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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

GAME CHANGER: Look Who Trump’s BIGGEST Voter Base Is… Hillary’s Scared!

Donald Trump has just changed the political game like never before. His appeal has reached far beyond typical political lines, and it has “establishment” Democrats and Hillary Clinton terrified.

Allen West recently published a story on his website showing an alarming stat, at least as far as Democrats are concerned. The largest group supporting Trump is actually the “Blue Dog Democrats.”

If ever there was proof Obama has alienated our country, this is it! Even his own party members are jumping overboard and into Republican waters.

These “conservative Democrats” want change just as much as the rest of us and have openly longed for the days of JFK. Even they know Donald Trump may be the best hope for a President that actually works for the people instead of another candidate that will do nothing more than continue Barack Obama’s plan to destroy America.

Come election day, the left will have a very big decision to make. Traditionally, it is the Democrats funding programs to get voters to the polls. However, with this latest swing, they could actually be paying for voters to pull the Trump handle!
How ironic Obama is not only destroying our country, but also the very party that put him in power in the first place.

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