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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

WATCH – Retired Marine SHREDS Media for Anti-Trump Bias

In addition to Trump calling out the media about his veteran charities, someone else has a few choice words for the media on the topic.

Al Baldasaro, a retired Marine stated, “The liberal media is the only one calling me on the foundation…Stop using veterans as political pawns!”
He continued, “You got a guy outside McCoy. Go do a Google search on his Facebook. He is out there. His picture is with Clinton. They are using veterans as political pawns, and it I must stop.”

The retired First Sergeant was obviously pissed, and rightfully so.
As the First Sgt. pointed out, the liberal media is once again raking Trump over the coals but they seem to just ignore the problems we have right now with our veterans due to the Obama administration.

I have beat this topic incessantly and I will continue to do so until something is done about it or until Trump gets into office and fixes these problems.
We spend money on everything BUT our veterans, and it is a disgrace.
Trust me, veterans are NOT going to get behind a candidate that is screwing them.

To quote a Few Good Men…”you f*#$#d with the wrong Marine!”
Oorah First Sergeant!


  1. The people need to wake up to the fact that Trump is just another Cabal insider (their Trump card). He is a CIA Cabal tool cousin to Killary and completely in with the money laundering, corruption, drug running, arms running, human trafficking, pedophile crowd that has taken us all for a ride. I say none of the above. We need to clean this mess up first! Stop wasting your time on any of the candidates. It's just a goat rodeo.

  2. Regardless ,,Trump is deeply connected to the satanic zionists , no matter what he says , or how he says it , he is running for president of a defacto-bankrupt-criminal private corporation........... A FACT that must be understood by every American . Most Americans , still have no clue to what I just said . THAT IS THE MAJOR PROBLEM !!!!
    That is the mission we have to accomplish ,, if we are to save this country.........

  3. Trump gets into office and does exactly what he is told , campaign promises are as you know , worthless ,, this is a private criminal corporation and that is what must be understood, you of all people know this 1st hand mr. freewill , untill men like this retired marine and all his buddys understand this concept , we are all in quicksand , education and exposure of truth is the nuclear weapon that will win this war , and return America back to Americans.......... No other solution exists , definitely not with the donald, you know this..........

    1. Yes Jay, I do know first hand. It is quite obvious in many of my comments. I am not involved and pushing the original jurisdiction republic out of boredom. ;)

  4. I see 3 comments that lack any proof. Was Trump born into this cabal? Is Trump's father and mother cabal members? My understanding of the cabal is that you're born into it. Did Trump become a cabal member latter on? If so, why would they want him? Could Trump be Trumping the cabal? Trump more than likely knows who these people are and could care less about their plans. Trump is a player in the shark infested waters of this world. He knows who is who and subscribes to his own agenda. I seriously doubt he's going to let anyone tell him what time it is...he is unique and looks out for his own interests while promoting benefits to people everywhere. He has done so many amazing things that no cabal member or family has ever done.
    The real proof will come when he's in office...for now, he's our Andrew Jackson. I see an economic explosion coming just like after the civil war where GDP was between 3.8% to even 6.8%. Trump is the kind of guy who plays the players to his own's in his blood to be on top, even if it means to be on top of the cabal. We shall see, but my monies on Trump.

    1. David is a perfect example , educated , believes he knows something , yet is still clueless , on what is running and ruining this country , no matter what proof is offered it won't matter.......that is our problem to overcome , difficult yes . Here is a fact Gen. D. MacArthur on orders from the President of the US corp.
      opened fire on WWI veterans , who hadn't been paid or received promised benefits and they camped out at the Whitehouse . in a tent city , McArthur then had fresh young military troops open fire with live ammo and flame throwers killing and wounding untold WWI vets in cold blood.........never made the news or is in the history books , unless you dig..........So david start digging..........

    2. David, the UNITED STATES INC. is a bankrupt corporation that is defunct, civilly dead, does not exist in law, and cannot bring a claim against anyone any more than any other dead person.
      Why don't we have more concern over who the CEO of WalMart is? At least WalMart isn't bankrupt.

  5. to david and who ever , read it learn it , get your mind right..........