wall) and had Doug Tanabe - the Governor’s Chief Hiring Expert - explain this to me

This has been on the works for over 40 years - ever since George Bush Senior stepped into the White House
In addition - the Obama Administration has ordered streets, power lines, sewers, and other infrastructures outside of cities to not be repaired, thus forcing higher taxes on rural homes, farms, ranches, etc -- thus forcing people into cities.

These actions are identical to the Soviet Tax Structure found in the USSR in 1925-27 that caused the Great Famine of 1933-35.
And creating a Third World Nation.

Russia has yet to recover from the actions of Stalin 90 years ago.
If you visit there, you will see how poor the poor really are

The idea of a small farm in the suburbs is now dead in America.

Prepare for Slavery
We now have a complete break down of society - 40 years of Nazhonal Zozhaleesm (NAZI, FASCISM) running this nation, The Bush/Clinton/Bush/ Obama destruction of America.
Hitler Wins

If the banks close this weekend to be “Re-adjusted” we are all in deep trouble.

Pray that those responsible for these actions are severely disciplined immediately before any more damage is done

Turn back to GOD

Prepare Your Families for what is coming

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount


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